Hate parting

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   The June sunshine poured like gold on the ground through the lush foliage of Platanus orientalis in the campus..

   The graduating class are taking a group photo in the distance..

   Leaning against the railing, I, Suddenly Look Back, felt their pure eyes. inside was somewhat heroic and sentimental..

   These are the things that opened up my dusty past..

   I clearly remember that it was June 10, 2010..

   At dusk, people are at the window..

   I looked out of the window at the green holly and my heart sank like iron..

   Suddenly there was a voice in the ear. Low and sincere: teacher, don't let us do exercises, please say a few words to us..

   As one pleases knew that this was the monitor's One Last Thing who expressed himself on behalf of the students before leaving school..

   I turned back and saw pure faces and clear eyes.. Everyone is looking forward to it.

   Let me say what, say what is redundant.

   There is a true feeling in the world that cannot be expressed accurately. Any language can only make it fade and dim, and lose its original intensity and depth. I don't want to do this..

   At the same time, thousands of words welled up in my mind, and at that time I don't know where to start.. I fought back the pain of heart-rending and lung-rending, wondering: where to start??

   After more than 1,000 days together, we went up against difficulties and won the championship together. We are also jointly pointing out the country and writing in drain away the mud and bring in fresh water. We also read beautiful poem quietly and wrote about sadness and happiness together..

   Campus inside has left us with many hurries and many happy smiles.!

   Is this not true?

   In the third year of junior high school, The Finger Points had already lost his life. The first time he met her, he was still smiling in his ears and was already facing the pain of graduation..

   These three years are really too short, too short, too short.!!!

   The students have infinite attachment to their alma mater and teachers, and it is hard for them to give up, but it is also true for me.?

   On their way to school in the future, they will surely meet teachers who are better than me. But can I still meet such excellent students as them?? How many days, I A Native Of Beijing In New York himself, but can't answer myself.

   I can't forget the scenes, such as frames of photos that will never yellow, will always be embedded in my memory album inside.. This is his 11 years of teaching extremely valuable wealth:

   In the writing class, their articles were brilliant and amazed many teachers. When they were in Art Show, they performed the songs with both voice and emotion. At the school sports meeting, life was full of vitality. After the snow cleaning inside, scrambling.

   Sisi, Yuli, Niuyue and Chundi . They are smart, warm and simple, and have brought many exclamations, satisfaction and consolation to teachers.!

   Your kindness, diligence, forbearance, carefulness and intelligence will be turned into myriad stars, shining in the galaxy of the past years. teachers will be able to recall their wishes for thousands of times, leaving only people to walk in the empty room and lament the empty sky.!

   Is this not true?

   After the Spring Festival this year, I listened day by day to the rumbling sound of the time train, and the bitterness and anxiety in my heart grew day by day. I always involuntarily walked around the corridor of the classroom in inside and watched their shadow from the window..

   They got up early, washed hastily and studied hard at the desk like sculpture.. The gaunt and thin tired face, the tender and weak shoulders, let a person painful pity, sigh unceasingly.

   What can teachers do? Teachers can only pour out what they can, turn it into rain and dew, turn it into spring breeze, moisten their hearts longing for knowledge and warm their lonely hearts..

   Is this not true?

   Finally came to this day! You are going to run to the far and wide world. Although the teacher is still silent and indifferent in the crowd, my heart has long been in inside during the rainy season, when tears are streaming down the sky. How can words describe the loss and care for you??

   Time goes by forever. Even the handwriting of the graduation message with deep love and loyalty will eventually be bleached by Photographic processing. Although he met 宏海国际注册 in Reunion, more or less after the change of years, teachers and students met again. With the fickleness of the world's fame and fortune standing between us, can our hearts meet again?? Can we still get back the tacit understanding and warmth of the three years of junior high school?? After experiencing the influence of the world and the purification of the city tide, can you hold on to your purity and stillness?? Who knows?!

   Is this not true?

   I opened my mouth several times and remained silent several times..

   Teacher, if you can't speak, write a few words on the blackboard.! As a souvenir for teachers and students.

   Who is it, so considerate?

   A few students know that the teacher liked to dance, write and ink in his early years, but they do not know that I have been writing for many years, my talents have been exhausted, and my passion has turned to ashes. Is it my laziness, worldly wisdom, or am I tired of my work??

   I feel that I have nothing to write about and have no words to say..

  The students just waited and waited.

   The school bell rang, rang.

   I heard the passionate call of warm blood and the crisp crack of tears..

   Turn your back on them, I waved.

   Inside had a voice in the classroom. Everyone packed their textbooks and packed their bags. It was very slow.

   After that, one by one, they left the classroom..

   I looked out of the window woodenly, where I could see the students walking out of the school gate..

   From the south of the world, I can't see the north of the cape, and from the classroom, I can't see the final return of the students, but I still stand still..

   Goodbye, students (Meiwen. COM. cn).

   Farewell, that share of passion and joy that is hard to have.!

   The boundless night sky has already been ablaze with June stars..

   Smoke past hit my heart, I couldn't sleep at night, the mood in the lonely lonely again. However, the impulse and passion of writing, which has been sleeping in my heart for many years, has turned into stains or stains of ink, fixing my dismay on the plain lettering, and then turning into a wisp of night breeze to follow the students who have gone far and wide..





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