Yuntaishan travel notes(2)

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  At 11 a.m., in order to climb Wanshan Temple and Zhuyu Peak, the highest peak, we first ate the food we carried, increased energy, drank enough water, and paid 10 yuan money to buy a pair of simple crutches each to correct our physical strength. Then, we encouraged each other, helped each other, took a walk and rested, and struggled to climb upward.. I didn't climb this peak when I came here 10 years ago, so whether I can reach the top depends on my physical strength and will today.. With everyone's joint efforts, we climbed to Wanshan Temple in half an hour. At this time, everyone was panting and tired.. Looking at the brief introduction again, it is a little interesting: Wanshan Temple was built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. When Yuntai Mountain was chosen to build the temple, it had the intention of being in the center of the four sides, being home to all things, and returning to Buddhism in ten thousand ways.. The name of the temple is Th?n T?ng Yuci. For more than 400 years, after several expansions and renovations in past dynasties, especially in recent decades, the temple has now taken shape. The mountain is named after the temple spirit and the temple is named after the mountain.. The incense and the scenery of Yuntai Mountain complement each other.. (

   The Zhuyu Peak is a holy place for scholars, monks and Taoists of all ages to practice. Medicine King Sun Simiao also collected medicine and refined pills here, leaving relics such as the Medicine King Cave.. With dense vegetation and towering old trees, there are thousands of famous trees such as Taxus chinensis, Acer mono and Taihang flowers. The forest coverage rate is as high as 93% and it is reputed as "natural air anion bar". We had finished our rest, encouraged each other and supported each other. In another 40 minutes, we stepped on the 1,000-step ladder plank road, walked on the chain hung with golden locks and red cloth, stopped and walked, wiped sweat, rested and walked, and finally reached the summit of dogwood at 1308 meters above sea level.. I looked around: but seeing mountains rolling, peaks surging and clouds moving, the sky high and foggy, and the vast expanse empty, gave people the heroic spirit of "once climbing to the top of the peek, one would see, the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky.". It is also said that Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, once ascended to this peak and wrote, "Being alone in a foreign land is At Home, and he thinks twice of his family during festivals.". From afar, I know that my brother has climbed a mountain, and I've inserted cornel all over it, leaving one person missing. ". Ah, at this moment, my heart suddenly produced a strong Desire that left the ink mark of "have traveled this place", and I also had the heroic spirit of looking up from afar.!

   After enjoying the perfect scenery at the top of the mountain, at one o'clock in the afternoon, the four of us looked like defeated disabled soldiers, walking on crutches, limping down the mountain and taking a tour bus to visit Geological Museum again.. First I watched the scenic spot propaganda film, and then I watched all kinds of geological samples. Upstairs Downstairs 2010, with tourists like a cloud, gathered here and learned the unheard-of knowledge of geology and geomorphology in Earth 2050: The Future of Energy, which made me an eye-opener. It opened in Maosaidun and yielded a lot..

   Yuntai Mountain is amazing by mountains and amazing by water. Because peaks are crowned and gorges are secluded, the scenery is diverse.. Spring comes to glacial snow melt, everything recovers, streams flow and mountain flowers bloom. It is a good place to enjoy flowers and relax. Lush and luxuriant primary secondary forests in summer and rich and unique waterfalls and fountains have created the unique and magnificent scenery of Yuntai Mountain, such as the landscape of Ut Pictura Poesis, and are also popular tourist summer resorts. Autumn is coming, the forests are all dyed and the red leaves are like fire. Climbing to the top of the mountain, watching the autumn scenery of Yuntai, cutting cornel, watching the red leaves, and sending feelings from afar. Winter is coming, and nature has dressed Yuntai Mountain in white and white. However, when you see the mountains and Phaungkaza Maung Maung are green and vigorous, you can enjoy the magnificent and boundless scenery of the North before you reach the northeast..

   Beautiful, Yuntai Mountain; Zhuang zai, Yuntai mountain! Yuntai Mountain Tour to glad you came, I Will Come Again!





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