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   On the Linguistic Charm of Dang Yimin's Novel "Base Area"

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   Fiction is the art of language. One of the places in fiction that best reflects the author's style is language.. Famous writer Wang Zengqi said in "Lin Jinlan's Low Stool Bridge:" To write a novel is to write language. "He believes that" the roughness of language is the roughness of content. ". Obviously, the success of language is the key factor for the success of a novel.. Recently, with the publication and distribution of Dang Yimin's novel "Base Area", the Red Classics have once again become a cultural window for readers to understand revolutionary history, inherit revolutionary spirit and accumulate positive energy for development.. As a grand masterpiece that shows the older generation of revolutionaries such as Liu Zhidan, Zichang Xie, Xi Zhongxun and "A Red" in northern Shaanxi in a panoramic way, what impressed me deeply is the language charm of this novel.. "Cloud crane has strange wings, feihong ring far sound. "The novel has a strong local color and flavor, looks very" earthy ",but is clumsy and beautiful, with strong artistic expression and appeal.

   I. plain and concise language.

   Looking at the whole story, the novel has few luxuriant words and expressions, just like an ordinary old Shaanxi telling an extraordinary story, which is told by Qin people in Qin style.. The language is simple, plain and almost straightforward.. Cherish words like gold, narrative skill, not a trace of a trace of procrastination. In the novel, a large number of local dialects are quoted, but the author pays great attention to the choice and refinement of words, as pure and clean as repeatedly Photographic processing and filtered, without any vulgar and evil taste.. "Seems to be the most rugged plain, as easy as difficult. "The colloquial language of the novel does not make it pale and lacking in aesthetic feeling. Instead, it appears distinctive and calm. It also has strong artistic expression and appeal, thus attracting people's attention and making readers resonate.. This reminds me of people's clothing, that is, it is not a fashionable and luxuriant luxury brand, or an extremely ordinary piece of clothing, but as long as it is properly dressed, clean and smooth, it can also show its beauty and charm.. For example: "Zhen Zhen is not only furry but also naughty. She is crazy like a male child.". "(see novel page 299) is only the description of these 18 words, the image of a mischievous, lovely, lively and brave young woman vividly appears on the paper..

   Second, the language vivid image.

   Mr Lao she once said in his "language and style" that "novels must be vivid because they are to 天狮娱乐注册 be written in a vivid way.". "the party benefits the people in the language image aspect, uses the technique many. There are mainly two aspects: one is good at depicting the colorful life scene.. The situation of things is complicated and changeable. If the article is well written, the colors and sounds of life scenes should be faithfully reflected so as to be vivid and colorful.. Party members and civilians used language to depict life, landscape, mentality and all language means to make the novel vivid and lifelike.. For example: "At the beginning of the twelfth month, there was snow on chicken child in the old days. Snow flakes, like newly hatched baby chickens, came down from the sky one after another in a fluffy white mass.". "(see page 56 of the novel) and:" the cliff side of the cave was covered with scarlet dwarf chrysanthemums, which northern Shaanxi called' flower dogs'. The season has entered late autumn, and the loess plateau is full of "flower dogs". They are everywhere in small ditches, small canals, inside corners, and the corners. They are freely and randomly open everywhere, and the faint fragrance of flowers is scattered everywhere . "(see page 244 of the novel) to describe people in terms of scenery, quiet and moving, quiet and colorful in movement.. The second is to be good at choosing verbs.. Through the reasonable choice of verbs, the author makes the described object full of vitality, Career Opportunities, vivid image, and makes the verbs play a vivid and finishing role in the sentence.. For example: "Xi Zhongxun fell to the ground at one stroke, eating three coldness, leaning back his neck and drinking water. Only then did he wipe his mouth with his sleeve, stand up and kick the gun on the ground and say:' We have these things, and we don't worry about not being able to pull up the team."! "GeCui, eating, leaning back, drinking, wiping and a series of other actions perfectly describe Xi Zhongxun's hunger and hunger at this time and his desire to have guns as soon as possible to pull up the team.. Also: "After watching, Yang Hucheng was silent for a moment with tears streaming down his face. He folded the paper, put it into his pocket, hugged Wang Taiji silently for a moment, then turned and left the cell.". (See page 264 of the novel) The use of a series of verbs such as reading, silence, folding, chuai, hugging, turning, etc. shows Yang Hucheng's complex mood with Wang Taiji and separation between loved ones in life or d. vividly at this time..

   Third, the language is popular and clear.

   In this regard, Dang Yimin, as the "old Shaanxi", mainly collates and reasonably uses spoken language, proverbs, ballads and other familiar folk languages, which are easy to understand, lively and interesting and add a lot of color to the novel.. In my opinion, this is also the language success of "Base Area". It is very Public Life and especially enjoyable.. The local language he uses is real, living and genuine Shaanxi dialect.. For example, he can use the colloquial words commonly used by Shaanxi and even northwest people, such as "kick, break vexation, pick up, hide, twist" and so on, with ease and success.. Another example is "the wind is hard in the mountains", "money does not bite the hand", "waist length ribs are thin, work does not contribute", "east sunny west dark, can't wait to eat", "steamed buns don't eat in the cage inside waiting for miles, what are you in a hurry! "and so on, is very smooth, both familiar with, and kind, in-depth shallow. Like "the ground freezes soundly, cabbage and turnips grow long," "dry hoes the grain, wet hoes the hemp, and even hoes the sesame in cloudy weather.". ""beans to deep, wheat to shallow, buckwheat rapeseed cover face. ""earthworms crawling all over the ground, the rain is messy. "And so on, many of the folk proverbs quoted, especially in the novel also quoted 18 folk classic nursery rhymes, ballads, Xintianyou, not only catchy, easy to understand, but also better foil the atmosphere of the novel, expressed the mood of the characters.

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