What does snow look like?

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   From Xie an, a poet of the eastern Jin dynasty, a couplet on snow

   What does snow look like? Air Difference in Salt Spreading. Not if catkin due to the wind.

   (Xie An) (Xie Lang) (Xie Daoyun)


   This is a story that goes through the ages. It shows the outstanding singing talent of talented woman Xie Daoyun, her meticulous observation of things and her flexible imagination..

   According to the biographies of Book of Jin Wang Ningzhi's wife Xie and Shi Shuo Xin Yu Hua, Xie An Han and snow day tasted the inner set and talked with their children about the meaning of the paper. Suddenly, the snow fell suddenly. An Xinran sang rhymes, while his brother Zi Lang and his brother and daughter Dao Yun sang songs (the poem is the same as above) and laughed happily..

   Xie An's delight lies in the fact that skirt hairpin does not let a man or niece's poetic talent take precedence over nephews.. According to Xie Lang's rare literary name, the article "Shi Shuo Xin Yu Hua" quoted "Xu Jin Yang Qiu" as saying that he was "rich in literary meaning and brilliant in hair", and the article "Literature" quoted "Zhong Xing Shu" as saying that he was "knowledgeable and talented.". So my uncle rhymes and starts the topic, and my nephew is the singer, and he is also quick in thinking.. To be fair, "sprinkle salt in the air" is also a kind of analogy, snow, with its white powder glittering and translucent floating down, Xie lang nearby to take parables, with salt in the air, although not good, also bad to describe.

   However, the intelligent sister does not believe in the elder brother's talent and name.. She felt that it was good to make snow out of salt, but she did not describe the basic characteristics of six snowflakes, dancing with the wind, swirl, endless. As a result, she made a bold amendment to her elder brother's original sentence: "If it were not for the wind in catkin. "

   Catkin, as a scenery in spring, has the characteristics of flowers like flowers but not flowers. It is caused by the wind and has no root and is flying all over the sky.. Liu Hua Fu, compiled by Jin Wu, once described it as follows: "Flowers bloom while snow flies, or the wind returns and swims thin, or the fog is chaotic and rises to zero, the fields are clean and dirty while falling together, and all things are color and aplanatic points.". "Xie Daoyun will compare this to the north wind blowing snow all over the sky, is fit. Taking catkin as an example, it is bigger than its form and shows the scene of "sudden snowstorm" at that time, while "because of the wind", it points out its natural characteristics of drifting with the wind and being boundless.. (The Song Dynasty's He Zhu's "Qing Yu An" has the phrase "the wind is blowing all over the city.". ) By comparison, Snowflake catkin is quite different and interesting.. If we look at the analogy of "spreading salt in the air" again, it would be rather embarrassing..

   Qing Shen Deqian said: "It is difficult to tell the truth, and the reason is not clear. Every object is connected with the other in form.". "Metaphor is the basic figure of speech in poetry. It should be vivid and original.. This is exactly where Xie Daoyun's sentence is higher than his brother's.

   However, the reason why the real famous beautiful line sentence has been passed down through the ages and spread to the population is more important because it can convey the author's inner thoughts and feelings through images.. The beauty of Xie Daoyun's poem lies not only in the analogy of work, but also in her love of life and nature.. She compared the freezing cold Winterset with snow from the north wind to the warm spring scenery blowing from the east wind, which shows the female writer's cheerful and optimistic mind and sincere 天狮娱乐注册 yearning for a beautiful spring scenery..

   According to the original biography of Book of Jin, Xie Daoyun's couplet was not only praised by her uncle, but also unanimously praised by the guests present.. This couplet was passed on as a good story, and Xie Daoyun has since won the good name of "Xu Xu Cai". Later, Liang Dynasty Liu Xiaochuo wrote a poem on snow, including "Gui Hua Shu Jiao Jiao and catkin Fifi.". Fermentation starter in the Salty Pond, Gone with the Wind and Flying over a Thousand inside ". Perhaps inspired by Xie Daoyun.

   It should be noted that Xie Daoyun's excellent couplet. It is not a temporary achievement, Caetuna's inspiration, but is based on her deep literary accomplishment at ordinary times.. The article "Shi Shuo Xin Yu Yan" quoted "Women's Collection" as saying that she "has literary talent, and has written poems, fu, lei, and eulogized and passed on to the world.". Unfortunately, most of them have not been preserved to this day..





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