Reading you, the sea in my mind

时间: 作者:不羁与醉

   Perhaps you are too touched about life.

   From discovery to experience, it was as simple as usual.

   But there is still no farewell

   The Time and Space of Not Leaving inside

   Former This Is Me

   Once lost and sad

   The fold that vanished in your pen in a flash.

   Reading you softly

   But I still have such numerous and complicated feelings.

   To get close to nature and talk about circumstance

   Accept the peaceful awakening every morning.

   Then chase your singing

   天狮娱乐注册 The singing is clear and clear.

   Is drunk waiting

   For a long time

   It's an open book


   Another journey unfolds gently.

   Only then can we truly yearn for with you

   At that time, although the road went through frost and hardships

   The gaunt face stained the autumn window.

   I can't cover my face yet.

   Still quietly sharing

   The days passed by in those years.

   I have never thought about it before.

   That's your eyes

   That's your foot step

   But I have never forgotten

   Your Warm Expectation in the Sun

   Burn up our love

   Only here silently looking for

   Find the beauty you have never lost.

   The book collection is lightly marked in the years.

   Across my eyes locked for you

   Leave it to you, cachinnation

   Turned around and found out

   Your tears

   Your facial expression just ups and downs my thoughts

   I can't dodge your sight.

   Can't see your lonely dream clearly

   I had to face the wind and move.

   A cup of afternoon tea is fragrant.

   In exchange for lingering lingering lingering in my heart

   Only at this time of year will I be with you

   Never refuse a trace of happiness or sorrow.

   Only wish there is our desire here

   The whole time has passed quietly.

   Author: Why care who I am





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