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   "Name" in my opinion is only a person's cultural symbol, just to distinguish Zhang San, Li si, Wang er pockmarked, Dai er dad. As long as you listen, remember and write well, avoid duplication of names and ambiguity, you will be "OK". There is no need to deliberately pursue Rich and try to be unique..

   However, the Chinese people have always attached great importance to naming, especially the city dwellers, who often require flour masks to come, not only to make the name easy and loud, but also to imply the meaning of Perfect Match.

   We should not only respond to birthdates, but also combine yin and yang and the five elements, "both fish and bear's paw".

   If it's a scholarly family with a little culture, then it's even more like the average person.

   Unparalleled. The posture is to give the whole family a lift, even if it costs a lot of money to invite a superior to name it..

   It seems that this newly-named name bears the information code of the ups and downs of his or her life's fate, which is related to the continuation of the family's incense, long life and prosperity. In short, it must not be taken lightly..

   Parents A Fighting Chance, looking at women is understandable and understandable.. In fact, there is no need to pay too much attention and waste human and financial resources.. On the contrary, getting too many names in deserted will bring unnecessary troubles instead..

   The author's name was taken by his grandfather. He had a little ink in his stomach and was a little-known "old pedant" in the street. In the old days, he was employed as a bookkeeper in a shop. His competitive advantage was to be kind to people and keep his word. At the same time, he was good at regular script and abacus..

   However, my grandfather has always given preference to boys over girls and cherished the naming of me. His old man's family has no choice but to make the final decision, including his parents.

   In fact, the author was born in Rugao's uncle's house, and my grandfather took the "tuba" for me in the ancient town without knowing it.. Because at that time, I was still a 3-or 4-year-old urchin who was far away from home and ignorant of the world.. Because the boy is the second child, I remember that my uncle and aunt inside always call me "the second child". In fact, I have two sisters on top of me..

   Since my uncle's son and my brother Yun are ranked by the word "ding", there is no doubt that the author also belongs to the "ding" Send words, and it is not difficult to name it in principle, because only the last word needs to be weighed carefully. I did not expect my grandfather to spend two days and two nights thinking hard. Only then did the last word "strange" stand out and "the dust settles".

   But then I lived in inside, and all the other names were "common and commonplace". Only the word "ding" caused trouble, and many people could not understand and write it..

   Although I have transferred many units, the cadres in the management department are like Hearts which beat in unison are linked. They have tacitly written my "ding" as "ding" without exception in their rosters, attendance sheets and salary sheets.! Apart from myself, only the archives, graduation certificate and residence booklet can be correctly written..

   As I have repeatedly asked for correction, with little effect, I have "become accustomed to nature" and feel at ease. I am not used to the weird, and I no longer struggle with depression.! Anyway, also does not affect the salary!

   However, there was a case where my bank card was accidentally lost. I went to Nantong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China to report the loss but encountered a "roadblock.". The sales department agreed to freeze the card number first, and after a week,

   I will come here as promised to go through the formalities of card replacement..

   The author never dreamed of visiting for the second time, but he was turned away.! The woman salesperson in the Agricultural Bank's business hall asked me with a suspicious expression, "What's your name?"? "I said:" 宏海平台注册 Didn't I tell you when I reported the loss?? Is there any fake? You also have a copy of your ID card.! Can you compare the two sides! "

   "The name on your ID card is Ma Dingqi, but the file on our card number clearly says Martinic.". "

   I explained to her again and again that the unit's accounting was too annoying and wrote the word "Jane". However, she didn't believe it at all and said stiffly: "Don't speak for yourself. ding and Ding don't form a boundary at all and their pronunciation is different, although the phonetic letters are Ding.

   But one is the third tone and the other is the fourth tone. How can one simplify and confuse them?? "

   Then, I was rebuffed without any doubt: "To prove it in your company, you must first correct Ding in your name to Ding, and then go to the Municipal Social Security Bureau for the record.". Then the Social Security Bureau will send a letter to inform our bank for approval.! "

   "what's going on? "Just then, a middle-aged man from be talented in letters and unconventional in life came along and said gently," If you look at whether the ID numbers are the same, it will be clear.? "

   "ID card number is consistent, but still does not conform to the rules. "Maybe the other party is her boss, tone eased a lot," director, this card is related to the customer's money security, ding is ding, Mao is Mao, can't have a little negligence, otherwise, who is wrong? I can't do it! "But it is still not wavering in principle and is not willing to bend the rules at all.. In this way, I went back and forth for a month before completing the card supplement procedure..

  In September 2010, when I was hospitalized due to illness, my cousin from Shanghai remitted RMB to 1000 yuan to show the affection and solicitude of brothers and sisters.. But he made the same mistake, writing "ding" in my name on the money order as "ding". as a result, guess what?

   I gave my ID card and asked the nurse to go to the post office to withdraw money. Once again, I hit a wall and failed. Two months later, I recovered and was discharged from the hospital. I went to the community street to prove it, and the post office gave the green light. I got the remittance that had been delayed for 60 days as I wished..

   In the 21st century, parents attach more importance to the naming of their children than in the past.. Now many people see the business opportunities hidden in it, and many companies have emerged under the guise of naming people. It is said that the business is still booming.

   Make a fortune.

   "Heaven has given great responsibility to the people in this country. They must first suffer their heart and mind, strain their bones and muscles, starve their skin, and deplete their bodies.". Although both parents took great pains to name their children, the achievement of their personal future depends mainly on their own hard work and perseverance. No luck will come! Don't expect a good name to change your destiny..

   Author: Ma Dingqi





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