Boring sentence

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   Boring sentence

   1. I am here alone and I work here repeatedly, just like living here repeatedly.. Boring and boring, the only change is the passage of time.

   2, the real boring, is the most unbearable things can also be in a COMpletely numb state.

   3. Boring, boring grass is boring, flowers are boring, sparrows are boring, butterflies are boring, winter is boring, spring is boring.

   4, there is a disease called boredom, there will always be a few days I a person to stay in the dormitory, different from the traditional sense of keeping boudoir, but willingly taste lonely.

   5, boring, but a state. A shameful state. My favorite 天狮娱乐注册 realm.

   6. I use time to weigh myself and then criticize my superficiality and arrogance..

   7, who can understand my heart that wipe with sadness, no color.

   8. Degeneration is caused by Bored In Heaven, hell's pain, so it is reduced to the human world..

   9. I am still wandering in the same place, waiting for the future that has long gone by..

   10. Boring attacks people like a rolling spring tide, and people's reason suddenly becomes pale and weak..

   11. When a person is bored for boredom, he will definitely be bored..

   I will not deliberately look up at the stars in the sky.. Because, the light of stars is too dazzling, the happiness of stars makes me feel unreal..

   13, walking alone in the noisy street, my world is still only me..

   14. Boredom is something that belongs to the spiritual category..

   15, boring, is a normal phenomenon in life, understandable, don't make a fuss.

   16, the sadness of life, there is always a pool of tears due to love, you are the sea that I cannot swim across in this life.

   17, I like such silence, like a quiet person, looking at the moon stunned, thinking, remembering the past dribs and drabs. Occasionally, when there are many stars in the sky, I will hide myself in a small black corner, inside, and let the bright moonlight shine on my face..

   18. Boredom is a kind of laziness, or rather a dose of poison for mental laxity..

   19, idle, not necessarily boring, idle have nothing to do will be boring.

   20, busy can temporarily Occupation boring site, drive away boring.

   21, the lonely moonlight without the stars foil, as if a little more, and what seems to be more. Without the color of the living wave, without the accompanying loneliness and loneliness. I don't know why, I especially like the night color.

   22, real people will not be bored, disguised people must be bored.

   23, boring, is a kind of difficult to kill time mood.

   24, leisure is a blessing, ( (cn) boredom is pain..

   25, boring, empty appearance!

   26, injury has been thickly dotted with only life to trample on.

   27, scavenger loneliness is not the loneliness of cleaning the streets, more is not the so-called boring.

   28. On a boring day in inside, everything around has lost its usual luster, the sky is overshadowed, the world in eyes has no color, life becomes meaningless and life becomes lifeless .





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