Du Qiuniang's The Story of a Fur Coat

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   I urge you not to cherish The Story of a Fur Coat, but to cherish your youth..

   When flowers bloom, they must be folded straight. Don't wait for empty branches without flowers..


   Du Qiuniang is from Jinling. At the age of 15, she married Li Qi of Tang Clan as a concubine. After Li Qi's rebellion, she was killed. She was enrolled in the palace and was 宏海平台注册 favored by Xian Zong.. After Mu Zong acceded to the throne, he ordered her to be the mother of the prince Fu and returned to her hometown, leaving the poor and the old helpless..

   This poem warns young people not to use Wasted years, otherwise they will feel sad and empty.

   This poem is not the best in art, but it does not allow a man to recite it.. Poetry can be understood as cherishing yin or enjoying pleasure in a timely manner, but the theme seems to be to encourage people to make progress in a timely manner and not to "whitewash young people's heads and grieve for nothing.".

   Literary story characters. Du Mu's Preface to Du Qiuniang's Poems said it was a Jinling woman in the Tang Dynasty and her surname was Du Mingqiu.. Originally a concubine of Jiedushi's Li Qi (military governor), she sang "The Story of a Fur Coat" well in Fermentation starter. Later, he entered the palace and was favored by Emperor Xianzong.. Mu zongli is the prince's nanny.. The prince was deposed, Qiu Niang returned to his hometown, and the poor and the old were helpless.. In the old days, this name was used to refer to a woman who is old and pale..





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