If you can't get paid, you should know that enough is enough

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   Although the years are passing and a lot of the past are scattered in the long river of the years, our life is still going on, with sunshine, flowers, and family members who love us. The friends around you, in ordinary life, appreciate the touch and warmth, accompany you through all the journeys in the world, do not need to be vigorous and pledge of eternal love, but always linger in your life, inside, with a sense of gratitude, in your heart, in the plain years of inside, happiness is at your side..

   If you can't get paid, you should know that enough is enough.. No matter how you choose, as long as it is your choice, there is no right or wrong.. In the past, you will not satisfy the present, nor will you satisfy the future.. At the beginning, I had the courage to choose. I should also have the courage to bear the consequences.. The so-called growing up of a person is also the courage to face oneself cruelly: before choosing, have a sincere and firm face; After choosing, there is a heart that will not change..

   One person will become a habit after a long time, and others will need more strength to break this habit and be accepted by love.. A certain corner of my heart is locked, not because someone lives, but because I am too large to be alone and carefree, occupying all the spiritual space..

   If someone loves you, let him love you. If there are flowers, thank you. If someone asks you out, consider it.. In this world, others are kind to you and are not likely to hurt you.. Only when you are kind to others will you bite back again and again, causing you pain.. Therefore, let people love with confidence and boldness, and love with care and prudence.. In fact, to fall in love with a person is to give him the right to hurt you....

   We all think that if we succeed one day, we will be happy. One day, with the big house, luxury furniture and space quilts, it will never be cold again.. However, the tears of countless predecessors in reviewing the past tell us that all the stories about the struggle of youth inside cannot be separated from the hard environment and the hard times. However, those people and things that can make your wrinkles stretch out when you recall them are the warmest and happiest things in your long life in inside..

   There is nothing in this world that you can get for nothing. If you want to have a good body, please cut off at least half of your meals and stay away from all junk food. If you want a good complexion, please ensure enough sleep and all kinds of natural and non-irritating maintenance.. If you want a higher position, please make more efforts than others, and the unknown words of "working hard and complaining" can't be recognized in reality, so you must bring your own brain with you when making efforts.. If you are tired and don't want to persist, please look at the process of Los Anos Desnudos. Perhaps you will be moved by their courage and persistence.. Even if you are a diamond in the rough, no one may know it, perhaps the bole of swift horse is himself..

   China Central Television(CCTV) interviewed again. The reporter asked, "As a Chinese, what CCTV you do for your motherland?"? "brilliant reply:" Immigrants, not to add chaos to the motherland. "The reporter asked again:" What do you think is the manifestation of patriotism? "brilliant reply:" Immigrants, Add Chaos to Capitalism. "

   Don't set the standard of happiness too high, characterization of the wasted years,wasted years, time flies, pain and loneliness linger in one's life.! No matter how good things are, there will be a day when they are lost, a day when they are forgotten, a day when they are loved again, a day when they are far away, a day when they wake up from a beautiful dream. Those who should give up will never stay, and those who should cherish will never let go..

   Not that I am strong enough, but that I am stronger than you. When you meet someone and let you put down your weakness, this is love.. We are all people who live with injuries, just to find one person and let go of weakness.. It turns out that being strong is also a kind of responsibility..

   Sometimes the most suitable person appears long ago, but we are unwilling to walk around and look at the choices. After going around and hundred thousand turn back, we suddenly think of the person who was originally released by you.. Have you ever thought that there will always be echoes if you never forget the world? As long as you look back, she will still be there, holding an umbrella on sunny days, waiting for you to come back..

   Men live very tired, especially in China, where women's rights are resounding all over the sky, it is destined that men will become men who look down on the pack after suffering hard in history and reality..

   The best appearance of a person is probably to be calm, to accept all his weaknesses, to stop worrying about others' well-being, and to keep pace when no one can see you.. Life is not long, some highlights can only be experienced once.. Don't wait, sometimes wait, let waiting become a habit, learn to wait in Wasted years.

   If you let go, you will understand that sincerity is not harm. Go away and you will understand that speaking out is not harmful. If you leave, you will understand that honesty is not harmful. What criticizes you may be a kind of love. The accusation against you may be a kind of care. If you cannot understand love, you will be regarded as damage. If you don't feel care, you can treat it as hurt. In life, friends who praise are good, friends who criticize are difficult, and the truth needs to be understood by each other..

   Proper pressure and which is impossible or against his will are two different things. I don't know why the former always becomes the reason for the latter's behavior.. Then, even if you have ever been in contact with a job, that is once. If you are not doing it yourself, what position do you have 宏海国际注册 to point out and say it is not difficult to do it?.

   Married handsome insecurity, married ugly worry about the next generation, married poor afraid of bad life, married rich afraid of becoming a concubine in limbo, married a considerate afraid he is a philanderer outside, married a male chauvinist afraid of his violence in the family of inside, married a life of no ability without fun, married a capable afraid he can't control . Women marry who are entangled, worry follow life.

   There are sun and moon in my heart, evergreen everywhere, heaven and earth in my heart, sunny and sunny everywhere.. Quiet as water, flowers and trees, cool breeze and streams are all picture scrolls and poems with dewdrops.. The beautiful world your eyes see will make you sing with deep feeling in your heart.. When you see the leaves falling sadly, you know when to boil water, and life is renewed again and again..

   A person alive, sometimes too idle, sometimes too tired. On the journey of life, there are always roads, which determine not today but yesterday's attitude towards life. What determines tomorrow is not tomorrow, but today's deeds to the cause..Our today is decided by the past, and Our Future is decided by today.!

   By chance, Chhatrabhang fluctuates as the wind passes by.. Life seems like a computer browser. Once you choose a link, you are doomed to Irreversible.. Want to turn back, is also unwilling or can't anymore. What you give to others, you will sow what others have and reap the corresponding returns.. Give a smile and you will sow a smile and reap enthusiasm.. Give coldly, will sow coldly, harvest coldly.





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