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   I write articles slowly and with difficulty, so sometimes the editor asks me for a manuscript, but I can't get it out. he says, "you have saved the manuscript, just get one out.". "Over time, I also suspect that I do have a lot of manuscript hoarding there, starting from the determination to go for it. Sure enough, there are some. I will now take some excerpts from each article and make a brief introduction to it.. Anyone who wants to publish it can ask for it by name-I'm afraid it's just a matter of asking for advice..

   The oldest piece, called "Ideal Village in Ideal", was written at the age of 12 or so.. There used to be, but it was lost. I still remember that the first novel was an untitled family ethics tragedy. It was about a Happy family, surnamed Yun, who married a daughter-in-law named Yue E and her sister-in-law named Feng E.. The elder brother went out to do business, so feng e took the opportunity to make a plan to kill his sister-in-law.. When I wrote here, I put it aside and did not continue. I started to write a historical novel, beginning with: "when I was in the late sui and early Tang dynasties. "I like that time, it seemed to be an era of prosperity and orange-red. I remember this article was written on an empty page of an old account book. The book was wide and short, divided into two sections, with red stripes printed on yellowish bamboo paper.. I filled one with ink. A relative named "Bian Da Zhi Zhi" came and saw it-I was seven years old at that time, but there were many hall nephews in my twenties-he said, "Drink! Write up "Heros in Sui and Tang Dynasties". "I feel very proud, but always only wrote such a piece, without this energy hard to survive.

   (It seems that I have been attacking the editor since I was nine years old, but at that time the local supplement of the newspaper News, which contributed articles to the newspaper, received heavy news several times and stopped trying until two years ago. ).)

   After a few more years of rest, when I was studying in primary school, I wrote a novel for the first time.. Su Zhen, the heroine, was touring the park with her lover when suddenly a jade hand slapped her on the shoulder.. It turned out that her cousin Lao married. She introduced her boyfriend to aunt Lao, which led to the tragedy of love triangle and love one. Su Zhen threw herself into the water in anger.. The novel was written on a notebook with a pencil. The students slept under the mosquito net and read it in inside. They rubbed and rubbed, and the handwriting was confused.. The cheating man in the book was Yin Meisheng. A classmate surnamed Yin said, "How did he Ye Yin? "Mention a pen to changed to Maxsun. I changed it back. Over and over again, the paper has been rubbed through..

   This was done privately by inside.. There is another kind of new secretariat style in inside's composition at school. I still remember a line of epigram: "The intoxicating spring breeze turned me into a stone statue in front of your door.". "the ideal village in the ideal" belongs to this period. I can't believe I wrote this. here is the cliche of new literature and art that I can't bear the most: "there is a fine and consistent dance hall on the top of the hill.". After dinner, the milky white talk smoke faded gradually, revealing a clear blue sky in the south of China.. You can hear melodious music, like a colorful net, falling down from the top of the mountain and hanging over the whole mountain .. There are plenty of active youth, hot and fiery hearts, no decadent les petits hommes vieux, only robust Amaranthus tricolor. The silvery white moon lingers in the empty sky. She seems to cry and hates her loneliness.. . And the swimming pool, always like a charitable old woman, with a wrinkled smile, when she saw many lively children plop plop jumped into the water like a little mermaid, she was happy to burst a great silver splash. She gave a loud laugh.. Although she is old, her heart is always young.. The children loved her and they hoped they would live up to her expectations.. They are trying hard to become a master swimmer.. . Along the road is booming, smiling My Name is Rose, the wind is coming, they twist a twist a waist, send a bright eye, as if in a fashion show in inside fashion. The clear spring ripples flow from the crevice inside, flowing, flowing all the way down the mountain to form a blue pond.. When the smoking wind intoxicates the human world, you can stay on the boat without rowing, and let it gently, as if afraid of waking up the sleeping pool wave, floating and 天狮娱乐注册 floating under the thick green weeping willows.. . This is how poetic scene yo! "


   Secretariat style, a style of writing popular among upper-class bureaucrats and literati during the Yongle and Chenghua years of the Ming Dynasty, was so elegant and elegant that it lost much of its charm..

   Although I don't like Zhang Ziping (1), the trend, also unavoidably used two emotional "yo". I have a good classmate, her surname is Zhang and I am Ye Zhang. She likes Zhang Ziping, I like Zhang Henshui (2), the two often argue.

  Later, I wrote a full-length Zhanghui novel, Modern Dream of Red Mansions. The purpose of the return was drawn up on behalf of my father. It was quite decent. There were five returns: "The vicissitudes of life, the changes of treasures, the story of living on the ground floor, the cock and dog, the rising immortal Jia Lian, the king's destiny". "Stop litigating and end Produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another, and compete with fashion to anger warblers and rebuke swallows"; "Rest assured a wave of a son don't boudoir wai, false devout lover to teach code"; "Ping terrier tianya sentient beings get married, desolate spring road with life as yuanyang"; "Voice asked floating and sinking Liangpeng empty shed tears, sparkling Diao lovers have fun together"; "Traps are set up in beautiful maid, which is a thoroughfare. Farewell is surprised not to sleepwalk and grieve.".

   He began to write about a photo that Baoyu received from Fu Qiufang: "Baoyu laughed:' Xiren, you'd better look at it and criticize it. Is she beautiful or-or is Sister Lin beautiful?"? Aroma gave him a hard look and said:' Hum! I'll tell Lin gu yi Niang to go! Take her as a metaphor for someone who has nothing to do with the outside . don't forget, yesterday's wife told me that the master will take a special bus from Nanjing to Shanghai this evening and ask you to answer all the questions. don't forget, and make the master angry again.. ' "

   (1) Zhang Ziping (1893-1959), a modern writer, is good at writing love triangle, love and a novel.. In his early years, he participated in the May 4th New Literature Movement and was one of the founders of the Creation Society.. During the Anti-Japanese War, he once attached himself to the Japanese aggressors and was later jailed for the crime of Han-Sodomy.

   (2) Zhang Henshui (1895-1967), a modern writer. Most of his works are romantic novels by Chapter, such as "The External History of Spring and Ming Dynasty", "The Story of a Noble Family" and "A Story of Three Loves", etc., which are widely circulated..

   The official who wrote Jia Lian said, "The room was crowded with people in the dark. Even Aunt Zhao and Aunt week and Aunt Zhao came from the small residence of inside. When Aunt Zhao and Aunt Feng pulled their sleeves and Feng smiled and shouted,' Two, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, big, big! . Xi-feng, smiling all over her face, took Bao-Yu by the arm and said,' brother Bao, go to congratulate your second brother Lian! Ye cultivated him and gave him a railway bureau chief to do it.! "Baoyu . squeezed in, and saw the old lady leaning on yang guifei's couch, mandarin duck sitting on a small stool burning opium with a smoke lamp, amber leaning on the couch to beat her legs . Jia Lian was really happy at this time. this joy was so happy that he forgot all the usual foreign manners and manners. he stepped back and lowered his hand to greet Jia Zheng respectfully and shouted:" thank you for your cultivation. ' "

   Xi-feng celebrated with wine in the first room, "after sitting in the chair, she looked at Pinger again and smiled:' you've come to be happy today, don't stand on ceremony, sit down together and have some fun! . Three people pass a cup and a lamp . Jia Lian said:' I don't know how many famines have been going on in the past two years, but how are you now .' Xi-feng looked at him and said:' If you want to bite your hand with the money in your hand, inside, go and get two more concubines.! "Jia Lian laughed heartily:' one milk, one milk, one rest assured. with you and the two beautiful children, what else would I ask for a little wife? Feng Jie sneered:' sir, I'm flattered! You have your own heart and mind. The sweetheart that inside dreams and inside will never forget is placed in inside, a small residence in Qinyuan Village. Why pretend to be hypocritical?? Everyone's heart is bright! Jia Lian was busy.' Since you went to make a scene, I have taken your advice and haven't been there once. This is Pinger's witness. Xi-feng said:' Besides her, you don't know how many cousins inside has! I'll find out tomorrow and work out a detailed general ledger with you.! Pinger saw their words diverged to oblique inside again, and hurriedly mixed up. "

   Jia Zhen brought a letter saying that Second Sister You had asked a lawyer to accuse Jia Lian of inducing Sodomy to abandon him because he "has a new career and the official voice matters" and intended to cheat him greatly.. Jia Lian was unable to raise funds. "I think I can only go to Jia Zhen for accommodation. He had a share in this matter at first, so I don't think he can refuse it.". "Jia Zhen moved Youshi's egg money to him, fearing that he would depend on debts, and gave excuses to his friends..

   The following is a new life fashion show hosted by President's wife Jia Yuanchun, Qin Zhong's intelligent elopement, and Fangguan Ouguan sent out by Jia Fu's inside to join the song and dance troupe, replicating what Jia Zhen and his son and Baoyu were pursuing. Qiao Jie was tied up. Baoyu clamored to go abroad with Daiyu, but his family inside could not pass, so he ran away angrily. At last, Grandmother Jia and Lady Wang gave in.. "xiren asked Baoyu to say good-bye to Baochai. Baoyu said,' aunt hasn't shown a good face lately.' later, he was not satisfied with himself and asked xiren,' is there anything to blame sister Bao? Aroma said:' how do I know about you? Baoyu . a long sigh. "when he left, baodai and mixed mouth, make a break, at that time cannot be redeemed, Baoyu had to go abroad alone.

   This is a popular novel. On the one hand, I also write something elegant and tame.. When graduating from high school, two new Artistic romance novels, Cow and Farewell My Concubine, were published in the school magazine.. "Cow" can represent the general "love one good literature and art" of urban youth describing rural works, perhaps its ambition is commendable, but I always feel impatient to see:

   "Lu xing holding tobacco(smoked in a long-stemmed Chinese pipe) tube, fork wear a waist stood at the door. The rain stopped and the wet thatch on the roof glistened with dripping water.. The yellow mire, which is high and low underground, is covered with green water.. Shuixin sparse several Setaria grass, along with the water vortex, gently shaking light chestnut ears. The oncoming wind was still cold and rubbed across the tip of my nose, but it seemed a little more fragrant than winter..

   Lu Xing knocked ash on the board door, tightened a tight belt around his waist, and headed for the cowshed.. Over there, the thin Taiyi sun of Chu Qing passed through the fence and spread rectangular shadows and lights on the mud.. Two thin and cowardly xiaohuangji shook their wet wings and walked up and down to peck at the food.. Inside the cowshed, a dusty empty sink lay lonely, covered with a layer of paper and dried in the sun.. Hay crumbs still exist in corner inside. The fence has a flour that was whitened when it was ground. The cow's neck was itchy when it was full of grass..Lu Xing gently put his hand on the worn-out fence and touched the rough wood. A wisp of bitter smell slowly crept up the bridge of his nose, blocking his throat and filling his eyes with tears.. "

   Lu Xing sold the cow and there was no cow to plow the field in spring. He planned to send two chickens to his neighbor and rent one cow.. Lu Xing, a mother and a son initially objected: "My God! First, my cow . my cow . was taken alive, and silver Hairpin . it was time for the two chickens again.! You are a man, will only calculate my things . "

   The cow was borrowed, but he had a bad temper in that one and did not let him control it.. Lu Xing urged him slightly. The cow rushed at him and its horn pierced his chest. He was thus killed..

   "It's another dusk, Lu Xing, a mother and a son, Wufu,?five costumes, send out a black coffin with two fingers.. She repeatedly put her face on the cold Bread bowl, rubbing and wiping the semi-dry sealing paint with her loose hair.. Her gentle and trembling Big Brown Eyes was full of tears. She said in a trembling voice in a low voice:' First . first, my cow . my strong cow that can eat and cook . was led away alive . silver Hairpin . 90% of the silver that accompanied her, glistening silver Hairpin . then my chicken . and you . and you also let people carry it .' She cried and choked-she felt that all the things she met in her life that she could love had wings and fluttered away in the cool night wind. "

   "Huang Huang's moon leans over the chimney. It is misty and misty with soft smoke. The flowers in it are scattered in the graves of inside's little?trumpet, which is pink and purple. The tail grass of the dog is rustling with chestnut ears. The life that unfolds in front of Lu Xing's mother and son is a long night-what a lonely night it should be without the creaking of chickens and Lu Xing's tall shadow dangling in front of the lamp.! "

   Last year, I read Li Shifang's "Farewell My Concubine" and felt a lot of emotions. I wanted to write it into a novel, but because I had written one before, I thought that moving sentences were disgusting and disgusting now. Because can't get rid of that memory, did not write. The "Farewell My Concubine" has little Chinese flavor and is close to the modern popular ancient costume drama.. Xiang Yu is "Leader of Rebels in Jiangdong". Consort Yu is a pale and loyal woman behind the overlord. The overlord really dominated the country, and even if she did, her future was not optimistic.. Now, he is her sun and moon, reflecting his light.. If he had the Sixth Academy of Sannomiya, there would be countless meteors flying to their sky.. So she privately inside is looking forward to this war has been playing. One night trapped under stone, while patrolling the camp, she heard Chu minor "Crying at the Great Wall" from far away from the enemy.. She hurried back to the camp of inside to report the overlord, but did not have the heart to wake him up.. "He is one of the people who will always be young: although his be mixed and disorderly's hair on his forehead has several grayish white hairs, and a sharp blade of sunshine and light has scratched several deep wrinkles on his hardened forehead, his sleeping face still contains the candor and obstinacy of a baby.. "

   (1) Li shifang. Peking opera actor, "one of the four famous actors". He is a disciple of Mei Lanlao..

   Overlord heard four flour chu song, know liu bang has done chu. "Consort Yu's heart was cramping when she saw Xiang Yu's stubborn lips turn white. His eyes glowed like cold glass.. The look of her eyes staring forward was so terrible that she could not help covering it with her wide sleeves.. She could feel his eyelashes fluttering in her palm, and she felt a string of cold tears rolling from her heart to her arms inside. This was the first time she knew that the hero's traitor was also a tearful animal.. "

   "He dumped her hand, dragging heavy footsteps, oblique walked back to the tent inside. She followed him in and saw him hunched over the couch with his head in his hands.. The candle was lit only with a thumb length.. The clear light of the remnant dawn has penetrated into the veil.. "

   "'give me some wine. He began to say. "

   "When he was holding the amber-filled streamer wine cup in his hand in inside, he put his hand on his knee and looked at her with a smile. "

   "Consort Yu, we are finished. Depending on the situation, we are destined to be a The Replacement Suspect surrounded by skin, but we don't want to be hunted, we want to be hunters.. Tomorrow-ah, no, today-today is our last hunting trip. I will rush out of a Desperate Journey and step over the helmets of the Han army.!

  Hum, Liu Bang, does he think I have been locked in a cage by him, inside?? I have at least one chance to hunt carefree, maybe my shotgun will pierce his heart like I pierce a valuable raccoon. Consort Yu, put on your Persian soft armor, you have to follow me until the last minute.. We are all going to die on horseback. "

   Consort Yu refused to go with him for fear of splitting his heart.. He said: "Oh, then you can stay behind and let the soldiers of the Han army find you and give you to Liu Bang."!"

   "Consort Yu smile. She quickly tied the knife out of its sheath, and with only one stab, it went deep into her chest.."

   "Xiang Yu rushed over to hold her waist, her hand still tightly holding the gold-plated knife a handle. Xiang Yu leaned over his tearful fire and his big bright eyes watched her closely.. She opened her eyes, and then, as if unable to bear such a strong light, she closed them again.. Xiang Yu put his ear to her quivering The Lips. He heard her saying something he didn't understand:' I'm more happy with this kind of ending. '"

   "After her body became cold, Xiang Yu pulled out the knife from her chest and wiped the blood from his military uniform.. Then he gritted his teeth, and with a sound like the roar of a shaga boar, he shouted,' sergeant, sergeant, blow up the horns! Tell the horses to be prepared and we will rush down the mountain.! '"

   The last act is too Hollywood-like.

   Later, I went to Hong Kong to study and stayed for three years without writing in Chinese.. In order to practice English, even the letter is written in English.. I think this is a very useful constraint.. Now I write again, writing without restriction. It is really necessary to stop for a while, stop for a for three or five years, and then bring up the pen again. Maybe you have to push ahead, but it is not clear..

   (Incoming "Gossip", December 1944, China Science Corporation's First Edition)





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