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   It is often heard that a girl whispers behind her back to inside: "This man is very lecherous.". Even some women simply said: men are lecherous. I couldn't help shivering, and the men she said included me.? I am an incompetent person who has not made any achievements in the romantic history.! However, to be honest, as a normal man, I have also met several gorgeous "flowers" on the road, leaving behind a few eyes, but I have always remembered the classic advice: "Don't pick wild flowers on the road". What's more, my financial and material resources and charm are far from enough to reach the ability to pick flowers and play with colors. Therefore, I have not dared to go out to Crazy Sex and dare not have lustful thoughts.. However, life can be colorless, but it cannot be tasteless. Fortunately, although I am not lecherous, I am good at another kind of "color", that is: I am good at "stone"-I am good at jade.. I am lecherous-I am good at jade. Goddess Of Mercy, Jade Buddha, Jade Pi Xiu, Jade Bracelet and so on, as long as it is jade with natural quality, exquisite carving, excellent color quality, pure and transparent, I will bow down to its The Object of Beauty. The appearance of good stone and "squinting" is no less than that of some people who are obsessed with the white and tender fade of beautiful girls..

   Jade is colored, green makes people happy, red makes people drunk and white makes people clean.. No matter what color it is, it makes me "narrow my eyes.".

   I can't remember which day the stone started to be good, only I remember that I bought a piece of dushan jade for the first time.. It was ten years ago when I passed a jade store in s city and saw a very special jade plate. inside the translucent jade, there was a woodlike line, like a beautiful landscape painting.. Wife of shop-owner told me: This is a piece of dushan jade. The landscape pattern in it is natural growth of jade body and has high appreciation value and collection value.. Ah, it's really wonderful. There are still landscapes growing in the jade. Is it a divine stone?. After some bargaining, I finally bought this piece of dushan jade at the price of 800 yuan. Since then, this piece of jade has been worn around my neck every day, even if I take a bath or sleep, I will not take it off.. It is strange to say that this jade is really spiritual. Since wearing this jade, everything has gone smoothly and my mood is always like a piece of Liquid Sky.. I think this jade may be a treasure that can bring me good luck and good luck.. So I love this jade even more. I often take it down and admire it when I have nothing to do, and I never tire of seeing it.. However, it is also too much love. When I took it down for appreciation, I accidentally dropped the jade on the concrete floor. The jade was cracked by an obvious crack, as if it were an open crying mouth.. My heart ached for a long time, but after all I knew it was useless and had to admit my bad luck.. Later, I bought as many jade as I could when I saw my favorite jade. I bought all kinds of jade animals, jade gossip, jade gourd, jade cup, jade clasp, jade Pi Xiu, etc.. All sorts of things, wonderful scene. I wear a jade bracelet on my wrist, a Goddess Of Mercy on my neck, a jade ring on my finger and a jade plate on my waist to ward off evil. As long as I wear jade wherever I can, I know in this life that I cannot be a jade daughter of Duets, but I can also be regarded as a jade man (a man who loves jade)

   Jade is a kind of forever fashionable ornament. Its luster and honor, how many emperors and nobles have been dumped, have become the symbol of honor and status. Now jade has entered ordinary families, adding charming charm to the ten million young men and women in Qian Qian.. In jewelry stores, jade counters always attract people's attention, and turnover ratio always accounts for more than 50%. According to scientific evidence, jade contains many trace elements needed by human body, which can be absorbed by human body for a long time, supplement human body's needs and play a role in health care.. In the past, fortune tellers and feng shui geomancer described jade as a treasure that can ward off evil and protect oneself. In fact, it is based on this scientific truth.. It can be seen how important jade is..

   There are several grades of jade. the completely natural is the a product, the artificially processed is called the b product, the added color is called the c product, and the imitation is called the d product. the more natural the jade is, the better the quality is, and the more health care and protection it has, the more spiritual it is.. Over time, I have learned a truth that beauty must come from internal and natural qualities. Any imitation, imitation and artificial pursuit will be greatly discounted..宏海国际登录 Not only is it human, but also only internal and natural beauty can make it more permanent and dazzling..

   I am very good at rock, and deeply feel that good rock is more beneficial than lewd..





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