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   Daqinggou is an important tourist attraction in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Located 25km southwest of Gan Qi card Town, Kezuohou Banner, Tongliao City. I heard about it ten years ago. I had several thoughts of sightseeing, but I couldn't get it because of the slim chance..

   At the end of the summer of 1992, the unit organized staff to travel, and the dream finally came true..

   At about 7: 00 a.m. on August 4, the bus set out from Houqi Hotel. Deserted sand dunes and trees dotted with monstrous shapes could be seen all the way. The trees were all skewed in the southeast direction, which is exactly why the north wind is from the west here.. After an hour of turbulence, the bus slowly stopped in front of a lonely gate. Looking up, the gate is about 8 meters high and 4 meters wide, with the top department's face gilded with running script: Daqinggou. Below is a small line of Song style: National Grade II Nature Reserve. On both sides of the post are two oil paintings, pines and Calocedrus macrolepis, towering ancient trees, giving people the feeling that they are about to enter the primeval forest.. On both sides of a flat path in Meninside are neatly trimmed Chinese pine trees, with occasional tall poplars.. The branches of Pinus tabulaeformis held out their long arms in a friendly way to welcome tourists from other places.. In the distance is the prosperous dense green, which greatly attracts us and can't wait to get on the road..

   Daqinggou ravine consists of east and west double ravines, each more than 10 kilometers long. The cross between the two ditches is herringbone, with the ditch more than 100 meters deep and 200-300 meters wide.. The wonderful thing about daqinggou is that it is an endless plain. on the plain, it cracks like a ground flash and is filled with green.. Like a long green line, Tou Bei lies to the south of the dragon head. It cannot see the dragon head at a glance and has no end..

   At about 8 o'clock, after enjoying the scenery at the top of the ditch, they swarmed to the bottom of the ditch.. Up and down the steps, I felt the green was rising up. countless thick and straight tree poles appeared in front of me. they were like giant pillars, holding up thick green umbrellas on the top of my head to cover the hot sun, and the cooler I felt toward the bottom of the ditch.. Different trees criss-cross the ditch wall and grow up hastily.. To the bottom of the ditch, vertical feeling changed a world. Under the green barrier is a leisurely paradise.. The air was fresh, moist and cool, and the surroundings were unusually quiet. A sparrow's song accompanied by the echo spread far and far away.. Standing on this natural stage with excellent sound transmission, I couldn't help shouting. Then Silent at listened to the echo and had a special interest..

   Through the dense branches, but see the setting sun flashing, soft light leaf shadow, branches Rod (unit) bound together like a weave, a breeze blowing through the bottom, branches crowded leaves, scrambling to find the day. A young girl flew down from the tree and was very beautiful.. In the middle of the ditch, there is a stream flowing southward. Its source is from the net-shaped tree roots and sediment. It flows down the stream. The Rod (unit) walls on both sides depend on each other and block out the sun. Dew and sunshine between the leaves are like golden spots. exotic flowers and rare herbs's young face is greeted by dewdrops, which are glittering and translucent and set off all colors. This feeling, this scene, just entered the Qiongge in Xianshan, and the spirit was refreshed. All diseases were eliminated..

   Along the south of the ditch, walking with difficulty, three steps and one pit, five steps and one bank, the stream has become a mother stream with tributaries lying across the front.. Crossing several old trees that died of natural causes, they had no time to appreciate the strange things and gasped for breath.. At present, there are still many flowers and plants, dense, lush and endless green.. A few hug thick trees, stagger, but grow strong, showing the original vitality. On a microscopic level, the big tree juts out from the sand wall. Its stem tilts sharply, pulling out its root and exposing it to the ground. However, the root will not make Lord Rod (unit) fall down and try its best to maintain the continuation of ancient life.. Once in a while, Flowers will die, do whatever one may do. has become the nourishment for other tree species..

   I don't know where to fly a gigantic Papillon noir, which is absolutely rare on the ground, hovering in the flowers.. All the people present cast surprised eyes in the past.. Butterfly flutters its huge wings slowly, opens and closes freely, and falls lightly on a white and tall mushroom umbrella. Black and white are distinct, and purple trumpet flowers are blooming around it, setting off patches of green leaves and instantly forming a beautiful picture. The black and white, red, green and four colors are very bright, leaving an impression that one will never forget..

   From noon to noon, through branch gap, the sun looked like a fire, and the front was still endless green.. Our physical ability has been exhausted, although there is still endless mystery ahead, finally unable to appreciate the panorama of daqinggou. after walking about 4 kilometers, we climbed to the top of the ditch panting.. However, I felt extremely hot and wanted to plunge into the bottom of the ditch and never come out..

   Back from the ditch, looking at the green ditch, you can see it all, and it is still green.. However, just below this green, there are countless secrets. You will never reveal this 宏海国际平台 secret until you reach Qinggou..

   All the way into the territory of Zhangwu County in Liaoning Province, the scenery in Daqinggou is in sharp contrast to the desertification outside the gully.. The small river in the ditch trickles through, clear and clear, sweet and fragrant at the entrance.. The scenery inside the ditch is even more hazy and beautiful, like a dream world.. On the other hand, the ground at the top of the ditch is hard to find, drought is severe, and withered seedlings can be seen everywhere..

   Daqinggou is not only a pleasant scenery, but also a kingdom with luxuriant plants and animals happy to inhabit.. As far as plants are concerned, there are altogether more than 500 species of woody and herbaceous plants.. Precious Fraxinus mandshurica, yellow pineapple, Tilia amurensis, white bark willow, yellow elm and rare medicinal plants such as wintersweet, schisandra chinensis, arisaema arisaema, and myrtle are distributed in the forest..Among the wild animals, antelope, fox, Siberian chipmunk, otter and so on haunt the gullies and streams. No matter the animals and birds, this is an ideal shelter paradise.. Although it is located at the edge of the desert, it is rich in natural green and has many beautiful scenes. It can really be described as "Jiangnan in the desert".

   It's a pity that I can't go to Qinggou in Inner Mongolia..





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