Writing to Commemorate 70th Anniversary of Victory of Anti-J

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   History is the best mirror that reflects reality in flour. It is also an excellent patriotism textbook.. National humiliation, as a true portrayal of the tragic fate of a nation and a country.

   History must not be forgotten. Only by truly understanding and remembering the century-old humiliation history of the Chinese nation can we deeply understand and remember the importance of the all-round rejuvenation of the Chinese nation..

   The Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War is an important part of the world war against fascism. The Chinese people have made great national sacrifices and important historical contributions to the victory of the world war against fascism.. The victory of the Anti-Japanese War laid an important foundation for the Communist Party of China to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups in the country to realize national independence and people's liberation and to establish a new China. It also had a great impact on the great cause of the people of all countries in the world to win the anti-fascist war and strive for world peace..

   "shame and courage. "Keeping in mind the history and not forgetting national humiliation, we can reach out from the heart to inspire patriotism and the ambition to serve the country, to promote the main theme of patriotism in the times and to continuously stimulate the spiritual motivation to work hard. Today we are commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War to remember this important day of special significance, to review history, to remember history, not to forget national humiliation, to turn shame into grief and indignation, to turn grief and indignation into self-esteem, self-confidence, self-care, self-reliance, self-improvement and self-encouragement, to further establish lofty ideals and aspirations, and to strive for the prosperity of our motherland and the rejuvenation of our nation!

   Keeping in mind the history and not forgetting national humiliation, for the majority of young people, we must firmly establish national humiliation's sense of meaning, anxiety and crisis. A country's humiliation to its own nation is often more memorable than its honor.. However, the anxiety consciousness based on patriotism is the real pressure and motivation for the contemporary youth to make contributions.! At present, only a nation that does not forget national humiliation but moves forward angrily, is full of worries and always thinks of danger in times of peace can become a great nation.. In commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in inside, on the uneven journey of the great motherland to reality, our vast number of young people should sound the alarm bell, do not forget national humiliation, have a sense 宏海国际平台 of crisis and anxiety, change pressure into motive force, and turn patriotism and national humiliation crisis into practical actions to serve the motherland..

   Friends, we are the future of our country and the hope of our motherland. We must set up a strong concept: to think of danger in times of peace..

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