Excerpts of 600 words (3 articles) from American articles

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   US Text Excerpts 600 Words 1: Difficulties We Forget

   Time is a tree. It used to be the root of nutrition. Now it is a rich and fruitful land on the earth's surface..

   We laughed at our parents, saying that they caught mice even when they had fish to eat. In today's well-off society, we still pick up a grain of rice on the dining table. When there is plenty of food, I still cannot bear to throw away a bowl of spoiled vegetables.. In our derision, they were tearful..

   We laughed at our parents and said they didn't know how to rest when they were in their prime. Under the scorching sun, I don't know how to take the shade of Enjoy the Cool in the Open Air. At an age when their children have grown up, they are still unhappy.. In our derision, they giggled.

   We laughed at our parents and said they were plain in their old clothes. There is still not a grain left on the dining table in the city. When buying vegetables, he took crumpled money and asked for 20 cents.. In our derision, they persisted.

   One day, when we were short of money, he wordlessly took out the thrift that we once despised and relieved us of our troubles..

   They giggled and we cried.

   We remembered the hardships we had forgotten, the time when we caressed the dead seedling Exhalation in the fields.. We have finally understood the reason why our parents were uneasy.. All of them were peasants facing the loess and facing the sky, only telling us with their bitterness the hardships we cannot forget..

   They forged the wisdom of our industrious nation with their hard work and watered the fertile soil with their wisdom.. On the rising eastern earth, Every One is your Own Sunshine, the sun that keeps the flower of wisdom blooming forever. //The parents who built the nest with their heart are teaching us to grow up with their heart.. We need to inherit and carry forward that round of brilliance.. //The sea has changed, unpredictable things, parents earned happiness through hard work.. //Time Without Pity, happiness is continuous. My parents continued happiness with sweetness and bitterness.. //Jin Jiang spring scenery, happiness spread, parents are using frugality to arouse the forgotten hardships.

   The plain words of our parents only tell us: sorrow and labor can rejuvenate the country, ease and ease can lead to death; A nation, forgetting history, means betrayal, forgetting hardships, means decline..

   In the age of fish, we do not forget that we were a group of rat catchers..

   In the lush shade of inside, we will be COMe the root of nutrition.

   Excerpts of 600 Words from American Texts 2: Turning Point

   Taste, smell and say: Eagles belong to the same clan. Its name is Falcon. It is hunted between the pale fields every day.. At the age of 18, when there is a severe drought, the vegetation is completely withered, the deer and rabbit race to death, and the falcons have a graceful bearing.. Or beat up the sky, migrate to the sky and seek for the top of the mountain. Or folding wings and feathers, flapping dust, settle in Decay. The former is proud and changes the eagle, the latter despises and calls the eagle also.

   On hearing this, I said: The year of drought is the turning point of the Falcon clan.. At this time, different aspirations will lead to different future.. How to belong to, only ambition.

   This is the only case of Aofei, who has turned over everything in the world. Where is the vast expanse of Gankun?. Have you ever seen a clear spring flowing into a big stone The turn of this spring also. Those who choose to retire hide themselves in the shadow of the stone and hide themselves in the hollow of the forest, instead of being famous in the world. As time passes, they become rancid. Those who choose to enter will be fearless when confronted with obstacles. They will whirl around and strike millions of times again. They will become ravines and torrents that will stop boats and boats.. You also see the wind resistance in cliff? The wind also. Those who choose to shun are scattered outside the mountain ranges. They are invisible in a moment and vanish in an instant. Those who choose to stand in, and continue to grind for hundreds of billions of years, will be able to hide the day in the red desert with flying sand.. However, the shape of the object depends on how it is turned..

   On top of history, there is no choice but to take a turn for the better.. Baili Xi's actions and Sunshu Ao's official career are all due to his constant suffering from adversity.. However, the heart of history changes. It is not easy to be ambitious, and it is not easy to be discouraged when being tortured. After being severely humiliated, he resolutely chose a new life. Eventually, he has a history of singing without rhyme, which makes later generations poets and scholars sigh and sigh.. There is also the ambition of the military ruler, who has inherited the virtue of the first emperor, has served his country faithfully, and has pointed his sword at the central plains, which is endless.. Although Yao's plan was based in Jieting, he did not hesitate to retire. He went on to teach four more times. He finally achieved the name of devoting all his efforts and was deeply lamented through the ages.. From this point of view, the turning point, mostly trapped resistance also. Only those who aim high and do not say defeat can turn into outstanding people.. Those who return after wandering around every small setback cannot be counted for thousands of years, while those who keep their names do not have them.! It is known that when Hua Qian gallops into the wild, there will be those who fall into dust and mud, those who choose to suppress their wishes will die, and those who choose to rise will gain enough. Apes climb to the precipice, there will be those who break their arms accidentally, those who lose heart will die, and those who struggle will have their magic skills.. There will be people who stumble in the high winds and torrential rains, and those who choose to live in peace will find a cave to live in. They will be shut up and ignorant of their life. He who chooses to be proud and upright will walk in a postscript to the lake. He will wait until the rainbow is picturesque, and then he will ascend the smooth road to soak up the cool breeze..Instead of bowing down for fighting rice, Tao Yuanming chose to retire and abandon splendor, so "Back Home" was read through the ages. In the face of a halberd and a sword, Wen Tianxiang chose kill Zone and abandoned the rank of official. This is the history of Mark Chen Yongyao, who has a burning eye..

   Yu You sighed, "Where is the right place to turn? Where to go? Everyone has his own wish and cannot impose it." However, to spread righteousness to the four seas and to spread it to future generations, one must not be afraid of difficulties and risks, nor must one be afraid of ambition and anger.!

   Excerpts from US Text: 600 Words 3: Occasional Necessity

   A grain of sand accidentally enter a clam will not become a pearl of jade if it is not honed in that clam day. A tree that was accidentally left in a cleft in the stone cannot grow into a majestic welcome pine on Mount Huangshan without its will to be as tough as a rock..

   As-the only way is that the publication of "Grimm's Fairy Tales" is accidental, I don't know that the Grimm brothers are full of hard work and sweat.!

   There is no accidental success, not by "inevitable" Yizhi painting; There is no accidental success that has never been stained with "inevitable" sweat.!

   Do you know? Wang Jiawei, a famous 宏海平台注册 Chinese guide, was an accident of his career.. When he was young, he worked as a screenwriter for a film company. He was frustrated and lived a miserable life. However, due to a coincidence, only a small amount of films could not be directed. His self-recommendation made him a good story.. However, if he does not have full talent and excellent movie technology, how can such "accidental recommendation" achieve the glory of his future fame? Behind the accident is necessity, how can we see the bitterness of his years of studying film art.!

   Do you know that Moore, who is famous for "Three Cups of Tea", seems to have become famous by chance! Moore's career was depressed and his family was at odds. He only traveled to the Middle East by accident. This move to say goodbye to his depression made his love sow in the land of hatred against Americans.! "Three Cups of Tea" is a detailed record of this American's contribution to this backward world in the Middle East.. The seemingly accidental opportunity is still an inevitable elaboration. If Moore's heart were not filled with compassion and love for other nations, how could he be willing to let Brooklyn (film) bloom with brilliant light?!

   Many people said that Van Gogh's success was accidental, but they did not see the young man who spent all his life in the small town of Al More Than Meets the Eye: The Joan Brock Story and devoted himself to it. People only know that the success of Prince of gymnastics's children is due to a chance encounter with a famous teacher, but they do not know that when he was young, he kept turning over and over in front of the teacher's door for a glimpse. People said that Jay Chou was gradually promoted to become the king of Chinese by chance, but they forgot that he wrote songs day and night and accumulated dreams into a thick stack of lyrics.

   There is always a kind of success misread as "accidental", but behind it is always the bitterness of "necessity"!

   No success depends only on "chance". There must be "inevitable" blood and sweat on the way to it.!

   There is no success that only favors "chance". Success is often paved with bricks that work hard one after another.!

   Accidental success? (Excerpts from meiwen in US).com. cn)

   Please use the necessary ambition to draw!





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