The Double Ninth Festival wishes friends happiness.(2)

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   34, open the window of the heart, pursue beautiful dreams, happiness will accompany, to achieve new hope.. On the Double Ninth Festival, may my blessing bring you good luck, wish you good health, all the best and work in by going up one flight of stairs..

   35, double ninth festival, fold six One Thousand Cranes for you. They were named health, happiness, beauty, happiness, wealth, family affection, and Liuliushun respectively.. Happy Double Ninth Festival!

   36. The Double Ninth Festival is coming, and the blessings are coming at the same time.. The Double Ninth Festival sends you nine wishes: one luck, two peace, three smooth, four good wishes, five happiness, six happiness, seven happiness, eight happiness and nine reunion..

   37. Double Ninth Festival, "pulled out" the troubles and threw them into the sky, "happy for a long time and carefree for a long time," old "friends and new friends to embrace, and a cup of" wine "from the United States to wish" happy Yongan Hao "!

   38. For more good words and sentences about the Double Ninth Festival, Baidu Search: American Reading Website, or direct access.





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