Zhang Xiangtian, the Old Year of Beiping(2)

时间: 作者:小乌龟

   I remember last year's lunar calendar, the author also visited temple fairs in the ancient city in particular, and that bustling celebration of the year will never be forgotten..

   The streets of the ancient city were even more prosperous at the end of the old year, with people running around for food and clothing and demanding debts.. The streets of Xidan, Dongdan, Xisi, Dongsi, Qianmen, Hwang Bo Hye Jung City and the back door are very crowded.. Especially in inside of Dong 'an Market, those peddlers selling lanterns and balloons lined up in Chen Zhe one by one. The peddlers selling Sugar-Coated Berry tried their best to recruit them loudly..

   In the cluttered and crowded city appearance, we can also see modern female students in high heels, half-naked with knees and legs. trembling tottering is riding high on a slow-paced donkey and rocking across the city.. This is Xi Shang of female students in Beijing. How good it is to ride donkeys around Big Bell Temple, White Cloud Temple, and how good it is to race donkeys. This is perhaps the forerunner of Chinese women riding in Peiping.! However, those fashionable toes in high heels, which are put in the stirrups of the iron donkeys, are not very suitable at last..

   Outside the Peace Gate, near the Normal University, there were booths filled with Chen Zhan's landscape paintings with Chinese fountain pens.. The extension of the painting shed takes up half of the street. If every painting shed can be seen everywhere, it will not be easy.! People in know what's what can use a few cents to buy paintings, celebrity handwriting, etc. from the Ming and Qing dynasties..

   More lively is Changdian, also known as Haiwang Village Park. Nearby are old book stalls, antiques, stone and jade articles, etc.. Here, at a very low price, you can buy very good books in song dynasty, yuan edition, etc.. Here, not only experts and scholars can go shopping and look for bargains, but even mediocre husband and common people and children can also be mixed in the middle, too crowded to push and move.. There are food stalls and toy dealers. Children can spend a few large pieces, buy a glass horn with a long neck, and run and jump with blows and blows..

   The ancient city that has fallen for more than five months may still be safe.? Now is the time to celebrate the old year. What is it like to celebrate the old year in an ancient city?!? I'm afraid in all this old scene, has been mixed with grass green alien everywhere, down a peg or two winds and complete in the search!

   Ancient city! Despite cavalry's rampant rampage, please spend this old year patiently.! After winter is spring, when spring comes, is there still a fierce cold?

   Author's brief introduction: Zhang Xiangtian, author. Late. His works include "Lu Xun's Old Poems jian zhu", "Nga Tsin Collection", "Memories of Northeast Scenery" and "Notes on Lu Xun's Diary, Letters and Poems".





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