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   Women are like water, and silk is a trickle. Women are like the moon and fall in qinghui. The Locked Door, Yingying is fragrant; Women are like lotus, giving birth to fragrance step by step. Women are like poems, fragrant and quiet.! notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article

   Such as water woman, there are tears and songs, they feel delicate, would rather their grievances than heng sheng, often tears flow to the heart; A woman like water has both love and righteousness. The person she loves has never wavered despite the wind and rain. Her love and love are like a trickle, warming everyone. A woman like water is as flexible as mud and as rigid as a mountain. No matter what happens, she will not yield easily. No matter what the situation is, she will not shrink back. Women like water are as clear as mirrors, as delicate as porcelain, with no distractions in mind, and as clear as the blue sea of Lake Midori, which makes people feel at ease. The woman who likes Tianshui the most, falls from the sky, falls with the rain and stops with the wind. Everything is integrated with nature without any affectation or embellishment.

   Be a water-like woman, like the blue sea, when calm, clear and bright, let the fish swim in shallow water and see the float grass flowing. Be a woman like water, like a waterfall in a mountain stream running straight down the FL Studio Mobile, which combines the aura of nature and heaven. Looking at it from a distance, you can practice in white, green mountains and green waters, read it in close proximity, like a string of hair bands, slowly descend and moor away. Be a woman like water, like a spring water deep underground, delicate and clear, pure and tasteless, which makes people reluctant to part with it. Let you come all the way from inside to look for it, make you unforgettable after drinking it, let you want to take it home, and meditate on it .

   Women like the moon are pure and flawless. In my spare time, a cup of fragrant tea and a string lute can make me play Fermentation starter. Women like the moon are bright but not dazzling. When the light is clear, Cain will not show, and when qinghui falls, your heart will be lightened. A woman like the moon is haunted by dreams. She is soft and good, which makes you bitter, unable to let go and miss day and night. Women like the moon are romantic and elegant. She will make every day a poem and use her lofty and unique personality to make a rhyme. The woman who appreciates 宏海国际 the moon the most is like a shadow and does not go with the flow. Quiet as flowers shine on the water, moving as colorful .

   Be a woman like a month, walk through the years, forget the faint flowers in the middle of the month, the clouds and water depend on each other, dance and rhyme into poetry.. Reading you brings endless charm. Read you and give like a flood. Reading you is an empty and free mind. Reading you and galloping your mind brings some shock. Reading you is like flowing water in a deep mountain. Reading you, soft and beautiful feelings; Reading you, the beauty of missing; Read you, lofty but not arrogant temperament; Feelings like the moon, rhymes like the moon, softness like the moon, leave a beautiful image in the streamer inside of the years..

   A woman as beautiful as a flower is beautiful and charming. Women like flowers are like passionate roses. A woman as beautiful as a flower is like a peony with graceful temperament. A woman as fresh and elegant as daffodils. A woman as charming as a peach blossom. A woman as beautiful as a flower is more proud than a plum blossom. A woman as beautiful as a flower is more like a jasmine with a simple fragrance … all of these are charming but not vulgar..

   Be a woman as beautiful as flowers and give off power in enthusiasm. To be a woman of flowery temperament, graceful and elegant, yet stable; Be a quiet and flowery woman and show poetry in the fresh and elegant. Be a charming and flowery woman, emitting fragrance in flattery but not vulgarity; Be a strong and gentle woman, walking in the world of mortals, regardless of gain or loss, sadness or happiness are indifferent; To be a simple and pure woman, with elegant charm and simple truth! Love deeply this kind of very intelligent and elegant woman!

   Such as lotus woman, jade clean ice clear; Such as lotus woman, faint scent, tingting yuli; Such as lotus woman, Zhuo Qing Lian without demon, out of silt without dye; A woman like Lotus is delicate and gentle. She can get along with her, just like Good Morning, Miss Dove, which makes you calm like water. Women like lotus are not happy with things, Never saddened by personnal losses. Such as lotus woman, sending out the simple and elegant, light, quiet and beautiful breath; As lotus's female, let the world ebb and flow, keep a lonely, a quiet, a tranquil. Quietly guarding a corner, not publicity, not impetuous, calm life.

   Be a lotus-like woman, calm as water. Let the fragrance float, the heart is as sweet as a poem.. With a "light" word, interpretation of heart. The vanity of the world, the disturbance of the world, the purity of the lotus, the calm of the lotus, the serenity of the lotus, the fragrance of the lotus. Qing Qing su su, wan graceful and restrained, heart have a graceful demeanour. Heart without sorrow knot, stretch the mountains of Hikimayu, not sad ground fallen petal. I only love the fragrance in this cold pride.!

   A poetical woman is like a dream. Such as poetry woman, very intelligent and intellectual, a frequent smile, are full of inspiration; A poetical woman walks in the world of mortals with fairy tales. A woman who is like a poem is easy to feel sad. After a rain, she will think for thousands of years and watch the flowers fall. Te vas? becomes a poem. Often the door is closed and lonely, and one language cannot be sent..

   A poetical woman has the charm, beauty, sweetness and rhyme of a poem. However, they are gentle, dreamy, like spring rain and light wind. These intoxicating melancholy, will let them inadvertently, drunk into poetry; Let the pain walk in the middle of the poem line, flowing with myriad feelings, slowly narrated in the spring breeze of autumn moon. Adhering to the pure and beautiful, clinging to a naive, showing rich emotions, showing purity and sincerity. However, they are gentle but do not make public, calm but not arrogant, noble and elegant but do not fall into the rut.. Admire this poetical woman!

   Life is like a dream. Whether it is gorgeous or colorful, elegant or fresh, it has its own charm.. Bless women! Author: misty rain and red dust





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