Give more flowers and less knives.

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   Give more flowers and less knives.

   Don't think of happiness too far away, it is sometimes just a distance to bow one's head.. Bow down, you see the smiling faces of relatives, friends, flowers and grass. Don't think too complicated about happiness. Sometimes it is just a cup of Heart-Warming Tea's company, a meal's watch and a greeting's arrival.. 天狮娱乐 You can easily do these things..

   If you hate others too much, you will lose yourself.. Instead of spending a lot of time focusing on your "enemy" and finding his or her flaws to attack him or her, it is better to turn around and focus on yourself.. Try harder, try harder, you may be better than him (her). Think about it, in your life, if you are always jealous of others and muddle through this life, how nurse agrievance will your life be?!

   Never abandon the foolishness of the elderly, don't blame the old people's ramblings, don't laugh at the old people's slowness and aging.. If possible, bend your waist as far as possible, listen to them, and give your smile and encouragement as leniently as possible.. Because one day, you will become them, and this day is not far away..

   Don't complain about the devotion to children, no matter time and energy, no matter material and spirit.. Life is a cycle, your parents did the same to you at the beginning.. It's just that we have never been able to love our parents as much as we love our children..

   In this world, so-called fairness is relative.. Blindly lamenting the unfairness of fate can only aggravate one's own trauma.. We still regard the misfortune and frustrations we are suffering as a test of God, face it squarely and try our best to overcome it..

   Try to squeeze in some time to read books and Iko Iko music. The world of words and music is purest. It can calm our tired hearts and let our souls find a place to park..

   Don't expect everyone to understand you, there are a few people who don't like you, that's normal.. Turnip greens, all have love. If you make turnips, you cannot make green vegetables.. And vice versa; Don't expect others to be you. No matter how good your friendship is, you must keep a distance. You will inevitably find flaws if you get too close.. Giving others space and freedom also leaves room for yourself. Don't impose your preference on others, you like pears, others may not like them.. While others like to eat cherries, it may not suit your taste.. Every man has his own way of life, and it is simply not good to compete.. The wisest thing to do is to respect, respect others and respect yourself..

   Can be disappointed, but not despair. After disappointment, we can regain hope.. And after despair, only to fall.

   Always have a heart of compassion. When you can help others, try to help them.. In this world, helping people is helping yourself, because the mountain does not turn the water around, and the water does not turn the people around. Maybe one day, it will be Turn It Around.. If our ability is really limited and we can't help, we must also do not hurt others. If we don't hurt, we are good.. Never bully people who are weaker than you, that is not skill, that can only be called shame..

   Appearance is given by God. We have no choice but to accept it, whether beautiful or ugly.. Don't tell others how to look, because you are not impeccable either.. In this world, the so-called perfection does not exist at all..

   Giving a person a flower is better than giving a knife.. Sometimes, the truth is very cruel. Can you bear to put a knife on it again, sweep? Still handed over a flower, colourful after ying ying, give a person the most practical comfort. Remember: let people live with hope and beauty, can resist all gray..





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