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   There is a Shaoxing opera called "Borrowing Silver Lamps". Because I can't understand the lyrics, I haven't been clear about the content, but I love this charming natural topic, and I quote it here without authorization.. "Borrowing Silver Lamps" is nothing more than borrowing Mercury-vapor lamp to take a look at the customs and human feelings of our four week. Of course, there are many unkind and thought-provoking things under Mercury-vapor lamp.

   The two films I am going to talk about, "It's Always Spring" and "Mei Yi Niang Yi Fermentation starter" are probably too late, and the third round of theater has been shown. However, the entertainment venues in the mainland and this port have been played and performed. Even if we are watching a group of audiences whom we are not very familiar with, the films they enjoy are worth discussing..

   This article of mine is not a film review, because I am not watching the Chinese in the movie inside..

   The two films also deal with the issue of women's morality.. The scope of women's morality is very wide, but when ordinary people talk about the way of wife, they usually only focus on the following point: how to happily follow monogamy before a polygamous husband. "Mei Yi Niang Yi Fermentation starter" inside's Husband Seeks Flowers and Asks Liu, Went to "Taiwan Foundation" to Play with "Other People". "Taiwanese" general piao a guest seems to love a do some kind of nightmare, dream of their own wife or daughter there, shanshan should be called to, and they hit head-on. This groundbreaking meeting is, of course, full of drama and sex.. Our novelists have caught this dramatic one, so this kind of situation can often be found in social novels in the past 30 years, but it is the first time to see it on the screen.. As soon as Mei Yi Niang was led to Taiwan, she happened to meet her husband.. He hit her in the mouth.. She didn't have room to say a word and was "retired.".

   If the husband is out of line, does his wife have the right to follow his example??

   Modern women, of course, openly oppose one-sided virginity and integrity. Even old-fashioned Chinese ladies are not completely unfamiliar with this issue.. In order to eat vinegar for a little thing, they threatened their husbands to take such revenge.. But the speaker earnestly, listen to the reserved advantage, always treat it as a joke.

   When men tell jokes, they may admit that there is no unfairness in the advice of the wives.. It is difficult for the Chinese to make this discussion with a straight face, because they think there is nothing more ridiculous in the world than one Sodomy playing the fool one by one.. However, if we can force them to adopt a more serious attitude of evaluation and expectation, they will definitely disapprove of it.. From a purely logical ethical point of view, two black and together are not equal to one white, and the sum of two evils cannot become one good.. The Chinese do not need logical help to reach the same conclusion.. They think this method is not feasible in practice.. If a woman is too old to do that seriously, she will not count herself in.. In theory, there may be this right, but some rights are better left unused..

   Having said that, this kind of problem is the best information for men's and women's quarrels after drinking and drinking.. In "Mei Yi Niang Yi Fermentation starter", Kan Kan, a "family member" from Yan Ku inside, defended himself with the style of a dinner table speech.. However, our innocent heroine 天狮娱乐注册 did not dream of any rights or no rights.. A bad egg tricked her into going to the infamous place. She thought he was going to set up a charity primary school and asked her to take the post of principal, while her husband came on the stage immediately, causing the fatal misunderstanding.. She had no chance to consider whether she had the right to commit a crime-she slipped and couldn't get up before approaching the abyss of the problem..

   "It's Always Spring" inside's husband was drunk and succumbed to temptation. It seems understandable. But this special situation is only understood by the audience. His wife never knew or wanted to inquire-as if she had no curiosity at all.. She only wants him-he who falls into any part of her. In addition, she is not interested at all.. If he dies unfortunately, she wants some bone and blood left by him, even if the child was born to him by a nearby woman..

   "It's Always Spring" is based on the American film "I Confess", but its theme is attached to the hearts of the Chinese people.. The good wife here worked hard to take care of the children in her husband's lover's belly. After several difficulties, she prevented the pregnant woman from having a baby.. -such a woman has the essence of the east in principle, because our deep-rooted traditional concept is to focus on ancestral halls..

   In today's China, the exchange of new and old ideas, the influence of western individualism is quite dominant, so in modern society, such a typical woman, if any, needs a little explanation.. That is, in ancient times with strict ethical codes, there was something to study about the intricacies of this kind of sacrifice.. "It's Always Spring" can borrow some shallow, completely ignored the inner process of his wife and mistress, as if everything is taken for granted.

   Director Li Pingqing's style of work is always so bright and gratifying.. What satisfied the male sex audience in particular was the scene in which the wife and the foreign woman fell asleep peacefully, hugging each other..

   There is such a beautiful story, "It's Always Spring" is not difficult to beat about the bush to analyze many major issues in life, but it lightly missed this opportunity. The same is true of "Mei Yi Niang Yi Fermentation starter", which is full of hope and oblivious to it. It only cares about driving well and getting into the tragedy of abandoned women we never tire of seeing.. Mei Yi Niang was in a hurry, like a celebrity dinner, when she arrived everywhere-she tossed in the heavy rain, kissed her child through the window, was dying in the thatched cottage, finally died in the bad of her regretful husband, and sang a love song on the lake in the memory of the man inside.All the tear gas that has been tried and tested in the legal legendary play is here, but it was affected by the lights and suffered a lot in the performance..

   Mostly because of the miserable lights, the air in the "happy scene" shown in the play is unusually overcast and frigid.. Kei Ma acted the role of hostess of Taiwan Foundation, and that rigid and short fake smile seemed too monotonous.. Yan Jun played the opposite role and became very familiar and fluent.. Wang Xizhun failed to get rid of Peking opera's restraint completely. Cang Yinqiu acted as a snobbish primary school principal, satirizing human bones and stealing many scenes-almost all the visible parts were monopolized by her..

   It was childish of Yunchang Chen to play the heroic wife in inside in It's Always Spring.. White light is limited by dialogue, and seems to be a rare and unadorned woman who only sticks to the glass: "drink it."! You drink! "there is no second sentence, only a pair of beautiful eyes to make up for this defect, even the" eye specialist "is a bit hard.

   (Income "Flow Blindness", December 1944, China Science Corporation's First Edition)





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