The warmth of that winter

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   The warmth of that winter

   When we were in college, our normal university students all worked as part-time tutors outside to help middle school students with their lessons.. On the one hand, we can train our teaching ability and prepare for teachers in the future. On the other hand, they can earn some pocket money to relieve their parents' burden.. Most of the students who come to normal university to study, like me, are from ordinary families, and the purpose of tutoring is more inclined to the latter..

   In the winter of my sophomore year, I was introduced to give a second-year junior high school student supplementary English lessons.. The little boy's house is not far away. It's only four stops by bus, but it's all at night.. Once a week, once for two hours.

   I remember the first time I went to the student's home, I took a bus to the platform, and found a place called "Fengling Community" as written on the paper. I found it.! It is an elegant residential area with small security guards guarding the door.. I asked the security guard to confirm it was there and rushed to inside.. But the little security guard suspected I Am Bad and asked me who I was looking for and what I was doing.? I looked up at the little security guard, who was the same age as me and was not tall. I guess he was new to work.. I felt nothing to be afraid of and relaxed a lot. Frankly speaking, I taught Liu Yun's family at home.. He asked me to leave my student ID card, and only after registering did he let me in.. My boss was reluctant to say that he had so many things to do. He smiled and motioned me to go in..

   When I was giving a class to students, I suddenly remembered that I should not detain my student ID card when entering the community. That is my most important thing.. What if he doesn't give it to me? What if they change shifts and others don't admit it? Another night, more think more feel a little regret. When I came out to work in the evening, I was more cautious. I couldn't help thinking too much. I was always uneasy..

   Very easy to stay up until the class was over, I rushed down and ran to the gate, out of breath.. The little security guard was still the one who saw me running, but he waved to me first and led me into the duty room to get my student ID card.. He smiled shyly at me and said, "Take care of it. The nearby public security is quite good. Don't worry about it.". "I looked at him again, said" thank you "to him, and went to the bus.

   From the village to the car, I think he said the security here is good, also feel nothing to worry about, all the way to the school smoothly.. Thought, small security is quite cute.

   The second time I went to class, the little security guard seemed to remember me and did not stop me. He smiled at me and gestured to me to enter.. When he came out, he also smiled and said, "Be careful on the road.". "

   In the future, every time I went to a tutor, I was the little security guard guarding the door.. In and out of the room, we smiled at each other, he would say a few words of "be careful on the road" and "don't worry" to reassure me..

   Walking in the society, everyone is a stranger, even a slight smile can bring us closer to each other.. It turns out that everyone is the same and needs the same kind of care, even if it is only a simple greeting and explanation. The security guard guarded the door all day long. Maybe for him, he could help others and say sweet words to others and he would feel valuable and warm.. As for me, I have to go out alone to earn money before I get out of school. I even need help from others.. Even if you just smile at me, your heart is warm and full of endless gratitude..

   A winter passed like this, and then I didn't go there to be a tutor.. One day in my senior year, I accidentally took out my student ID card from the leather case of inside. Suddenly, I found a small piece of paper that said: "Hello, my name is Liu Zhihong. Can I make friends with you?"? "The handwriting is very unfamiliar, the in the mind wonder, how can have such a note? After thinking for a long time, I finally remembered that this student ID card once stayed at a small security guard for a while.. Maybe it was a note from him. He 宏海国际注册 hoped Wie ich bin, but unfortunately I did not find this "secret" at that time.. However, I still feel a little strange joy in my heart. Maybe he just wants to know my name by leaving my certificate. Maybe he has a good feeling for me.. In any case, he never said anything to me. He just gave me some warm words when I walked in and out the door.. This little note gives people some romantic reverie. Small security guards are really cute and innocent.

   Although I didn't know his name until two years later, the little warmth he brought me will remain in my heart forever.. Recalling the simple reading time, I will still vaguely think of this little security guard, a kind person.!





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