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   The fleeting wind blows away many drifting stories and mottled scenery. As time goes by, the four seasons come round, the past merges into the sea, the wandering heart is still broken, and the wandering steps still walk through the wind and rain Full stop. Life like a dream is full of twists and turns, even if there is a plain pen, it is difficult to express the feelings in my heart.. I am just a clumsy dancer, walking alone in my own world of inside, taking out my feelings in my heart, writing in pale words about my loneliness, sadness in my sadness, tears in my sorrow. Waiting in the wind of sentimentally attached, always want to language and speechless. Who is the whispering of my heart in my arms?? Who was once attached to the fallen red?? I can't send out my missing, and I've been hanging on and holding on to it. I have a lot of feelings and worries, but now I'm talking to anyone more.?


   Time flies like water, the passage of youth has become regret, how many beautiful memories. Sing an old song and drink a glass of wine to make the dusty memory light in the gentle movement. Let the deep affection be charming in the mellow fragrance.! In the quiet night, I sat alone by the window, listening to the string sound of rain hitting the leaves outside the window, and my heart was in a flurry.. A sadness, unconsciously in this panic, arises spontaneously, instantly, let a person a little off guard. Perhaps, lonely for a long time, will feel disappointed and sad; Perhaps, missing more, you will feel that those things that are beyond your reach are always just a beautiful dream.

   Inside is full of beautiful sights in the prosperous season.. In the blue sky, there are some white clouds floating in the open sky. from time to time, there are several geese flying over. they keep changing their posture in the air, as if they are performing a cheerful dance for the white cloud fairy.. The bright sunshine has brought vitality to the earth. The beautiful flowers are extremely shy. Several pairs of colorful butterflies seem to be attracted by the charm of the flowers, stirring up beautiful wings and circling the blooming flower buds.. Waves of flower fragrance blow on our faces from time to time, making people feel more comfortable, slowing down the pace of walking and lingering for a while on the beautiful scenery.. Just as I was smelling the flowers and indulging in the charming scenery, a group of children's laughter came from behind me. Looking back, a group of children were chasing and slapstick happily. Their faces showed innocent and lively smiles and looked at their fading back. My heart was slightly stunned. How time passed. Tatort: Alter Ego also had such smiles.. Yeah! Childhood leaves us a lot of happy time. When we think of childhood, there are always some happy pictures in our mind..

   At this time, a young couple came from behind. They held hands and their faces were filled with happy smiles. The girl also made grimaces from time to time. The boy's finger pointed to the sky to show the girl the flying geese under the white clouds.. It seems that I am not the only one attracted by their graceful posture in the air.. The appearance of this pair of lovers has added elegance and happiness to this Beautiful Season..

   In this way has been walking towards, along the way there are a lot of stories, but all seem to have nothing to do with me. I am a wanderer. I travel everywhere for the sake of livelihood and dream in my heart. I am still wandering in the world.!

   In this beautiful city inside, I am like an outsider, everything seems to have nothing to do with me.. I am also a loser. In order to escape from The cruel reality, I lean on a lonely city. In order to get rid of the entanglement of sadness, I left my hometown and embarked on a difficult and bumpy journey..

   The drizzling rain, lonely how much prosperous silk, gardenia in the rain, less a lot of beautiful, but the rich aroma is still so intoxicating. A person walking in the chilly rainy night, memories drifting in the dense sadness of inside. The scenery along the way, at the moment, I have no desire to appreciate it any more. The street lamp pulls the shadow, and sad and mild's singing, accompanied by the cold rain, shakes off a few sad tears.. I don't need to wipe away my tears now, because the rain has disguised me, and I don't need to smile now, because I will feel tired after being disguised for too long.. I don't know how far the road is, how ethereal the dream is, but my heart is a little fragile. I want to forget my memories, forget my pain, place my hopes on the future, and with sincere love, An Innocent Love will reap a share of his own peace.!

   Lonely night, no moonlight charm, no stars, only the sound of rain banging on the windowsill. Through the curtains, it was dark outside the house. I could not see the cold rain, but only the sadness of falling rain.. My thoughts are a little messy, but I have no way to sort them out. In my heart, some sadness is surging slowly.. At the moment when I closed my eyes, memories entered my mind and I couldn't help rolling up some missing pieces.. The night is silent, and the rain has no trace. When the breeze blows through the incomplete window, a burst of coolness moves into the cold heart, and suddenly, the body shivers.. I know, this is the wind trying to inject warmth into me, but it doesn't know, this is to make the cold heart even colder.. After walking through the wounds of the night and listening to the words of the night, I shed tears too. I know that the night needs no sympathy or pity. It just wants to know whether there are the same people in this world at this time and in this second, or there are people willing to cry with it..

   Smile to see floating life is light as a dream, and plain pen writes down sorrow. As a teenager, one's mood is not long for worldly things, and one cannot fear human joys and sorrows.. In an instant, splash-ink painting, with its numerous flowers, stunned the spring. Dead leaves compose poems, bleak autumn. The lonely wind outside the window, in a fallen leaf, gently overflow with light sorrow. It was originally full of flowers and broken brocade, looking back on the past years.. The dust is like a picture, the past is like smoke. Looking back, I looked around in Around The Bend, only to cross the waters of Qian Shan and chase the colorful clouds like a flying moon.. I am in going around, inside, at night. It turns into Rainbow Bridge in inside in the daytime. There are two different time and space, two different scenery on both sides, and two different situations. Who can cross the gap of time and space to circle me with illusory dreams, difficulties and obstacles, worries and worries, and a youth without regrets?? Dream of inside sometimes need to have, dream of inside never importune. Who doesn't understand this truth, but I think about it day and night but often haunt my heart. In the autumn wind, inside sinks into mountain peaks with incomparable risks, but I can't climb over them. In Qiu Guang, inside, Dry, it is a wave of wheat, wheat and rice. I watch the golden harvest in the wheat field of inside, and watch a Golden Dreams thought.

  After several passes of cloud and smoke, scattered into the past, yellow memory, scattered from my mind, the passing years, quietly, put a sentimentally attached, collected into the most beautiful past on the road of life. Even if you don't give up more, it won't help. Maybe we should always remember warmth, but we can't forget the scars.. Fragility is the nature of feelings, destined to be unavailable, sometimes lost, but also a kind of beauty..

   Crazy All These Years, memory has lifted the veil of time again. My thoughts are fluttering in the wind. On the white book note, I have had several sad dialogues with words.. What the fingertips reveal is always the nostalgia of the past, the missing years, the affection that once twined in my heart, and the ethereal sound of dream inside behind the scenery.. This is indeed the case; On such a stop-and-go day, inside seems to have really lost too much of itself. In the lonely city, it is the words piled up with feelings that are the most indulgent..

   The clear and shallow time has changed the appearance, changed the scenery, and brought away many sad years. Such as water years, left many unforgettable memories, contain many unforgettable feelings. The sky was full of dark clouds, the heart was full of sorrow, dragging tired steps, still walking on the quiet road. All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew and pieces of leaves fell one after another. Looking at 天狮娱乐 the fallen leaves all over the ground, looking at the desolation everywhere at the moment, my heart was flooded with sadness.. Beanstalk raindrops keep falling down, seemingly destroying all the peace here and breaking the beautiful peace here.. I am still walking. I have not stopped to look at these miserable scenes. The rain has soaked my hair, clouded my eyes and blocked my forward direction. But now I have a dream in my heart. No wind or rain can stop my forward pace . (责任编辑:admin)




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