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   From Xi Murong's Tonghua

   After the low voice was heard, the whole world was covered with snow-white flowers..

   The sun is shining, the mountains are rolling, and clusters of white flowers are like a flowing river.. It seems that all life in the world should come by appointment. In this inside, Caetuna, in the sunshine as transparent as alcohol and honey, they cheered at the same time, whirled at the same time, and turned into countless floating spots at the same time..

   On such an afternoon full of white flowers, I always feel deja vu. I always feel that it is a gathering that can be put into any kind of space-time inside.. You can put it into the Book of Songs, you can put it into Chu Ci, you can put it into classicism and you can put it into Post-Impressionism's pen-in any beautiful human record, inside should have such an afternoon, such a summer season..


   This passage uses vivid and graceful brushwork to depict the beautiful scenery of tung flowers in full bloom. The combination of vision and hearing, the combination of movement and stillness, is full of vitality and dynamism.. By analogy, the author compares the flourishing and blooming scene to a flowing river and sunlight to mellow honey, and depicts the scene beautifully.. In the end, parallelism sentence's language was strengthened, making people feel the vitality of tung flowers when they were in full bloom, as if the whole hillside were covered with tung flowers, and the tension of life extended indefinitely..

   The author's imagination is full of romantic dreams.

   From Eileen Chang's Autumn Rain

   Rain, like silvery gray sticky silk, weaves a soft net that covers the whole autumn world.. The sky and the earth are dark and heavy, like the roofs of ancient houses, inside, covered with cobweb nets.. The gray clouds piled up in the sky are like white powder peeling off the roof.. Under the cover of this old roof, everything is unusually dull.. The pomegranates, mulberry trees and grapevines in the garden all represent the prosperity of summer in the past. Now they have become the remains of Ancient Roman architecture. They are trembling and restless in the rustling rain, remembering the glorious past.. The color of the grass has changed into blue and pale yellow, and no fresh flowers can be found underground. The delicate daffodils planted outside The Wall in the dormitory drooped their heads with tears in their eyes. It was only after two days of fine and beautiful days that they met such a rainy day, fumigated by musty air, that their fate was miserable in Exhalation.. Only the sweet-scented osmanthus in the corner of the wall, the branches already decorated with several gold-like precious buds, was carefully hidden under the green oval leaves, revealing a little hope of new life sprouting..


   Sometimes I don't like Eileen Chang's words so much, just like this autumn rain, others will write warm and moist breath, while she writes dark and gloomy, just brush strokes make people feel cold and Demons (1985 film).

   However, perhaps this is the charm of Zhang Ailing's writing, which is public and dark, yet it is so real that it detects the deepest part of one's heart.. This article is detailed with a pen and only uses metaphor and personification to bring autumn rain to life and bring it into a dull and lonely color.. For this article, it is full of gray, melancholy and dim. few and far between, a funny life with no sense of meaning, is only the budding light of hope, which is only the low and neglected osmanthus tree..

   From Chang Show-foong's First Snow

   Now, as the sun rises and the fog gradually dissipates, Yuan Ye is covered 天狮娱乐 with a green patch that looks soft and soft. It makes me feel that even if I fall off this mountain accidentally, I won't scratch a piece of skin. At most, I will be bounced twice and stained with green that cannot be washed off by a sock.. There is also the river around the foot of the mountain, which is also radiant with green. It is another kind of green, bright, like mixed with oil. As for the mountain, it is still green, but it is a pile of rich dark green. It makes people feel that no matter where you start, you can't pull out a seam. It makes people feel that even if you dig out two layers of it, its green will not lose color.. In addition, my screen window is also green, very shallow and very shallow green. When the sun shines on it, it is really as ethereal as the gauze skirt of an ancient beauty.. You think, how can my heart not be filled with vibrant green when I write to you on such a green morning??


   The author has fully mobilized his vision and touch to write the green of spring.. Metaphor is used in many places, with vivid images.. I like this passage because it is very warm to watch it.. Where does this warmth come from? I think it flows from those warm words inside, "bright", "full-bodied depression" and "full of vitality". Because it is written to children, it is more poetic and beautiful.. The green in the author's works seems to be alive and flowing, as if it appeared in the letter.. I also like green, and I also like this piece of green described by the author.. Their vitality makes people feel happy and hopeful..

   From Chang Show-foong's Autumn and Autumn

   At that time, in Nanjing, I just started to remember some fragmentary things. The picture of inside often shows a beautiful countryside. I quietly walked away from adults and sat on the grass alone. Leaves of Chinese parasol trees began to fall and fell rustlingly, bringing many mysterious aesthetic feelings into my heart.. I suddenly lost my mind and my little heart could hardly bear the excitement.. I just picked up a fallen leaf confusedly.. The leaves are yellow-brown and curved, like a boat carrying dreams, and there are two beautiful Phoenix Tree Seed on the ship's rail for a long time.. Every gust of wind makes me shuttle in the falling leaves rain, picking up Phoenix Tree Seed all over the place.. One or two Phoenix Tree Seed that I did not pick up must have sprouted on the grass.? Twenty years later, I seem to be able to hear the distant west wind and the rustling leaves in the wind inside again.. I can still see those ships carrying dreams sailing on the grassland of inside, sailing on the hope of a seed of inside.


   This passage expresses the love for the leaves of Chinese parasol tree with graceful strokes.. The onomatopoeic words "rustling" are vivid and expressive, allowing readers to guess the scene.."Mysterious Beauty" describes the characteristics of the phoenix tree in autumn. It is mysterious and graceful. The leaves of the phoenix tree are full of infinite charm and beauty in the eyes of the author, and are very infectious.. By means of metaphor, the leaf shape of Platanus orientalis is vividly described.. The author described the color, shape and other aspects. At the same time, he compared the leaves to a small boat, put on the ship's rail, and the ship's rail was covered with Phoenix Tree Seed. Everyone who read it was fascinated and wanted to have a look at this beautiful buttonwood tree.. The author has rich imagination and shows the beauty of autumn to its fullest extent..

   From Shen Congwen's Border Town

   Tea Cave is built on the mountain by water. Near the mountain is a flour. The city wall is like a long snake, climbing along the mountain.. Linshui-flour set aside room for a wharf by the river outside the city and a small covered boat in the bay.. Tung oil, green salt and dyed galleons were transported down the ship.. Upward, cotton and cotton yarn as well as cloth and groceries will be transported with sea flavor.. There is a river street running through the docks. More than half of people's houses land and half are in the water. Because there is limited room, those houses are all equipped with stilted buildings.. Spring water rose in the river. when the water gradually entered the street, people in the river street used long ladders, one on the eaves and the other on the city wall. everyone shouted and scolded. they took their bags, bedding and rice jars and went into the city from the ladder. when the water receded, they went out of the city from the city gate.. If the water is especially strong in a certain year, one or two of the hanging towers along the river will be washed away by the flood, and everyone will stay on top of the city..


   A good scene should be concise and full of depicting power. No magnificent words can be found under Shen Congwen's pen, but you can clearly feel the outline of the scene from such strokes, "the city wall is like a long snake, climbing along the mountain", and the unspeakable taste complements the light atmosphere of the article.. (责任编辑:admin)




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