These love affairs that women must know when chasing men.

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   Although the success rate of women chasing men is relatively high, they must not act rashly, otherwise they will scare him away.. What kind of woman do men like? What dating skills can be used to attract him completely?? In fact, love is very rational. If you are always intoxicated in the dream world attracted by men, it is easy to ruin this relationship.. What minefields do women and men have to bypass?

   Women cannot be too active in chasing men.

   Although it is a woman who takes the initiative, she should also grasp the discretion in the process of pursuing.. If he does not reject you directly, it does not mean that he 天狮娱乐 will treat you as a girlfriend or a prospective girlfriend. It only means that he particularly enjoys your pursuit of him and your concern for him. To put it bluntly, the vanity of men is at work.. Therefore, when you decide to take the initiative to launch a love offensive, you must set a time period for yourself. After one to three months, if he does not take the initiative to express his feelings and opinions about you, if he does not introduce you to his friends, if he never gives you information voluntarily, then you should take the initiative to give up this fruitless love..

   Women can't keep chasing men.

   There is nothing wrong with letting go of the boy you like, but you must pay attention to skills.. We Were Strangers's direct confession to him is not the best way. To know if this relationship is possible, testing his mind is the key.. You can take the initiative to ask him to watch a movie or attend a friend's party. If he refuses you again and again, you basically have no room for development.. If you still don't believe it, you can say you really like him when joking. If he takes it seriously, you can discuss what to do next. If he only takes this sentence as a joke, you should also understand what he means..

   Women cannot write love letters after men.

   Love letter is a romantic way of courtship. The endless affection seems to be condensed on a small card. But for a man, whether he is moved by this love letter or not, he is likely to use this "evidence" as his ostentatious capital to impress others.. A lot of things have the effect of misinformation, even if you are really infatuated with him, even if you are pure in love with him, under his exaggeration and exaggeration, you can easily become a frivolous girl in the eyes of others..

   Women's Pursuit of Men Should Be Simple

   In fact, in many cases, some love skills are not available. For example, a girl participates in the boy's family and social circle at all costs in order to convince others that she is the man's girlfriend. When others bless you, the man will react that he was "framed". If you wait quietly for his response, he will not be offended. If it takes so much time and effort, it will only make him think you are a woman with a deep talent. In the end, he can only leave you.. Although everyone has the right to pursue happiness, this right cannot be based on making others lose happiness.. Women must respect themselves. Men generally don't refuse to take the initiative to send a woman to their door. Even if he holds you, it's only hormones that are at work. It has nothing to do with love..





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