That year, I had a crush on you

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   There are always so many words written in the bottom of my heart, but the words written on the nib can't spit out a few lines for hundreds of years..

   I wanted to write a story about myself, but when I thought about it carefully, I found that in my world, it was all fragments. I wanted to piece the fragments together into a picture far-fetched, incomplete and discontinuous..

   When I went to school in The Early Summer, I saw a girl, and my heart was fond of her. I did not dare to say anything.. We are in the same class, with accurate calculation, tracking her time and route of going to and from school, always at the corner, "coincidentally" came across with her, "early", "did you come too" and "did you 天狮娱乐注册 finish all your homework". Now, the time has passed and I was so stupid at that time.. I didn't have emotional intelligence cells. How did I do it then? Does she also know that I like her.

   The story is not over, although she is not with me..

   A few turns in autumn and winter, from one school to another school. From daily to weekly, it is a rare chance encounter.. You are in school a and I am in school b, 20 kilometers apart. the only chance to meet is on the bus home.. At this time, although I am still good at calculation, it is hard for me to happen to meet you again.. Only to find that there is too much randomness in life, either you are there or you are not. I "stole" your QQ from my friend's friend's friend, and when I added your QQ, I felt so excited every time I entered a number.. Fortunately, you didn't disappoint me, and you readily agreed to my Friend Request?. At first, we chatted for a long time, slowly, I would say less and less, and I would play the window with you less and less.. Sometimes, I wish we could catch the tail of time and not let it go so fast..

   Then, you go left, I go right and mark our distance on the map again. It is already two Track Point. Some people say that the distance between two people is the distance between longitude and latitude and the distance between the heart.. When people are far away, their hearts will follow them.. I feel that Hilarious has announced the end before it has started.. 65. 37KM, distance between two trains. During this period, I also went to your school and asked you out. You were always so polite and polite.. At that time, I was not handsome and I could not speak.. Do you, because of this, let me hold the umbrella by myself and look at you walking slowly away?. I have the impulse to protect you, but I don't have the courage to hold you in my arms.. I am not good enough to do anything in front of a person who is not ready yet.. In the emotional contest of inside, it has not been very good all the time. Let go of your hand and chase after it. Dream at your feet, hold on and don't let go, that is life..

   Now, you are not married, and I am not married. As far away as your hometown, you should also be kissing one after another.. Or just like the agreement I made myself that year, when I am ready, I will propose to you boldly again.. If that day comes later than your wedding, I will send you my best wishes in my heart.. My 30-year-old, in fact, has not been many years. I don't know if you are still waiting for me, I know, I am on the way you are waiting for me.. Perhaps, even though it was near the corner, as long as I hadn't turned that corner, I still couldn't see you after all..

   Now, every time I go back to my hometown, I listen to a "window" along with a dim street lamp along the road that I once rode over together, thinking quietly of the beauty you once gave me .





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