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   On the first day of school in the fall of 2011, it was already over 1 pm after my wife and cousin sent my niece who had just admitted to Henan Polytechnic University. Apart from me, the driver Liu Shifu in his 40s, my cousin and my wife in 宏海国际登录 his 50s did not swim across Yuntai Mountain. The scenic spot is only 60 kilometers away from the school and is on the way back.. I was going to have lunch, but master Liu was so eager to see the scene that he insisted on rushing to the scenic spot and finding a cheap family hotel to stay before having lunch..

   During the meal, we asked the store owner about the general situation of the scenic spot. she enthusiastically introduced it and said, "you are the best to come at this time. after the summer vacation peak, the tourists are not crowded, and they are crowded again during the mid-autumn festival and national day double festival.". "Of course, also didn't forget to promote let's eat her delicious and cheap food. After listening to her introduction, it was not enough. While waiting for the meal, Master Liu bought a "Yuntai Mountain Travel Guide" to catch a glimpse of it. I also contacted my daughter's classmates in the scenic spot and saved us four tickets for a total of 640 yuan.. It was about 3 pm after the meal and I didn't take my lunch break. I entered the scenic spot with pleasure. Following the direction indicated by the road map of the scenic spot, I acted as a guide and walked to the "Red-stone Gorge" scenic spot first..

   Yuntai Mountain is located in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, 70km northwest of the provincial capital Zhengzhou, with a total area of 240 square kilometers. It includes 11 scenic spots such as Red-stone Gorge, Tanbao Gorge, Quanbao Gorge, Zhuyu Peak, Diecai Cave, Naohou Valley, Ovary Lake, Wanshan Temple, Baijia cliff, Qinglong Gorge and Fenglin Gorge. It is a popular science eco-tourism boutique scenic spot featuring abundant waterscape in Taihang Mountain, canyon geological landscape and long history and culture, and integrating scientific and aesthetic values.. She is the only scenic spot in Henan Province that integrates the titles of the world's first batch of world geological parks and national scenic spots, national civilized scenic spots, national first batch of 5A scenic spots, National Natural Heritage, national forest park, National Water Scenic Area, national monkey nature reserve and national cultural industry demonstration base..

   Red-stone Gorge, also known as Wenpanyu, is named for its red stones and is the first unique gorge in China.. This scenic spot combines beauty, seclusion, stamina and danger. Springs, waterfalls, streams and pools are located in one valley. It has always enjoyed the reputation of "Bonsai Canyon". This place is secluded outside and secluded inside, with deep wonders. The cliffs and rocks on both sides are beautiful, just like a huge bonsai carved by Eagle, and also like the concentration of famous mountains and rivers. Landscape experts call it the "Natural Landscape Gallery". In the Ming Dynasty, Xu Yizhen, a magistrate of district in Huaiqing, wrote a poem praising "When did the ghost axe split the cliff and the wings of birds flew to a line to open?". The setting sun is lazy in the mountains and can't bear to look back.. "We brought a digital camera when we came. During the walk, Master Liu always walked in the front. When he became a volunteer photographer, he took photos in every scenic spot, either individually or in groups of two or three. He took photos in three steps, one stop, five steps and one photo. The freshness seemed to be a young young guy who had just started out. He also fully mobilized everyone's potential and took hundreds of photos in one afternoon.. Especially at the entrance of the scenic spot, in order to leave the "Yuntaishan Scenic Spot" and the three red Chinese characters engraved with "Red-stone Gorge" on the boulder as a permanent memorial, the four of us specially asked the tourists to help twice, and the photos and leaflets were forwarded to me through the computer afterwards..

   After leaving Red-stone Gorge, take the scenic bus and wait until the next spring waterfall gorge, the sun will soon set.. The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled over the spring waterfall gorge. only here are the mountains and rivers beautiful, and the peaks are steep. the first waterfall in China, yuntai tianbao, with a single stage drop of 314 meters, is located at the end of the spring waterfall gorge.. We jogged fast and climbed up the rugged mountain road. The relationship between time no longer took so many pictures. Before the "Yuntai Heavenly Waterfall", we saw the scene: it kissed the blue sky above and danced down the Shi Ping. Like the Milky Way, it flew down like a giant jade column. It was spectacular.. Spring Waterfall Gorge is high and straight with deep water flow in swift current.. Along the canyon upstream, many landscapes such as Kong Quan, Whisper Spring, Youtan and Yinlong Waterfall have brought our tourists into a dreamy fairyland on earth.. Only dusk came, and we hurried back to the hotel with the last group of tourists down the mountain. The tourist resort was already ablaze with lights and boiling.. After the meal, we strolled along the cross street of the villa. everywhere we saw were local specialty shops selling local products. there were numerous family hotels and restaurants with 2-3 stories. tourists from other places kept flowing and foreigners could be seen from time to time.. The mountaineers were very friendly and polite when they met and had nothing to buy. they only bought a few bottles of mineral water and two bags of bread, ham, sausage and instant noodles for lunch the next day. in addition, they felt very tired after touring the two scenic spots in the afternoon. tomorrow's visit was still very heavy. therefore, we went back to our room to wash up and rest early before 9: 30 p.m..

   The next day, the sky was full of sunrise, clear skies and fresh air.. After breakfast in the morning, we plan to speed up, see more scenic spots as much as possible, take fewer photos, eat dry food at noon, and return home at 4 o'clock in the afternoon for a meal in the United States.. As a result, we entered Yuntai Mountain scenic area gate at 7 o'clock with tickets in the first batch.. This is a 5A scenic spot with first-class service facilities and first-class environmental protection and sanitation services. The scenic spots on the mountain are all equipped with buses and accompanied by drivers and tour guides. The tour guides gave us a brief introduction one by one, saving the full-time tour guide fee, and the arrangement is in place.. Therefore, we took a quick tour in the morning, visiting ovary lake, monkey valley, tam po gorge, Diecai Cave, dogwood peak and wan shan temple, and then went down the mountain to visit Geological Museum in the afternoon. the peak forest gorge, Qinglong Gorge and hundreds of cliff time are not allowed. we didn't go. now, let's focus on the above several scenic spots:

   The ovary lake we first saw is 4,000 meters in length and 65 meters at its deepest point.. The lake is full of waves, the lake is clear and quiet, and the week of the lake rises and falls.. In June 2002, Craspedacusta was discovered for the first time in the lake. It was listed in the national wild animals in danger IUCN Red List of Threatened Species together with wild horses and giant pandas.. It is one of the most primitive and lowest invertebrates in Earth 2050: The Future of Energy. It was first born at 5. 500 million years ago. Named for its shape like Momo no Hanabira, Craspedacusta has extremely high requirements for water environment.. This is also the first time I have heard of such an aquatic animal, which is very strange.. Then we saw a number of wild taihang monkey populations in the tamarin valley, which is a national second-class protected animal.. I am good at climbing, like jumping, quick in action, handsome in body and strong in imitation, which is similar to my tropical tamarin monkey in Hainan in April this year.. The peaks in the valley, Competition show, are close to the mountain and water. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery here, and at the same time, they can also experience the harmony between human beings and animals. Some tourists tease and play with food..

   The third stop is to see Tanbao Gorge.. This place is called the first xiushui in China, also known as xiaozhaigou. it is the main representative of the best grade of escape canyon. the scenery in the valley is pleasant, just like the south of the Yangtze river.. "Three Steps and One Spring, Five Steps and One Waterfall, Ten Waterfalls and One Pool" is a true portrayal of the beautiful scenery of Tanbao Gorge.. Here, I enjoy the lovers' waterfall that is intimate and whispering. Water Curtain Cave, a city with long seasons and high hanging in Bead curtain; Have a bumper harvest, Harvest figure with Six Livestock Prosperity; There are dragon and phoenix walls in prosperity Brought By The Dragon And The Phoenix. Butterfly stones like fairies; Xiyan Lake Worn through by Stone Inkstone. According to experts' research, Tuck Everlasting in Tanbao Gorge is a rare mineral water of high quality, with summer rain and winter snow in Taihang and leakage of more than 50 kilometers.. "Xiuwu County County Annals" records that Wang Lie, a fugitive from the Wei and Jin Dynasties, thirsty for drinking this spring and hungry for Polygonatum sibiricum, lived to 338 years old and still walked like a flying horse.. On the way to Zhuyu Peak, we had the privilege of visiting Diecai Cave by car.. This cave is a masterpiece of The Battle of Heaven and Earth, which carried forward the spirit of "The Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains" by the local people and lasted 10 years from 1977 to 1987.. It consists of 19 tunnels of different sizes, with a total length of 4,831 meters and a drop of 912 meters. The tunnels are all 180-degree turns. Every 100 meters of vehicles travel here, the average elevation rises by 5 meters.. End to end, the Fermentation starter Cave is linked together, forming a unique scenery line that is strange, attractive and intriguing.. (责任编辑:admin)




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