Chinese Valentine's Day Greetings Promise A Life-long Chines

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   In the long life, I found you, you gave me the confidence to survive, and you made my life no longer dull.. I love you!!!!

   In the face of your silent waiting, I can't shout out the holy love, so I have to stand under the acacia tree and carefully cut my thoughts with the scissors of time..

   Waiting for the starry sky, looking forward to the star rain, criticizing the star Xu Fly Me to Polaris.. A thousand stars fell from the starry sky and a thousand came from Fly Me to Polaris.. From afar, I wish friends from far away a safe journey, and I know each other with a gentle smile and sincere heart..

   Seven is an odd number and you are asked to round up an integer. .

   Lovers, Lovers, and Beauties on Tanabata Festival You are my person .

   In the sky and on earth, we met on the seventh evening of the seventh lunar month. in this life, we slept together in previous lives..

   Shangxie, I want to know each other and live forever. There is no tomb in the mountain, the river is exhausted, the winter is thunderous, the summer is snowy and snowy, the heaven and the earth are united, but I dare not break with you.!

   Guan Yu, on the continent of the river. My Fair Lady, Les Femmes d'abord. The ragged nymph flows from left to right.. My Fair Lady Sees Night and Day.

   Crows inhabit Bai Shu in the atrium, and sweet osmanthus trees in Coody Leng are silent and wet.. I don't know whose house Qiu Si falls tonight when the moon is bright.?

   day! I forgot that yesterday was Tanabata, but it doesn't matter, as long as we are on Tanabata every day soon.!

   May I invite beautiful women to dinner on this auspicious day!

   In fact, most of the time, people still face each other across the river, and it is the most 天狮娱乐 beautiful to bury the purest and truest emotion in your heart forever..

   Can we start our first love on Tanabata

   Is it very spiritual to make a wish on Tanabata? Try it! I hope to be your girlfriend! I hope you can love me forever.! The most important thing is that I hope to know you!

   Every minute and every wonderful thought of you, miss you, goodbye tomorrow is the day we meet. Central Be There or Be Square of magpie bridge!

   Tanabata is a festival where cowherd and weaver meet once a year, but I can be with you, watch you and kiss you every day.. Dear, what do you say?

   Today is Tanabata, I'm The Begging Festival for you. I hope you are smart and skillful.!





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