The Spring and Autumn Period of Ancient Villages

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   Starting from ziqiu town, take a boat to the west, enter the beautiful Tianchi gallery, then abandon the boat and take a bus to zhongxi river, and then go up the huabian highway for 2 kilometers. a small mountain peak with lush trees and cat-like head will appear in front of us. this is the famous "e feng village", which is often mistakenly called "evil gong village" by the villagers..

   The three flour of E Feng Zhai are all steep cliffs. There is only one way to go straight to the bottom of the mountain. Then, you can reach the top of the mountain by going up the "zigzag" steps on the steep slope..

   Although the area of the mountain top is not large, the terrain is relatively flat, with clear springs gurgling and continuous seasons.. Here, commanding, easy to defend and difficult to attack, is the land of and while one man guards it and ten thousand cannot force it.. Before Hua Pian Highway was built, the foot of the mountain was the only route from Wufeng to Huang Baishan, which was actually the throat of the south gate of Huangbai Mountain..

   In the Qing Dynasty in Jia Qing, when Lin Zhihua raised the White Lotus society Uprising and camped in Huang Baishan (also known as Huangbai Village), he set up Guanli Village here. He stationed troops to block "Ka" and "E Feng Village" was named for it..

   During the reign of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty, a well-educated and wealthy man named Qin Maoqiong came out of the flower house not far from E Feng Zhai. He donated money to build a "Jinshi" government. Although he had a top hat, he did not want to be an official in Official Career. He was willing to be friends with Lin Quan.. In his whole life, apart from planting flowers and grass, planting trees and keeping company with birds, he was vistit scenes at differene spots, especially having a special liking for temples.. When Qionggong was young, he and Close friendship, a monk from inside in the "Chuandong River" (Miaotaizi) temple, often walked to inside for more than ten days. He went to meditate with the monks in the temple of inside, reciting poems and compositions, and lived for ten days and a half months without knowing how to return.. Over time, the monks in the temple of inside grew weary and estranged. Qionggong was a scholar and a gentleman. The coldness of the monks made him feel beneath dignity.. As the saying goes, "God competes for a stick of incense and man for relief," so he made up his mind to build a temple with his own hands in his lifetime to save face..

   Just then, Li ce Qing, head of the Sichuan society of elder brothers, came here to get to know ce an (the word "Xi ting") from the five peaks, secretly contacted, developed the congregation, and then raised the banner of "shun Qing destroy the foreign" to revolt, pushing ce an as a marshal, Li ce Qing as a military adviser, starting from zhongxi, pointing to Padang in the west, where the rebel army passed through, killing priests, destroying Christians, burning churches, with great momentum. When the Qing court heard of this, it immediately sent troops into the suppression. in February of the following year, Li ce Qing was defeated by ce an. he took kam Yu feng shui as his business and moved in the area of zhongxi and Bai yi at the junction of Changyang and Wufeng counties..

   Li Qiqing and Qiong Bus Company are very thick. When they learned of Qiong Bus Company's idea of building a temple, they naturally gave their full support.. A flour by Joan public sent people everywhere alms, raise funds, buy temple property, a flour by Li Qiqing choose temple site, planning and design.

   Li Qiqing is proficient in "Yi Xue" and "Feng Shui". When inspecting the temples around him, he found that there were seven small hills around the temple on 宏海国际平台 the mountain view of Baoling at the back of Huawu Farm. He identified them as seven ground mice. For a long time, he ate a large amount of grain from Huawu Farm and Deguping, causing poor harvest in the fields and poverty among the people..

   As the saying goes, "No matter how hard a mouse is, it can't fight a cat." Therefore, Li Qiqing proposed that to eradicate rat infestation, cats should be used to control rats.. It also points out that the mountain shape of E Feng Zhai resembles a cat's head and faces Guan Bao Ling at a distance. As long as the temple of Guan Bao Ling is moved to E Feng Zhai, mice can be stopped..

   As soon as the proposal was made, it was immediately unanimously approved by the local squire, rich family and even the poor people. They donated money and goods one after another. They contributed to the construction of the new temple and transferred all temple products and supplies from Guanbaoling to E Feng Zhai..

   The newly-built temple is larger in scale and grander in imposing manner than before. pilgrims come and go all year round.. Until the eve of liberation, there were still monks and abbots, who lived all the year round with their bells ringing in the morning and drums in the evening, and the ancient style became very popular.. When "improved education" was implemented in the early years of the Republic of China, Miaotian and some temple products were turned over to Huawuchang Primary School. Monks living in the temple, in addition to receiving pilgrims and charging a certain amount of incense fees, were begging for alms in the form of sending "protective talisman" to the common people all year round, such as sending "Duanyang Fu" during Duanyang Festival, sending "Zaoshu" during a small year, etc. They were rigid, printed by themselves, and each household, or money or rice, had income, and were raised in the temple. They also lived at ease and leisure..

   After the liberation of the local area, the Bodhisattva in the temple of inside was destroyed, the temple property was confiscated, and the monks also made a living in Laicization.. As there is no one to manage, the house is gradually damaged or even collapsed..

   "Ruins and broken walls set up barren clumps to prove that everything is empty at the front.. The unique pomegranate flower is attached to the old, and the beauty shines like fire on the Zen peak. ". Last autumn, I climbed with Vishvamitra's hunting apes to the top of the stockade and made an on-the-spot investigation.. The temple, once a spiritual temple with a high level of incense, is now beyond recognition. Inside and outside broken walls, rocks are littered with stones, thorns are everywhere, grass and trees are growing, and people are rarely seen.. Only the tall temple tablet is still lying on its back, faithfully guarding this pure land. The pomegranate tree planted by the monks in those days still survived tenaciously. The ripe pomegranate opened its mouth and made its way out of scarlet grains, becoming a delicacy for animals and birds..

   The red sun is sinking in the west, the night wind is rising, yellow leaves are falling, slight sound. Although Max Havoc: Ring of Fire has changed over the years, with some loss and sadness, it can still imagine the glory of that year, which makes people think endlessly and unwilling to leave for a long time..





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