Time goes left, you go right.

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   Love, like a gust of light wind, always comes to Ran Ran so casually.. Then, use its coolness to wake up the sleeping heart and moisten it a little.. However, its departure was even more casual, just like when it came.. Perhaps, when the wind chime rings, it is announcing that it will not stay any longer..

   Everyone will have a period of unexpected love, in that corner, in that corner, waving to you, into your life, into your heart.. Once, in this noisy world, I thought loneliness would be the only company in this life.. However, your appearance messed up my thinking.. With your smile, you told me that it is unwise to be lonely. Only with the company of two people can you see the seven-color rainbow.. Therefore, my heart beat became real at that moment and I was more convinced of the existence of love..

   There is no gorgeous encounter or romantic scene when I meet you.. It was just a very simple accident. You standing on the left side of the stranger and I standing on the right side of the stranger suddenly crossed together like two parallel lines and met head-on at that crossing point.. I don't believe in life, but I always feel that there is an arrangement for your appearance..

   I don't know why I like you, still less why I love you.. If you really want to give a reason, it may be your heavenly voice, which will always heal my wounds with its tenderness and comfort when I am injured or lost. May be 宏海国际登录 your petite figure, every time I always want to take good care of, with that is not a thick arm arm in his arms to protect.

   For a simple person, love is naturally not complicated.. Therefore, my love fantasy has always been extremely simple.. I just want to see a table of food carefully prepared by you when I get home from work, and then reward you with a smile. I just want to take your hand and walk along the beach when I am free occasionally, and then gently arrange your long hair that is disturbed by the sea breeze. I just want to sit by the bed and give you a glass of water and a piece of medicine when you are ill with a cold, and then watch you take it cleverly. I just want to take you to a place we haven't been before and then have a love trip during the vacation every year. I just want to help each other to the balcony when I am white-haired and you, and then let you lean on my shoulder to see the beauty of the sunset..

   However, all this is no longer a fantasy, but a luxury.. Time has stolen our initial love. Now I am no longer intertwined with you and inside. Don't say the former sweet words, that is, the later quarrels and quarrels are all sweet memories. Now, you live your life, I live my downfall. Each other, became one and this, there is no mutual existence.

   If our love is only a flash in the pan, why did it bloom at the beginning?? If our love is just a game, why did we have to invest in it at the beginning?? If our love is only the night sky in Dimming Spark, why was it so bright at the beginning?? If our love was just a dream, why was it so real at the beginning??

   Deep down, unwilling is so strong. But any struggle, we all Sa Yang Nora. Like a broken kite, it will only float forward and will not fall at the origin.. Perhaps, the only thing I can do is not to exert too much force when thinking about you, so that it will not hurt too much and it will fade away slowly..

   Time goes to the left, you go to the right, I stood in situ, watching the hesitation and helplessness. Then, every night, light a cigarette, fill a glass of wine, write down the stories about you and me..

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