The Double Ninth Festival wishes friends happiness.

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   1. Looking ahead, the Double Ninth Festival is filled with starry sky. Good luck turns autumn wind at this moment. Blow away worries without a trace, blow happy excitedly; My best wishes are like pine trees. I wish you success in your dreams. The Double Ninth Festival wishes you happiness and endless joy.!

   2. On September 9, the sun and moon merge into the sun, and the two nine phase are heavy, so it is called Chongyang or Chongjiu! The Double Ninth Festival in 1999 is the largest number in the number because it is homonym for "long time". It means long life.! I wish you a long life, good health and good luck.!

   3. It is the Double Ninth Festival of another year. Spend a little money to bless you. When autumn is high and the air is cool, it is most suitable to climb a mountain to admire chrysanthemum. Send a text message to greet you and wish you all the best.! Happy Double Ninth Festival!

   4, happy for a long time, happy for a long time, chongyang go out for a walk, happy for a long time, sweet for a long time, chrysanthemum bloom more gentle, safe for a long time, healthy for a long time, Nothing But Pleasure to permanent. I wish everyone a happy Double Ninth Festival.!

   5. during the double ninth festival, I wish you double income in salary, double grand prize in lottery, double superposition of good luck and double power of happiness. remember that your wife should not be overweight. I wish you a happy double ninth festival and good health.!

   6. September 9 is the Double Ninth Festival. Dangui fragrant chrysanthemum blooms. I send my greetings here. May your good luck always be with you. Strong and always healthy; Happiness revolves around happiness for a long time. All one's life, one's days are auspicious and one's heart is at ease.!

   7, Chongyang 99, Dangui fragrance; Chrysanthemum blooms and greetings are sent. May you have good luck and always be by your side. Strong body, always healthy; Happiness surrounds and lasts for a long time. All one's life, good luck, happy mood!

   8. The Double Ninth Festival, This Double Ninth, chrysanthemum and Ao Shuang are all fragrant. After a long thought and unforgettable memory, the Double Ninth Festival won the spring scenery in 1999. One glass of wine, two lines of autumn geese, the blessing of deep and long.. May Chongyang be happy and healthy forever.!

   9. I lost my head in my toil. It was your greeting that made me feel warm. I lost myself in the rush. It was your care that led me to find a direction. On the Double Ninth Festival, inside, I sincerely wish you happiness..

   On the 9th of the Double Ninth Festival, when you are in another country, you feel disappointed. Messages and greetings are sent to you, urging you not to be upset any more. Although it is a long way home, I wish you a happy and carefree life in the other country.!

   11. Give you a dream wreath made of autumn chrysanthemum and a cup of mellow wine made of cornus officinalis. I will turn thousands of words and pure love into the gentle breeze of inside on the Double Ninth Festival, bringing you blessings and happiness on the Double Ninth Festival.!

   12, children look forward to Chongyang, sweet cakes are the most delicious; Young people look forward to the Double Ninth Festival and invite their lovers to enjoy chrysanthemum to increase their feelings. Middle-aged looking forward to the Double Ninth Festival, climbing a mountain to overlook how long it will be to drink. The old man is looking forward to the Double Ninth Festival. The whole family will be happy, healthy, safe and happy.!

   13. There are numerous friends all over the world, and it is better to hit it off.. The friendship of the world is endless, and it is pleasant to be yourself.. Love is boundless in the world, and friendship is precious.. There is no limit to the world's feelings, and contentment is the most important thing.. Pay attention to your health and wish you a happy Chongyang Festival.!

   14. Friends, in this world of hearts, inside, open the skylight of your heart, release joy to obtain happiness, seek beauty to pursue dreams, drink alone to vent pain, write hope to yearn for tomorrow, and collect my blessings on this Double Ninth Festival!

   15. The Double Ninth Festival is no longer a season of "inserting Zhu Yu all over but one less person". Yesterday's sorrow has been replaced by today's joy. Even though we are thousands of miles away from inside, we can still get together to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival. Happy Double Ninth Festival!

   16, chrysanthemum opened, very sheng sheng, wine flavor diffuse, very sweet very fragrant, in this golden festival inside, sending out your innocent smile, showing your innocent face, Chongyang festival happy, wish you a happy life.

   17. When the Double Ninth Festival comes, the golden wind will send sweet osmanthus fragrance. Good wishes to you: climb high on the Double Ninth Festival, and wish you a higher promotion. The Double Ninth Festival is filled with cakes. I wish you a higher height, by going up one flight of stairs.. Double Ninth Chrysanthemum Wine, May Your Life Match Wine.

   18. Buddha said: The Double Ninth Festival is coming again. We should meet and climb high. We should always think of our old friends, especially those who send you short messages now.! Please invite him to dinner often.! Especially September 9! Give him your most sincere wishes.! sa^dhu! sa^dhu!

   19. After the reform and opening up, China has designated the Double Ninth Festival as a festival for the elderly, a custom-made festival for parents who have worked hard all their lives. Therefore, don't forget to say "Happy Festival" to them. Parents' happiness is children's happiness, isn't it?

   On the Double Ninth Day in September, when chrysanthemums are in full bloom, reunion will be happy and happy, and wine will be seen as chrysanthemums.. Today, I send my best wishes to you. I wish you a brilliant career like the sun, and a brilliant life like chrysanthemums..

   21, happiness is tightly holding the hand of the family, has been walking forward, the double ninth festival, a festival holding hands with the family, whether you feel happy, whether you feel at ease, wish you a happy double ninth festival!

   22, words are not beautiful, heart is true. There are not many words. Intention is beauty.. Si is information, but I am deeply attached to it.. Sender's blessing and receiver's full realization. I would like to say: It's the Double Ninth Festival again. I wish you happiness, peace and good luck.!

   On September 9, the Double Ninth Festival, I will give you chrysanthemum wine to wish you peace and health for a long time. I invite you to climb the mountain and watch Autumn scenery, so that you can have good luck for a long time. Sharing honey and flower cakes with you will make your career sweet and happy for a long time. Send you a cornel peja, hasten auspicious happiness for a long time.

   24. September 9 is the Double Ninth Festival. Friends meet together, no matter how old or young, no matter how high or low the background. They drink a mouthful of wine and make merry, take a look at the blooming chrysanthemums, forget the troubles and troubles of the world, and live happily to 99.

   25, a word of treasure, I give you a real watch; Shake your hand and drive away all sadness. May you walk in the new life. My best wishes are with you 宏海国际平台 forever. On the Double Ninth Festival, I sincerely wish you happiness and health..

   26, Chongyang Festival, wish to. With a wisp of autumn wind, the sorrow of autumn is brushed away. Pour a glass of chrysanthemum wine to taste the festival's intensity. Wear a dogwood to remove the bad luck of life. Send a message to bring a surprise to Chongyang!

   The long holiday of November 27 and November has just passed away. Happy Chongyang is coming together again. It is a happy and sweet holiday. Text messages wish you happiness and contentment. When friendship and family are reunited, missing and caring will keep in touch, greeting and caring. I wish you happiness and contentment in 1999..

   28. Time flies, but I can't miss you lightly. Time is like a flow, but it can't hold back that persistence..May the bird bring my deep blessing, may the wind bring my strong greetings, and may you always be as elegant as chrysanthemums.! Happy Double Ninth Festival!

   29. The Double Ninth Festival is coming. Send a dogwood. May you be happy forever. Send a piece of Chongyang Cake, may you always be happy; Send a cup of chrysanthemum wine and wish you happiness for a long time.. Wish you good health, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway.!

   30. Double Ninth Festival is precious. Weekends cannot be wasted.. It is too tiring to travel and too expensive to climb a mountain and look far away.. Home filial piety parents, enjoy family comfort. Taste mom's craft, food is worth savoring.. Family harmony and happiness, work is not tired.!

   31, Chongyang, mobile phone calls, relatives and friends blessing alarm, high mountain climbing, all the way, text messages to send good luck around, chrysanthemum Qiao, glass of wine wonderful, holding bottles to drink together happy, Chongyang Cake, dogwood tip, drive difficult to dispel worries and worries away, Chongyang festival is high!

   32. It is also the Double Ninth Festival in 1999. It is also the golden autumn that brings happiness. It is also the long holiday that brings good luck. It is also the time to get together with friends to express one's feelings. It is also the Double Ninth Festival that brings happiness and long aftertaste. It is also the Double Ninth Festival in laugh at me or us where flour is the most beautiful flower and you are the most beautiful. Happiness is at the Double Ninth Festival in 1999.!

   33. The Double Ninth Festival is on the 9th of the 9th of the 9th of the 9th lunar month. The true feelings will never change and the blessings will never be forgotten: I will miss you as long as I have time, and I will bless you as long as I have missed you. I wish you a happy Double Ninth Festival.! (责任编辑:admin)




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