Lovers only admire mandarin ducks but not immortals.

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   Autumn dusk is bleak and desolate.. I walked alone on my way home. I walked back and forth through this street countless times.. From flowery spring to cool breeze in late autumn, from morning to dusk, and from reunion to separation.. The setting sun has drawn my shadow for a long time, and fallen leaves have fallen helplessly from the branches. How often do they not miss the time in The Best Years?? But when the flower is thanked and the flower meeting opens, people go, but they never look back..

   I have imagined countless times that you will appear again in this long street.. However, at this time in Birthday In Chong Qing, there are countless brightly lit windows, inside, and as many warm nests as there are, there are as many happy couples.. And I, how afraid of pushing open the door, there is no greeting, the walls are empty; The room in inside was messy and disorganized, with no one to arrange it, no one to light the lamp for me, and no longer your affectionate embrace and tender lingering.. And you gave me All That Remains: Romance and Jiaochen, your small temper and mischievousness have all become a habit and dependence of me.. I'd rather walk in this cold street and face this autumn wind. Even if it has been cold in my heart, I'm still looking forward to miracles..

   Under the dim light on the street corner, a pair of lovers embraced each other.. They may be saying goodbye, may be tryst, tightly embrace together, like the cold dusk inside, two fires warming each other. This fire, however, ignited my deeper loneliness in my heart.. I'm just a passer-by. I've passed through love, but I can't finish this long coming night.. How enviable this couple is! All the people who are immersed in love are just like a pair of mandarin ducks flying in pairs, how enviable they are.!

   In the world, there is one of the strongest and hottest emotions, that is, love, how fascinating it is! Even the celestial immortals, though not out of touch, still have Worldly Desires.. Vega fell in love with Cowherd, A Maid from Heaven fell in love with Yong Dong, and the young girl in Asgard would be pregnant with spring.. They only come to the world once, and let this love story be sung through the ages.. Only envy mandarin duck but not fairy, fairy should envy my world.

   People who don't love Jiangshan and love beauty, who ride on the Red Dust and Smile of Princess, and who take pride and anger as beauty.. We will not comment on the merits and demerits of these emperors and generals, but they all had exceedingly sentimental's infatuation with their loved ones.. Say Anything. has no complaints, The Hero Becomes A Prisoner Of Love.

   Couples, in pairs, are obsessed with each other.. Like rattan-bound trees, like Butterflies In Love With Flowers, Body Love in love is like mandarin ducks playing in the water.. Only envy mandarin ducks but not immortals! A lone Hong misses her partner and TA The Choice can see through her eyes.. However, the dark night is coming quietly, and the clear moon alone lights The A word. The figure of the couple is lingering in my heart for a long time..

   On the month of Liu Shao head, after Evening Liaison. Dear! I dreamed of you again! You are still in my arms, coquetry lingering beside my The Lips. The bouquet of roses you planted with your own hands is still in full bloom in front of the bed, like your rosy cheeks. The perfume you sprinkled in the room is still fragrant and fragrant, just like the body fragrance that makes you fascinating.. We are back to Valentine's Day, the summer night in full swing.. At that time, we only blame this night, too short and too short! At that time, we wanted to be a pair of fated mandarin ducks, living 天狮娱乐注册 side by side for the rest of our lives, and our hearts would not change when the seas run dry and the rocks crumble.. However, your beautiful image suddenly disappeared. I opened my empty eyes.. After all, my missing cannot penetrate through this boundless night..

   At this time, Endless Night, I only blame the night, too long, too long! (Read in American)





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