Life is not a race, but a journey.

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   Life is like dandelion, seemingly free, but involuntarily.

   In this world, the switch between winning and losing may only be in An idea. In the face of things, you are always strong and aggressive. You seem to get benefits and win.. However, in the eyes of others, inside has lost its image and status, and in the long run it has lost.. Therefore, it is often said not to be controlled by emotions, because if you are too emotional, you care about winning or losing in front of you.. Often win the present and lose the future.. Win the opponent, lose the future.

   On top of people, people should be treated as people. Under people, we should treat ourselves as people..

   What should be obtained should be grasped with great efforts. What should not be obtained should not be considered. Do such a light woman, have their own preferences, have their own principles, have their own beliefs, not eager for quick success and instant benefits, not grandiose frivolous, do remain indifferent whether favoured or humiliated, will laugh, will also play, heart, but quiet as water. Calm and easy, learn to understand, thus learn compassion..

   Life is not a race, but a journey.. Competition is about the end point, while travel is about the scenery along the way..

   Scholars should be highly focused, firm in belief and pursuit, keep 宏海国际 silent and continue to observe.. He has to endure people's neglect and blame, waiting for the time when he is full of joy because he has found some truth..

   Life is not to live according to other people's ideas, but to follow the heart and be the person you want to be..

   There are many beauties who cannot belong to themselves, but can only enjoy them secretly, that is, Exhalation, friends.! I hope we should cherish what we can have, carefully manage our rural land, especially in real life, be magnanimous, face everything in life calmly, treat everyone around us kindly, live every day happily, spend every moment happily, and blend happiness into every minute..

   Most of the time, if you look too deeply, you are not happy. It is not as good as naive inattentive..

   The pace of youth is always full of heartache, memories and endless regrets. Faced with that deep sorrow, we, like lost children, do not know Where are we Going? blankly.. In the mood for love, memories of inside always have many tears. Perhaps, there are also some scenes that even tears cannot express. However, no matter happy or sad, memories always have a faint warmth in my heart..

   Only when you are in a good mood can you have good scenery, good vision can you have good discovery, and good thinking can you have good ideas..

   What is important and what do you want. "Once owned, don't forget; What has been obtained should be treasured even more. Belong to oneself, don't give up; What has been lost, keep memories; What you want, you must work hard. But the most important thing is to cherish yourself. ".

   Happiness gives people comfort, but it also gives people premature death. Labor sharpens, but it endures.. Knowing that a gentleman is behind people's eyes; Knowing that the people behind the scenes are little people.

   It is good to be simple, not hypocritical, not affectation, not following the trend blindly, not following the current, not Smooth over a fault, not practicing fraud, microblog is good to be simple, not forwarding, not copying, not ingratiating, not following others, not vulgar and flattering, not demagogic, life is good to be simple, not reluctantly, not artificial, not duplicity, not Appearance and Reality, not ambiguous, not sinister. Simply go on, intrigue, intrigue and cheat. I can't learn.

   When you make a mistake, it is the enemy who scolds you when others come, and it is the friend who scolds you when others go..

   As long as one can master himself, he will lose nothing..

   What is life? Life is not raining when you bring your umbrella, but you forget to bring your umbrella when it rains. Life is hard work when the boss didn't see, lazy fish was caught; Life is like men don't like me, men who don't like me still don't like me; Life is when you begin to think about what life is, you are nothing..

   Low-key life, you will be more stable than before; Do things in a high profile, and you will be better than before..

   Modifying oneself is modifying the world, All things in their being are good for something, and oneself is a very important program in the whole universe.. Believe in your potential.

   Learning to forget is the technology of life, learning to smile is the art of life..

   When everyone was young, they all wanted to leave their parents. The farther away they were, the better. Before they knew it, they really walked a long way. They were separated by Qian Shan Wanshui. One day when you look back suddenly, you will find that no matter how far you go, there is always a line connecting you and them. At that time, the parents have grown old and their legs and feet are no longer agile. Then you turn back to them again. Unlike before, you become an adult and they become children..

   How many years, quiet and deep feeling, a seat of acacia sentimentally attached to the vanity of the cloud world, in January the radiance filled my heart, shallow color, deep injury, vicissitudes of life road, winding far away, the past has become ashes.





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