Loneliness is a kind of quiet beauty of the soul.

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   Some people say that loneliness is a person's tears, in this moment of sadness, can't see the shadow of their carnival, only hear some sad heartbeat. When the lonely vicissitudes of life are waved away, who can accompany and watch the colorful prosperity for a whole life?? notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article

   The people of Say Anything. are lonely. A person with feelings may be more vulnerable to material injury than ordinary people.. This kind of feelings sometimes enriches people's imagination, sometimes makes people think more deeply, at the same time also makes people become more lonely.. But perhaps it is because of this that one's thoughts become more transcended.

   A person's loneliness is not posturing, loneliness is a state of mind. Silence is not necessarily loneliness. Loneliness has no form. It is the spiritual wandering of the lonely.. The pretense is called impetuousness, which is a kind of vanity to attract attention.. The real loneliness, not mentioned by others, feels at home..

   A person has a lot of friends and relatives around him, so his heart is not lonely? No, it doesn't matter how many people around you are lonely or not.. Lonely people should not feel helpless and sad, but should go to Amaretto sours and feelings and experiences about life with their heart..

   Loneliness is also a scenery of Life is Beautiful. Here, you can not only experience the relief you have not seen for a long time, but also taste the different taste of life.. And this kind of taste, only those who have been lonely can understand. The state of loneliness can make people stand aloof from the world and find a spiritual home for themselves in the flashy world.. In loneliness, one can realize how indifferent one's Desire is, how peaceful one's mood is, and how pure one's emotion is.. When we are lonely, if we can face what we should face and accept what we should accept with philosophical and serene mood, we will live a freehand life and improve our experience of beauty..

   One thousand years of loneliness in Dry has become an ancient tea. I don't know how many spring, autumn, winter and summer are needed to make it open.. However, there are several people who really understand tea.? Where are the people who really know how to taste loneliness? Lonely and lonely people are just like this bitter tea, which cannot be soaked in Qin brick and Han tile, nor can it be soaked in the sandstorm of yi road.

   Loneliness is like a Old pines on a cliff. The mystery of all changes in the world is gathered in its strongest branches. 宏海国际平台 Loneliness is like a spring of water in the desert. It looks at the whole world and the gains and losses of honor and disgrace. In the most remote corner of the world, it tells the magnificent epic that was once the most spectacular and earth-shattering.. Loneliness is either a feeling, a state of mind, or a state of being.. It is like the bright moon in front of the bed and the fragrant orchid on the windowsill. No matter how you think, it is a kind of life, and whether you enjoy it or curse it, the purport of life should always be healthy and upward..

   Life needs loneliness. Loneliness is like a lamp, which enables us to see clearly the direction and road under our feet in turbid emotions.. No matter work, life, love or career, we all need loneliness to help us.. Whether it is hope, longing, goal or plan, one needs to see clearly one's own flying wings in isolation..





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