Thanksgiving Greetings: Thank solid fruits in autumn

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   A door is always open for you. Two pairs of eyes, have been looking forward to your return; A pair of old people, always worry about you. Don't use excuses to evade the duty of filial piety.. Thanksgiving Day, often go home to see, to report the kindness of their parents.

   Thank the earth for giving us steadiness, thank the sunshine for giving us warmth, thank the flowers for giving us fragrance, thank the grain for giving us food and clothing.. Life is beautiful 宏海国际 because of gratitude, and friendship is long because of gratitude.. I wish a happy Thanksgiving!

   Thanks to the spring breeze, let me see birds and flowers. Thank you for summer, let me hear cicada singing and composing. Thanks to solid fruits in autumn, let me enjoy the harvest joy; Thank you for winter snow, let me appreciate the beauty of snowflakes; Thank you, let me feel warm friends.. Happy thanksgiving!

   It is you who cut off the hypocrisy of this world, you who bring light to this world, and you who give courage to explorers who are near despair to welcome the next dawn. With you, the world becomes warm and beautiful.. Thanksgiving Day, thanks to the sunshine, because with you, the future will be bright..

   There is a word that is kindest, a call that is sweetest, a feeling that is truest, and a feeling called thanksgiving. thanksgiving, write the words of gratitude on a thanksgiving card and send them to every corner of the world so that it can be sprinkled with sunshine in every corner..

   One more thanksgiving, one less complaint, and understanding and tolerance will broaden our minds. More thanksgiving, less harm, happiness and happiness will make our society more harmonious.. Thanksgiving is coming, learning to be grateful will make you no longer worry and happy forever.!

   Send you a basket of fruit, thank you for always supporting me. Send you a bunch of flowers, thank you for giving me joy; Send you a warm wind, thank you always accompany me; Send you a ray of sunshine, thank you for illuminating my life.! Thanksgiving Day is coming. I'd like to give you my sincere regards. I am very happy in Have you all the way.!





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