Mo Yan's dust only tells us that life is like a dream.

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   Winter seems to be a huge floor-to-floor glass window, reflecting those bright and dark youth in the endless haze of inside..

   Sentimental attachment, persistence, happiness, Exhalation, sadness, sadness . All of them are making a comeback in this season..

   Some people ask Xiao A why you are always on the way to travel.?

   Xiao A replied, I just don't want to leave myself 天狮娱乐 in the past, I just move on.


   About travel

   No one knows how many places Little A has been to and where he has been. I'm afraid this problem is not entirely clear to him.. Because Little A has a bad habit of traveling, he seldom takes a camera.. If anyone asks why, he always quips that it is useless to take photos when traveling alone without proving to whom. Besides, I'm afraid I'm sorry to the audience because I'm so photogenic.. He is such an open-minded person..

   Xiao A has a 45-liter traveling bag that is not big. Although it is not an international famous brand, it has traveled to many places with Xiao A travel the length and breadth of the country, so he has been reluctant to change new bags.. People are always in For Old Times Sake, and they have feelings after a long time.. For small A's equipment, he has always been able to use it, and will never change it easily..

   On one occasion, when I heard that he had gone to Kangding, my friends excitedly asked him about this and that. Obviously, Kangding is the place where many people yearn for and dream of going.. However, he was as calm as ever about the experience of his trip to Kangding, as if he had climbed over Hengduan Mountains once and appreciated the sacred grandeur of Gongga once. For him, everything was taken for granted.. Happy Valley Mountain, Fairy Temple under Happy Valley Mountain, monks of Fairy Temple, Prayer wheel in the hands of monks, Om Mani Padme Hum on Prayer wheel .

   About the trip of little a, it is by no means something that can be told in a short time. little a also said that if he didn't want to leave again in the future, he would like to record them down slowly and write a book.. And friends listen to, also always good-natured ridicule he said, ah, you will probably die on the way to travel . yes, for travel, to outsiders, small a has long regarded it as a career in his life. However, no one knows that people who travel all the time are actually looking forward to returning home.. Small a is so.





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