Prose of Chongyang Festival: A Reflection on Chongyang Fest

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   A Reflection on Chongyang Festival

   In the season when fallen leaves are flying, geese return to the south, looking for a warm place Full stop The summer flowers have been swept away by the autumn wind. The helpless branches no longer seem messy. They seem to be silently growing rings in I'll Wait for the Next One, regenerating roots, sprouting and blooming.. In this season when thousands of flowers fall off, the annual chrysanthemum blooms all over the streets of the city.. Chrysanthemum everywhere, petals graceful, for almost deserted streets added a 宏海国际登录 gorgeous scenery. Every day, on the way to work, I will linger among the chrysanthemums, appreciate their beauty and beauty, and feel their charm..

   Chrysanthemum blooms in Chongyang Festival, the Festival for the Elderly, with its unique habit.. The beautiful chrysanthemum is the most brilliant blessing for the old people this season.. When the festival for the aged arrived, I chose a bunch of gorgeous chrysanthemums from the flower market and came to my parents' home happily.. My parents saw the bouquet in my hand and only asked me who it was for.. Because I have never sent flowers to them, and every year I buy some real things for them.. This year, I want to give them a surprise. I thought it over a few days earlier. I sent them a bunch of flowers during the Double Ninth Festival to show my daughter's heart and to make my parents feel a beautiful romance.. When I put the flowers on the cupboard, my mother said, "No one has ever sent me flowers in my life. Look at the beautiful flowers.". "Dad also beside happy from ear to ear. A smile was written on their faces, and I knew that my arrival and my chrysanthemum brought them happiness..

   I was thinking, what is filial piety? Is it rich material? Is it a lot of money? Neither is it, nor is it. Filial piety is not only the giving of material and money, but also the sending of happiness, perhaps a bunch of flowers, to the old people from time to time. Perhaps it is to accompany them to chat; Maybe it's to show the old people around the park . Giving a share of happiness to parents and elders is also a duty of filial piety for children.. I remember hearing a story about an old man who was dying and whose children worked far away. Several children seemed to be very filial and sent a lot of money to his father every year.. In addition to his pension, his father, together with the money given by his children, looked well fed and clothed.. But father never felt full and happy.. This is mainly due to the lack of family companionship and the lack of a person who really understands, cares for and loves him.. As the saying goes: little children, old children. When one is old, one cannot help feeling lonely and needs spiritual and emotional support.. Old people will also be spoiled, loved and cared for like children.. Therefore, it is a very important issue for us as children how to give our true love to our elderly parents.. We should learn to understand the old people, understand what they need, and accompany them with love from the bottom of our hearts, just like parents cared for our childhood to care for the old parents..

   Filial piety is sometimes a generous gift. Sometimes it is a hospitalization fee; Sometimes I accompany my parents to chat and go shopping. Sometimes I help my parents comb their hair, wash their feet and cook a delicious meal. Sometimes even once again in front of parents and a charming, let them feel the child still need their favor.

   I love my parents. I am willing to let All My Love For You flow silently in inside every day of my parents, giving them a share of happiness, a share of happiness and a share of care..

   I wish all parents a happy and healthy Chongyang Festival.!

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