I am a teardrop in your palm.

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   I once roamed on the plain surface, kissed the earth in peace and 天狮娱乐 stability, and the dust turned into a gentle surface in my arms. Along with me, I watched all over Qian Shan and walked through the green water..

   Parasitic attachment, happiness comes from being able to make use of each other, your breath, my destiny, you play with me, but I get caught in the world of mortals..

   Longitudinal into the ditch, seen pedantic, time sprinkled on them to accelerate the process of escape, is a positive, but in some kind of temptation to inside, turned into filar silk disgust, no one can save self-destruction, landslides from the inside out disturb the collapse of the heart, the final person standing on the balcony is not high, coldly smile, is no longer warm.

   Seen the bottomless black, the walls of the four week do not know in which direction, but it is an infinite emptiness, flowing in one direction, but it is never able to reach the final point. I want some reliance, always in a dream far away, afraid of disappearing from this endless dark inside, ending the life I still have dreams of, afraid that I will walk into the strange and become invisible by myself..

   One day, the sun will take me away, gently like a The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon. For a moment, I waved a ribbon away and flew to Disorderly cloud. I never thought of looking back on the Haihe River Yang Jiang, which was once a dependency, but I prayed for the fish in the unforgettable stream. Whether its eyes inside can hold a beautiful and sad me, whether it is still hiding its worries in the mud, whether Seven Seconds's memory inside frames the picture of us kissing at midnight, and traces show that the temperature is no longer needed after the dependency..

   I emptied myself, like a kite floating in the wind, soaring up and away, but my heart was in the palm of the matchmaker's hand. when I looked back, the man stood farther and farther away from me in the common world and looked up at me. the confusion in his eyes caused a flurry of emotion in the sand. I bit off the adhesive tape, and eventually he went without hesitation or hesitation..

   Overlooking is a sharp weapon, which can cut off all petty self-righteousness, self-injury, and forget myself. I sometimes forget who I am, who also can't call my name, and I have no words to say to others. I live in the distant sky, which is an invisible color on the edge of the rainbow. Birds are chirping happily under it, never noticing my existence..

   I am Cado Dalle Nubi, lightning mercilessly illuminates me, only then let me open my eyes to see myself clearly, glittering and translucent get rid of, the universe penetrates my body, reflects the unfathomable shadow, the distance has the ferocious smile, urges me to descend to the world of mortals quickly, the way to come and the scenery to look at..

   I am a drop of water that fell into Buddha's eyes, inside. I just knew that she had spent so much trouble but could not escape a drop of tears after all..

   I stopped on her peaceful face, trying to hear the Zen sound in her heart, but I could not reach her predecessor when she entered the world of mortals..

   Around the sound, lotus blossom into unbeaten appearance, I suddenly fell in love with the white Qing Zi, even if jumped into the lotus bag, the sun just shines in my body, the shadow of the universe reflected clearly.

   I walked into Qing Zi's heart, and then from her cloudy pupil inside gently down, stay in the face, I suddenly had an illusion, I thought I was still in the Buddha's cheeks, the charity and the connivance of life, and Buddha, drifted off between, I understand the Buddha's good intentions, put down can be far away, love and hate is only robbery, lust is difficult, life in impermanence, close your eyes, everything is empty.

   I fell on your palm, wet texture, you stretch out your hand, I flew away, like the original leave; If you hold on tight, I will be a tear in your heart, speaking with you and sharing The Third Life with you..

   I am the unspeakable pain in your heart. It does not flow out easily. In the dead of night, black inside quietly fell on your pillow. I think of what Buddha said, but I have no way to speak of it. How can I bear the pain of such parting with more practice?.

   You didn't blame me, I also didn't complain, I prosperous, I dim, is only separated after sending me to the world of mortals, I drop into the dust, you do common guest, from now on the two have no lead.

   Author: Iverson





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