Luojia mountain water

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   It's been three years since I came to Luojia, but it seems that there is not any word about Luojia. This is a pity.. However, I felt that the writing was not enough to depict Luojia's beauty, so I did not dare to write for a long time.. However, it is still hard to resist the itch of one's hand. Whether the writing is good or bad, if one can find some truth from it, it is also worth comfort..

   Luojia, another name for Wuhan University. Why Luojia? There must be some kind of circumstance in one's thinking, and that is exactly the case.. There is a mountain in Wuhan University, formerly known as Luojiashan, also known as Luojiashan and Luoren Mountain.. However, there are some beautiful legends about Luojia Mountain.. Legend 1: In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, after King Zhuang of Chu put down the rebellion, seeing that the number of dead and wounded was small and the country's vitality was not weakened, he decided to continue the war and moved the camp to a scenic hill on the south bank of East Lake, rewarding those who took part in the rebellion and pardoning those who took part in the rebellion.. As a result, the whole army was in high spirits and Chu army won the battle one after another.. Later, people called the mountain where King Zhuang of Chu set up its camp Luojia Mountain.. Legend 2: Sun Quan, king of Wu, toured Jiangxia and stopped for a while because of the heavy rain.. There is also a more beautiful legend: Guanyin Bodhisattva once passed by this mountain and dropped a cassock, so people named this mountain Luoyi Mountain.. In addition, it is said that this mountain was originally named Luo, so it is also called Luo jiashan.. However, we can be sure that when the National Wuhan University was built here in 1928, the mountain was called Luojia Mountain.. As for the change of name to Luojia Mountain, it was decided by Wen Yiduo, the first dean of the Faculty of Arts of the National Wuhan University.. Luo means hard stone. Yoga is a headdress worn by ancient women.. "Luojia" and "Luojia" are homophonic, implying the difficulty of building a school in Luojia Mountain in those days.. These two words can be described as a combination of hardness and softness, a masterpiece by The Magic Bow..

   Luojia Mountain Water, Luojia Mountain and East Lake Water.

   Luojia Mountain and Water have created a picture of heaven and earth: Luojia Mountain is vigorous and masculine, and East Lake is beautiful and tender. Both of them have bred Luojia students who are "self-reliant, ambitious, realistic and innovative.".

   The beauty of Luojia mountain and water lies in nature.. The four seasons are different, and everything is different.. In spring, grass grows and warblers fly, mountains are green and water is green.. The most famous among them is the blooming of cherry blossoms.. Cherry Blossoms in Wuda have become a sight in Wuhan. Tourists come to visit them one after another every year.. In Kirschblüten, the cherry blossoms and the old castle (the old lent house, also known as the student apartment) set each other off with interest.. Whether in Yinghua Avenue or in Kunpeng Square, people gathered to admire the flowers.. In summer, the heat does not decrease.. The cool breeze from East Lake brings some cool feeling to people.. Lotus leaves and fields in Jianhu (central lake of Wuda) are graceful and graceful, and water lilies are also in full bloom, putting Buddha in a beauty contest.. On the bank of East Lake at the gate of Ivy Ling Po, under the tall French buttonwood trees, were full of people enjoying the cool and relaxing.. In the lake, there are many people who can play with water.. In autumn, this is Luojia's most beautiful moment.. Tree is the representative of Luojia Mountain. Luojia Mountain is thickly forested and the campus streets are covered with trees.. But different kinds of trees, like colored pens of different colors, paint Luojia's brilliant colors.. Ginkgo biloba and phoenix tree, full of autumn yellow trees; Cinnamomum camphora and cedar are quiet and dark green. They vividly depict Luojia Mountain. At this time, no matter whether you live in the top of History museum or the top of the cherry garden, you can look around and see the whole Luojia mountain and water.. Looking from afar, the lake is long and the east side of Moshan is opposite to it.. A closer look shows that the old 天狮娱乐 ginkgo castle has become interesting. It is a good picture of Luojia Autumn scenery.. In winter, snowflakes are flying all over the sky, and the whole campus is also precipitating. You can hear the wind blowing leaves swishing, and you can also see students shooting games in snowflakes.. When Luojia was wrapped in silver, the undulating mountains and the lake surface connected by water and sky disappeared into a vast expanse of white.. Luojia's four seasons have their own lasting appeal.. The mountain is boundless and serene, and the clouds on the water are steaming. Birds sing in the mountains and fish swim at the bottom. People come and go from mountain to mountain, and Qian Fan Athletics in water .

   The beauty of Luojia Mountain and Water lies in the humanities.. The old library, the old Zhai she, the song Qing gymnasium and the administration building, etc. have all been listed as objects of national cultural relics protection.. On Luojia Mountain, there is a semi-mountain monastery and the former residence of Zhou Enlai, which can be remembered and cherished by people.. In different corners of the forest, statues of outstanding figures of the armed forces of various periods have been erected: Wen Yiduo, Li Da, Zhou Gengsheng, etc.

  Looking back at the past, we can see that all roads lead to success, and we can make every effort to cure it.. Luojia Mountain is located in Willow, where Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu, Chen Tanqiu and Luo Ronghuan once directed the country. Gu Hongming, Chu Coching, Geologist Li Siguang, Wen Yiduo, Yu Dafu, Ye Shengtao, Li Da and others used to write in drain away the mud and bring in fresh water. Over the past 100 years or so, Wuhan University has brought together many wonderful beautiful poem in the modern history of the Chinese nation, formed a fine revolutionary tradition, accumulated a profound cultural heritage, and cultivated the university spirit of "self-improvement, perseverance, seeking truth from facts and innovation".

   The beautiful Luojia mountain and water make Wuhan university the most beautiful university in China. The beauty of Luojia Mountain and Water also enables Luojia students to forge ahead for the university spirit of "self-improvement, perseverance, seeking truth from facts and innovation".





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