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   On the night of the riots in South Africa, Mrs. Karen's heart was bleeding.. She wrote in the letter, let me tell you, when I walk on this land, the land of South Africa, I have a strong feeling of walking on the black face.. They died, but their spirits did not leave them.. They lay there heavy and obstinate, waiting for my footsteps to pass by, waiting for me to go away, waiting to be called again. Millions of cast iron pig figurines float below the surface of the earth.. The Iron Age is Waiting for Reunification.

   What Kutcher's novels call for is not narrow sympathy for blacks, but a rebellious spirit.. Mrs. Cullen experienced a night of turmoil when the maid's underage son was killed. Tabanah said to Mrs. Cullen, "If you want to dig out the bullets from those bodies, that would be great.". But now I can tell you what you will find,' Made in South Africa. Approved by South African National Standards Agency. You will find words like this. "

   "I want to denounce the men who created this era. I want to condemn them for ruining my life, just like the way mice or cockroaches spoil food. They don't even eat the food, but just walk up and down it, sniff it, and then urinate in defecate on it.. I know it is childish to point fingers at them and condemn them.. But why should I 天狮娱乐 accept the fact that no matter who holds power in this land, my life is worthless? After all, power is power.. It will invade. This is its essence. It invades your life. "

   Mrs. Cullen's house was searched, and Cullen said the search was just an excuse.. The real purpose is to move you and put your hand in.. Mental abuse. It's like rape: the way a woman is defiled.. Kuche was referring to violent rape by the state..

   After all kinds of darkness and violence in South Africa, Karen despaired of South Africa and wanted to leave the world by euthanasia, but did not die. Karen faced death failure and shouted a slogan: I don't want to die in this country I live in, this ugly country.

   Is it because Kutcher and South Africa have any deep hatred?? No. Mrs Karen made up her daughter's point of view: "I was born in south Africa, but I will never see this country again.". I was born in South Africa, and I will go back one day.. Which sentence is one of the lost twins inside?"Karen's daughter's contradictory attitude towards South Africa is Kuche's attitude. Coetzee is the same as Faulkner and Mario Vargas Llosa. Mario Vargas Llosa said that although I hate Peru, this kind of hatred is just like Bayeho's poem: always imbued with tenderness. Faulkner said, I love my country so much that I want to correct its mistakes.. Kutcher's uncompromising criticism of South Africa is due to Kutcher's love for South Africa. There is a kind of love called hatred.

   Coetzee's Metaphorical Contradictory Narration: "I love him because I don't love him."

   Metaphor is the usual narrative technique in Kutcher's novels. Different from the metaphorical narration in modernist novels, Kutcher's metaphor has not reached the metaphysical precipice, and almost all of his metaphors are solvable.. Coetzee's metaphor technique can express Coetzee's ambivalence towards South African Hate but love more smoothly..

   At the beginning of the novel, Coetzee highlights this metaphorical contradiction: who is this letter to? The answer is: addressed to you, but not you; Give it to me; Give me you here. Kutcher's daughter in Mrs. Cullen's letter, that is, you, refers to a regional concept and metaphor for the reality of South Africa. Kutcher wrote the contradictory emotions in the novel The Iron Age to South Africa..

   Kutcher's love for South Africa is reflected in Mrs. Karen's contradictory feelings. Mrs. Karen said: "We fell ill before we died, and this process gradually alienated us from the flesh.". Nourishing our milk, leaving our breasts slowly becomes thin and begins to turn sour, and we begin to worry about the separated life.. However, this initial life, this mother earth's life, is in this land-right here, from ancient times till now, can there be anything better here?? No matter how sad, how desperate and angry I am, I will not give up my love for it.. "Mother Earth is a broad national metaphor, and Kuche did not give up his love for South Africa.

   Love is as deep as hate is.. Mrs. Cullen's house "has thick moss on its roof tiles. The house was originally built strong enough, but without love, it is now deserted, lifeless and crumbling. The sun shines on his wall. Even the African sun cannot make it warm, as if the bricks were built by the hands of sin, sending out some kind of gloom that is difficult to penetrate.. "

   In Kutcher's eyes, South Africa at that time was too numerous to mention and too numerous to return.. "Now in South Africa, I see the naked eye once again covered by smog. Their scales have thickened, just like the explorers and pioneers of this country, who are ready to return to the depths of the inland.. . The ship was riddled with decay when sinking obviously, those who run away guy have any honor to speak of.

   Mrs. Cullen's black maid's husband was a butcher. After watching, Mrs. Cullen said that killing and death were cruel and easy.. Killing chickens is a metaphor for South Africa's violent rule.. Kutcher made many expository criticisms in his novels..

   Mrs. Cullen is suffering from cancer and is struggling on the verge of death. Cancer is Coetzee's metaphor for South African politics. Struggle is the dying struggle of the South African regime.. The ambiguous relationship between homeless man Van Kool and Mrs. Karen in the novel is a portrayal of Kuche's relationship with South African rolling in the deep.. Kutcher wrote: "Van Kurt and I are like a couple who have been married for too long. They are surly and straightforward. I think I'm even used to the bad smell on him.. Is this how I feel about South Africa: not because I love him, but because I am used to his bad smell? Marriage is fate.. We will become whoever we marry.. When I married South Africa, I became like South Africa: ugly, gloomy and dull. Our only Vital signs showed sharp teeth when he lost his temper.. South Africa: A grumpy old hound dozes lazily at the door, killing time to die.. Besides, the name of this country is too unoriginal.! Let's pray that people can change their country's name as well as change their dynasties.. "

   "I trust Van Kool because I don't believe him, I love him because I don't love him. Because he is a fragile reed on which I rely.. "Mrs. Cullen's ambivalence towards Van Kurt, a homeless man, is precisely Kutcher's ambivalence towards South Africa.

   The Iron Age is the core of Coetzee's metaphor, but what the Iron Age actually refers to is vague.. The Iron Age, the historical period of Greek mythology, Iron Age. The translator thinks that this is Kutcher's praise for the rebellious spirit of black teenagers.. Judging from the contradictory emotions in Coetzee's novels, it is not that simple.. Kutcher wrote in the novel that this is a real era of untimely, despicable and terrible, born out of nowhere.? Isn't it, in addition to the granite age, what era can give birth to the iron age? Haven't we ever had barbarians? The Iron Age is better translated into Iron Age than Kutcher's original intention. Kutcher's Iron Age should be a metaphor for South Africa's brutal and brutal rule..

   Mrs. Cullen was waiting to be called, and Kutcher was waiting to be called: "Now that the child is buried, we are walking on his body.". Let me tell you, when I walk on this land, the land of South Africa, I have a strong feeling of walking on the black face.. They are dead, but their spirit has not left us..They lay there heavy and obstinate, waiting for my footsteps to pass by, waiting for me to go away, waiting to be called again.. " (责任编辑:admin)




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