Life is a negotiation with years.

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   Life is a negotiation with years.

   When I was in my 20s, one day on the lake of Geneva, Long Yongtu asked me, "Xiao Bai, do you know what negotiation is?"? "I said," aren't you the ones who strike tables and quarrel with Americans every day?? "He said:" Xiaobai, negotiation is the art of compromise between the two sides. Any unilateral win is not negotiation. It is conquest, or war.. "

   When I was young, I always thought compromise was a bad word. I didn't understand until I was 40 years old. Only when I can make each other and you reach a certain level of compromise and then make progress can society continue to progress.. Looking back at history, don't you think all the progress was made by compromise between the two sides?

   In short, life is a negotiation with years.. Many people have a hard time trying to win unilaterally, ignoring the power of the years.. When people reach their 40s, their hair will turn white and their eyes will turn white. You will change your lifestyle and give in to the years. The years will also give in to you.. It is also a long negotiation between you and your leadership. Isn't democracy the same way??

   In my opinion, China needs to create an atmosphere in which both sides understand compromise and move forward together.. Now many incidents and conflicts are caused by the collision of irrational public and irrational power.. Therefore, power should know how to compromise and exercise restraint over itself.. The compromise of the public is whether we can become more rational instead of emotional.? Can we resist and at the same time blame ourselves and discipline ourselves?? I think, perhaps this is the most important thing.

   However, it is very important which comes first and which 天狮娱乐 comes later between the two. I think the public power should compromise first.. The media should restrict public power more, and slowly build up the rationality of this society through defending common sense and appealing for rationality..

   Now, it seems that everyone is very depressed, unlike in the early 1990s, when people suddenly became silent, ignored the past, and then concentrated on making money from the economy.. Now, the Chinese have come to a crossroads again and are beginning to feel confused: material things are almost the same, but they are not happy yet.. What do I do? At this time of confusion, I think it is just necessary to be rational-very simple, forcing both sides to compromise and start from themselves..





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