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   I will call you dear in my lifetime.. my love

   2. my man '{HSL}. if you dare to last forever, I dare to last forever.

   3. Not all love can make false friends after breaking up..

   I hate myself for loving you.. (I Hate Myself For Loveing You. )

   5. Is love equal? It's impossible. Whoever loves deeply will suffer terribly..

   6. Struggling on the edge of loneliness but no one cares. At this time, I just sighed with sadness about my miserable life.. Finally returned to YES? Miserable, Lonely.

   7, fell in love, became a kind of damage; Breaking up is also a relief..

   8. Thank you for meeting again after parting. Give me that gentle, hello sentence.

   9, once or vows of eternal love, eventually worth a "break up"

   10, get out my oheart you this unwilling No Love for Johnnie

   11, sisters, we will not be separated in our whole life..

   12. Dear, why does someone else's name appear in your information inside

   13, again NiuDe, Xiao Bang, also play lindsey elder sister sad injury

   14, heartache your heart aches, want to hold you tightly.

   15, with a bullshit attitude, in the face of this grass egg life ︹ Epsilon ╭

   16, Zhu, do you really love to stay? \\'

   17, look up, smile, tell yourself come on!

   18, み, み, chi this? ? Inside, ke

   19. Your name was born on the other side of my tears.

   20, bligh again with my deep feeling, blackmail you gentle .

   21. People who like flowers will pick them, while people who love flowers will water them..

   22. I'd like to express my gratitude to you for your support.. I am sad and blue, I am sad and sad in mo and brilliant, and I am sad and sad and know purple.

   23, BMW, the perfect interpretation of the value of life!

   24, I will use my greatest enthusiasm to perform this drama of life, not afraid of failure, not afraid of loneliness, not afraid of despair.! I have always believed that there will always be rainbows after rain.!

   25, dear you said compensate me to go to Seoul to see white cat stubble displaced at dawn

   I can't think of anything to make Gao happier.

   27, distance is the only killer of feelings..

   28, and ever know, in fact, the most beautiful things are in their own hands.

   Maybe my dependence is too persistent for you.

   30, I technetium bract Fu, I shoulder, I fear, I carry the main weapon stubble cluster from the clock

   I turned to look at you and inside and flour always said too much about not coming out of Germany (AI) .

   Dear, I will not be separated from you in my next life.?

   33, music, listen attentively to you, with love . Tsu (kana)

   34. My bigotry is a script that you will never understand.

   35, chest tattoo is a waste, and you, is what I want to have.

   36, strange city, empty room, rest to shout, silent bolting.

   37, you always said I was your only, but walked with her hand in hand, this is your so-called only?

   38, hurt the city, I a person whisper lonely.

   39, like to use memories to explain you still belong to っ

  I always take him too seriously and finally hurt myself.

   41, without you, I will be strong enough to survive. You said forget you, I'm sorry, I didn't remember at the beginning..

   42, give up less is concessions.! Retaining less is the bottom line.?

   43. I have long been accustomed to the lame excuses you use.

   44. I am just a passer-by who accompanied you crazy for a brief carnival..

   45. I've been hurt and changed from dead to alive.

   46, < = p eyes with ophthalmoscope, _ξthere is no set in your eyes.

   47, omega ǐ really want to do. You're a man. !!'

   48, the hourglass upside down again and again the pain of life will experience again and again

   49, this time I a person accustomed to solitary single,宏海国际平台 the original love so difficult

   50, alive is not the absolute principle, alive and hard is the truth.

   51, even if I live is a joke, at least I can laugh a few people

   52, life is inevitably hit. However, what really knocks you down is your attitude..

   The richest man in the world is the one who falls most.. The bravest person in the world is the one who can get up every time he falls down.!

   54. Men, even when they are rebellious and carefree in their youth, will strive hard to be a woman sooner or later.

   55, women, remember that you are not a man's bicycle, you can ride it if you want..

   56, life is like a piece of red-hot iron bar, need China Heavyweight to go well.

   There will always be a woman who loves a successful man behind his back..

   58, men can be bitter for a lifetime, but never bitter with you for a lifetime of women

   59, woman, you can AINANREN, but you cannot forget to love yourself

   I would rather suffer from the scourge of heaven than be a man of indomitable spirit..

   61, I say goodbye to the past and the present, the future is my own virtue.!

   62, early in the morning wake up the alarm clock, that is still alive

   63, valentine's day has passed, not still alive.

   I have died humbly, please live bravely.!

   65. To live a day is to be blessed and to cherish it. When I cry and I have no shoes to wear, I find someone has no feet..

   66, don't take success or failure to win or lose, as long as you live, you can make a comeback..

   67, even if there will be more suffering and torture in the future, I will live a good life with my faith..

   68, a person lives and dies, but as long as you live, you must live in the best way..

   69, don't get tired of love, living is like a lottery ticket.

   70, proud to live, this is what each of us should do.

   71, alive to live high's flavor

   72. I was forced to face the difference of this world firmly when I was young..

   73, a person proud to live, heart humble existence.

   74. The symbol of an immature man can be a heroic sacrifice for his ideal. The symbol of a mature man can be a humble life for his ideal..

   75. That's all for today. Say a few words a day to prove you're still alive..

   76, endure is a vision, endure is a mind, endure is a kind of understanding, endure is a kind of life skills, endure is a rule of wisdom.

   77, women have to live for themselves, life will be wonderful.

   78, life is like riding a roller coaster, suddenly slow, suddenly caught off guard

   79. As long as there is grass in your heart, there will be an unbeatable spring in your life..

   80. Life is too short to be happy in time..





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