The Boy Who Cried Bitch, suddenly remind of

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   The Boy Who Cried Bitch, suddenly remind of

   Read a person, some things, there will always be some years of cool, accompanied by the moonlight blurred, by the eyebrows fall into the bottom of my heart.

   Touch the old time lightly, dig out a Wang Qingxi, murmur to the ditch of the bay, Fermentation starter twists and turns, fold out a line of poetry, like a dream beside the pillow, also like waking up suddenly remind of. Faint in the hometown of The Boy Who Cried Bitch, see or not, it is there.

   After reading "The Garden Tale" again, Small fresh, who is still the same as before, felt that the author's tender fragrance of vegetables, fruits and flowers flowed to his eyes, as if the article was not written, but chewed out word by word with heart, which is why it is so clear and sweet Full stop. Although it is written about vegetable garden, it is graceful and restrained, soft and long.. I think it must have happened during the night when the wind was clear and the moon was small, and suddenly I thought of it.!

   The gracefulness of my hometown was settled when Sophora japonica floated across the low wall. I couldn't find any more flowers. The so-called summer flowers were mostly unknown wild flowers, mostly herbaceous flowers and fresh woody smell. If there was one, it was also hidden in Conservatory Garden very deeply. I saw it when I was very young. One was pomegranate. In a deep courtyard in inside, I met my mother together to find someone to cut a piece of clothes. Through a long corridor, in a corner of a deep courtyard, a cluster of pomegranates was burning hot. I was timid and a little crude when I was young, so I only looked at it timidly and liked it very much. I felt that it looked like Juan cloth, soft and beautiful, like a fake flower, and also like the charming moths on my cousin's chest when she married..

   When I graduated from primary school, a classmate wrote this sentence in my book: pomegranates blossom red and red. 宏海平台 I wish you the best in your study.. If I had a Punicagranatum, I would definitely leave it to you. After graduation, I never saw him again, and I don't know who his Punicagranatum was left to.? That line of small print is also yellow in memory, and is sealed on the title page of the book..

   After going to work, I passed a family across a bay of water, like a crescent moon resting on my brow, a few stones, a cluster of pomegranates, and clusters of roses. I was graceful and beautiful. I couldn't help but stop for a few minutes when I passed by. I wanted to know what kind of person lived there. I looked for it several times, but I couldn't find it. I had to appreciate it from a distance when the pomegranates were blooming. I couldn't get close to it, though it was near, it was also far away. as my classmate who wrote might be in this city, it was only a bay of water across time, but it was also far away..

   The other one is Albizzia julibrissin. We call it Rong tree. It grows beside a small pond, with its neck tilted and reaching out to the water. It is covered by clumps of trees. Few people pay attention to it. Only us children, inside, identify several flowers in the season when it has flowers and put them in the palm, greedy for its limpidity and softness.. In deep summer, for Enjoy the Cool in the Open Air, about a few small friends, they made water under the tree, caught the green dragonfly, rode the wind on the tree, and read a poem or two I don't know when to remember: or when the human world ended in April in Fang fei, the peach blossoms in the mountain temple began to bloom.. Or a dangerous building 100 feet high, Happy Ball. The voice of the immature in the pool has been ringing until the autumn wind to send cool, Rong tree old. Also don't know that year, I went again, but I didn't find it. It was not until I came to this small town in the south of the Yangtze River that I came to The Reunion (2011 American film) with it. On both sides of an old street, trees and trees were open, graceful and graceful in the branches of summer. The eyes of rain held one hand many times. They smelled lightly. Qing Xiang, which had no flower fragrance but green vegetation, overflowed far away. A low eyebrow suddenly remembered the crooked acacia tree beside the small pond and the long childish voice.

   I read to my mother a little note on vegetable garden. the next day my mother made a wooden strip in the open space at the door to form her own vegetable garden. she planted some small dishes one by one: cucumbers, melons, peppers and eggplants . Beans, pumpkins are planted on the edge of the garden, and sunflowers are also planted in the sunny place to the east.. In that year, the school organized a meeting on the town's high school campus, which seemed to be a critical meeting. It saw clusters of green vines around the bamboo fence on the campus, with purple and white flowers like horns. There were also many seeds planted on it. Some of them were secretly identified and buried in the southwest corner of the garden. Unexpectedly, three plants actually appeared in the following year. They circled the fence for the most part and worked hard to grow. As Insane opened, all kinds of vegetables in the garden inside also produced colorful flowers for the second time. Recalling the sentence in "Garden Notes", it was said that the garden was actually a garden..

   When there are cicadas in summer, if you get up early enough, you will certainly find tender young cicadas on the fence and between the leaves of the vegetables. it is a very beautiful seasonal meal. then pick a handful of green vegetables with dewdrops, and a delicious breakfast will be presented perfectly.. At dusk, I often smell the fragrance in the flowers and pace among the fruits, wandering among them without knowing the way back..

   At that time, my mother used to do some needlework beside the vegetable garden. A group of chickens were twittering around the garden in inside, looking for food and playing. My father was always busy with his business. Usually, Go Out Early And Come Back at Dusk stopped to look at the vegetable garden when he passed by, and his mouth was not free to smile..

   When it was hot, I came back from the fields at noon. While washing with well water, I soaked the red tomatoes and green cucumbers in cold water in a basin of inside. Take a bite. The cucumbers were sour, sweet and crisp. The heat disappeared at once.. During the peak season of tomatoes, my mother usually picks them off and puts them in a earthen bowl of inside. The top of the bowl is covered with a lid. After dinner every day, my mother will make us a large bowl of white sugar and tomatoes for Have A Rare Sumptuous Meal.. Now I think that when the moon was like water and my parents were there, a bowl of tomatoes could make us happy all night until we dreamt of inside..

   As soon as the autumn wind gets old, the frost is white all over the floor. when the first frost comes, all kinds of vegetables are over. mother will pile up the peppers and seedlings together, so we can eat a plate of peppers and make eggs during the new year.. In those days, this was a rarity, and I have to say that my mother was very intelligent.. In winter in inside, my mother will plant garlic in a garden. The leaves are green, pointed and very energetic, just like my parents' life.. When snowflakes cover the whole vegetable garden, there are always some green stubborn branches that stretch out and embellish it, striving for its efforts.. My mother gave me a beautiful The Boy Who Cried Bitch with diligence and wisdom. She didn't understand graceful and restrained, but she was always graceful and restrained in my life..

   Now these The Boy Who Cried Bitch, like I left my hometown, have gone a long way, a long way, suddenly remind of, like a dream that I don't want to wake up, a piece of moonlight, how much tenderness, both clear and hazy.

   Author: Meiyuan Xiaozhu





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