Willing to suffer is not stupid, afraid of little people is

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   Willing to suffer is not stupid, afraid of little people is not incompetent

   Recently, I have heard and seen some news about death every day.. For example, a few days ago, a woman on the Ningbo zebra crossing was killed by a bus. Today another woman committed suicide for love and the rescue was ineffective. There is also who has an incurable disease . After listening to the heart unavoidably 宏海国际注册 exclamation very much!

   It's not stupid to be willing to suffer. I'm afraid that little people aren't incompetent. These impermanent things and wrongs make me feel the fragility of life once again.. Before we even knew it, it had passed away in a flash, and that one turned to be forever.. When we haven't had time to make any psychological preparations, we are likely to face heavy losses. When we are full of ambition and ready to realize a wish, it may already be on the verge of withering.

   No amount of success and no amount of money can prolong life.. In the face of money and power, life will never bow, let alone be moved and retained by it.! Money is so pale in the face of death that power is powerless.. Even if you control the whole world, you can never control the length of life..

   I don't know if my old age and death will be so terrible, will it be one of them?. I don't know, no one can know, only let time prove it.

   Life is so precious to everyone. Life is so fragile. If someone asks me now, what is happiness?? What kind of happiness is qualified to be called the happiest? My answer is: alive! Living is the greatest happiness.. There is nothing happier than this! Isn't it? Therefore, we should grasp and cherish every day, every moment, every minute, every second .

   There are as many leaves as there are people in this world.. Some have passed by, some have known each other, some have met deeply, and some have hated you.. Therefore, people do not necessarily have the same thinking and common language, as long as they learn to appreciate it..

   Everyone is different, even twins can't do it.. Everyone's body also emits different beauty and tastes.. Everyone has different sense of smell and vision.. The same scene, in the eyes of different people and people with different tastes, naturally produces different feelings..

   However, one thing in human nature is the same, that is, acquisitiveness.. Whether men or women, whether beautiful or ugly men. This possessive human nature will not disappear because of this..

   In our long life journey, we will meet many people.. Different people have the same temperament, different personality charm and different outlook on life.. We cannot and cannot control other people's actions and thoughts.. Therefore, sometimes they are misunderstood and framed by others.. If there is no clear explanation, it is better to keep silent.! This is perhaps the best and most powerful counterattack.. As long as you have a clear conscience.

   In life, there are too many wonderful stories happening every day. And we don't necessarily have the chance to be there. But fortunately, they often linger on the edge of the story, as near as far..

   Use an ordinary person's mood to know and make friends.. Even if you don't get a little bit of integration, as long as you sincerely walk through, everything will go with the flow..

   Only by learning to look at everyone with a common heart can one be happy and live a more comfortable life.! Whether you like it or not is up to us.. Those who are willing to suffer are not necessarily insane. Afraid of little people is not incompetent. Retire one Bu Tian Gao Haikuo, let three points calm. We should let ourselves learn to be wise in life.!

   Go your own way and let others talk about it.! Only those who dare to cry and laugh are people of true temperament.! True heart, true feeling, tears are more true!





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