Be nice to yourself, because no one will treat you like the

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   Guide: In the crowd, we are encountering, looking for, and forgetting.. There are a lot of people, we just pass by, give each other a smile, Let's Not from now on; Some people stop in our hearts and form the scenery we walk in, but no one will accompany you to the destination. No matter how long you stay with us, we should cherish it all the more. There is a person, we have worked hard to find, hand in hand through half a lifetime, in the end, can only forget as a memorial!

   1. There will always be people 宏海国际平台 who try their best to be nice to you, and then when ta becomes your habit, they will suddenly withdraw and become indifferent.. Coming is fate, walking is fate. If all contacts have become interruptions, not contacting is really the best state..

   2. Some people are destined to be passers-by in life. Some things, often let us very helpless. Love, friendship. If you look at it more lightly, the injury will be less.. Years, smile in no regrets, just beautiful; Life is colorful when you smile in tears. Life is wonderful when you smile in your strength..

   3. If you treat yourself well, you will become better and more valuable to others. If you give too much to others, you will become weaker.. The value of your use is over, so don't keep trying to please others. The more you care about others, the more humble you become. Only by pleasing yourself and letting others please you will you be more valuable..

   4. When your feelings do not reach that level, you just want to love others. Love is caring and attentive, it is higher than the prudential, it is to throw a wooden plum at Fine jade, it is always good for bandits to repay.. What kind of playing hard to get, what kind of diversion, what kind of people who know me call me worried, what kind of people who don't know me call me what I want. Don't learn those useless, the primary can only do tasks, loved ones are qualified to use skills..

   5. Most of the things in this world cannot be done with a little effort. The truth of this world is that we can do a little better with special effort, but we can do a little worse with carelessness..

   6, lack of material life will love two people hit Life Stinks, if you love a person, you have to work hard, rich material is the best way to maintain the beauty of love.

   7, emotional world of inside, it is difficult to exist good together, there is always one started to go first, the other in situ stunned.

   8, not particularly lucky, then please make special efforts, don't because of laziness and failure, also melodramatic reason to own bad luck. You must work hard in order to appear effortless. I didn't understand it. now I understand: the luckier you are, the harder you work. the lazier you are, the worse you are. what others see is that you are tired, and finally it is you who are relaxed.. Efforts and gains are their own and have nothing to do with others..

   9. In case of shameless betrayal by emotional inside, please choose to make a clean break with it. Don't choose to make do because you are unwilling to give. Softhearted will definitely hurt again. Have you ever seen someone feed a bone to a dog and then get it back from the dog??

   If you walk alone, I will follow you. If you cry, I will depend on you..

   11. The turning point of fate starts from the present moment. The most terrible situation is to miss the past, fantasize about the future and waste the present..

   12. One day you will suddenly realize that your parents are the ones you spend the least time on, but love you the most..

   The saddest thing about life is that life has turned us into the kind of people we hated most at the beginning, but we still can't live the life we want..

   14. Those who can disappear from your life inside at random are not worth nostalgia at all. Those who really care about you will not leave.. If you want to go, let him go. If he still loves you today, it means that he will not let go easily.. Therefore, it is useless to pray for love. wipe away your tears and leave your last dignity to yourself..

   15, "belonging" means that you strongly want to be with him.. "Security" means that you think he strongly wants to be with you. "Happiness" is that both of us strongly want to be together and finally walk together..

   16, like it or not, fit, can together, is three different things.

   17. Before, I always felt that you had to take some things for granted. Later, I realized that you didn't take those things for granted, such as your former partner and friendship. In the past, you didn't cherish some things when you owned them, but later you felt sorry for them when you lost them, such as integrity and thinness..

   18. I used to think that the worst thing in life is to die alone.. In fact, it is not. The worst thing is to die with those who make you feel lonely..

   19, accustomed to accommodate others is not necessarily a good thing, every time others pointed to your pain laughed, but you can only silly smile, one day you suddenly no longer accommodate, they will say you "how suddenly changed". You always smile and bend over, even tears come out, but you are not happy, you are afraid that others say you can't joke. We always compromise others and hurt ourselves, so be nice to ourselves, because no one will treat you like the world..

   20, sleep, live up to the bed; When busy, live up to the road; Love, live up to people. Good morning.

   21. True love is sharing, creation, not possess and control. I love you. I use my words, my actions, treat you kindly and create a better you. In the process, I have also created a new and better myself..

   22, sometimes I really want to forget you, only remember this world, however, I often forget the whole world, only remember you. When you are sad, I hope I can accompany you and try my best to make you laugh.. I don't know whether it is right or wrong to meet you, but I know I was happy to meet you..

   23. When I miss you, I will write your name on my palm. Opening it is missing, grasping it is happiness.. Some people will always remember inside. Even if they forget his voice, his smile and his face, the feeling when they think of him will never change..

   24. We often realize that what we once owned is so beautiful when we lost it. However, the same truth is that only when we have one thing can we understand what we have lost in the past..

   25, I think one day, I will completely forget love, forget you. But suddenly one day, I heard an old song and my tears came down.. Because of this song, we have heard it together..If a person can make you forget the past, he is probably your future.. If you walk alone, I will follow you. If you cry, I will depend on you..

   26, eager to shape a specific dream, don't let age tie their dreams, with persistence to fulfill their dreams, no matter what you do, believe in yourself, don't let others' words will knock you down.. I have made up my mind to follow my dreams. I have big and small dreams together with a firm dreamer..

   27, love is not a game, because we can't afford to play. Love means giving, Sincerity. Don't say love easily, the debt owed by the promise you made. Love is not something you can find if you are short of it, nor can you change it if you are tired.. Love a person, do not necessarily have; But if you have a person, you must love them well.. Love is not a one-man show, but a two-man show.! Women are fickle in their faces, while men are fickle in their hearts..

   28, some people say, heard the cries of migratory birds, the next expected season is not far away.. I this migratory bird, in the latitude of youth inside, continue my dream of youth . # P # Pagination Title #e#

   29. In the evening, facing the solitary lamp, I fell into unspeakable thoughts. When I could not help it, I lingered on the beach and grass where we were walking, calling out to the stars and the moon.!

   30, in times of adversity, you have to ask yourself if you have enough conditions. When I am in adversity, I think I have enough! Because of my diligence, thrift and perseverance, I am willing to seek knowledge and build a reputation..

   31. Even if one day we are separated, it must be short-lived. One day we will still be together. When we meet again, we will be Fountains and be eternal partners. Therefore, in the days before that, before we meet, we must protect ourselves for each other..

   32, together for a long time, the feeling is stable, but the taste seems to have changed from strong to light, the original passion is not there, a fierce look back, only to realize that his hand holding the love all the way, already out of tune for a long time.

   33. Sometimes, you miss someone very much, but you won't call him. Call him, don't know what to say, or not to call is better.. If you miss someone, you don't have to hear his voice.. Hearing his voice may be another matter..

   34. Don't jump to conclusions when something happens. Even if you have the answer, you have to wait. There may be a better solution. You will have different answers from different angles. You should learn to think in another place..

   35. Never desire to be a person who no one will offend. It is a wonderful life that some people oppose, some people support and then make their own decisions..

   36, some people you see for a lifetime, but ignore for a lifetime; Some people you look at, but miss the whole life. You are not me, you don't know how much I care about you, still less how afraid I am of losing you one day.. We have to go to the end, to get married, to live a life, to be exposed to each other, to join hands for life, to reach the age of 60, there is still a sentence I love you.

   37. In the past, I only presented the best flour in front of people.. Now I don't mind you seeing my shortcomings, because I hope you accept a complete me.. I think the world has treated me very well.. I didn't think so before until I met you among all living beings.. Meet a light, let me have no regrets or fears in this life..

   Although I act as if I don't care, in fact I care more than you think in my heart.. All my efforts and struggles are for a bright future.. And meet a good you, one day, you will meet that person, accompany you to watch every sunrise, accompany you until the end of life..

   39. People who love each other will grow up together in a tortuous inside. People who love each other will not end up with a breakup, and even less will they become unfaithful for a hundred times because of a mistake.. Along the way, love grows deeper and deeper, and will only deeply love each other, understand each other's good, and will not be separated again.. Simple is not necessarily the best, but the best must be simple..

   40, there is always one person, let you be dead set; There is always a kind of happiness, let you go all out. You are not the best, but having you is better than anything else.. One day, someone will walk into your life and let you know why you and others have no results..

   Editor's note: Life teaches us that everyone has his own special skills.. One can do some things better than others.. Every experience in life is writing your resume.. In life, what makes people miss most is scenery, and what makes people headache most is mood. If you have time, you can see the most beautiful scenery in the world, but you can't guarantee to have a good mood for life. You can understand a person's brilliant smile, but you can't understand the sadness behind a person's smile..





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