Those who call friends are not passers-by.

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   I always thought that some people, even if they were better, would be passers-by if they could not accompany me through the journey of life.. However, those who call them passers-by are doomed to drift away until they are finally completely forgotten in the depth of some memory and can no longer be seen.. Gradually, I found my view was wrong. Those who once called them friends were not passers-by..


   It was April Fool's Day. I was bored at home. I opened the QQ group. I wanted to find someone to be "stupid" and looked at the unfamiliar names one by one. I didn't know how to do it. Finally, I randomly chose a friend who had not contacted for about a long time and nearly two years. After setting the goal, I opened the chat window. After several hesitation, I finally typed the word "you are" on the dialog box dully with the keyboard..

   "You really don't know who I am? "There will soon recover.

   "Well, you are? "I went on to my Fool's Game, there also step by step into the trap.

   "well. "After the two words, there is no reply.

   "Ask who you are, how do you ignore people, I deleted people" after a few minutes to see there has been no reply, I sink no pause. Beautiful prose

   After a while or so, I received the email from the other party, opened it and found out the name, gender, contact information, interests and hobbies . everything I could think of and everything I could not think of was sent to me. the personal information was introduced in great detail..

   "I just want a name, it is necessary to make so exaggerated? "

   "It is necessary, you are using the number is a good friend of mine, as long as you don't delete me from her group inside, I promise anything. "There came a paragraph of text at breakneck speed.

   After reading these words, I was very touched. I thought about being a fool on April Fool's Day, but I didn't think of an accident. I understood the real meaning of the word "friend". Time is not a problem and distance is not a problem. As long as I have each other in my heart, I still remember that there was once such a person and such a friendship is a great beauty for both sides.. At that moment, he still remembered me, but I was about to delete him from my memory, somewhat ashamed..

   "Brother, happy April Fool's Day! In addition, don't expect me to delete the words "1" from you and type the words, and then feel the memory of the past is back: once I was full of RunSanity together, once I watched ants move together, once I rode a bicycle home together … I can't forget him!


   I remember that it was noon one day, after lunch, I had nothing to do but play with my 宏海国际登录 mobile phone and carry back my friend's mobile phone number. I saw several strange and familiar numbers. I think about those people, and now I almost forgot about them. I thought, if I don't have too many contacts, delete them.. When deleting a person, I accidentally pressed the wrong key. The phone was called, and I hastily pressed the phone again, thinking, maybe somebody else would have forgotten you, even if not, it's almost the same. Call somebody else, and what to say. I bitterly deleted the cell phone number and turned it off to sleep..

   I was awakened by a quick knock on the door. I was really taken aback when I opened the door.. The owner of the phone I accidentally dialed stood in front of me, sweating profusely, with a bicycle parked nearby. Obviously, she was on her way..

   "why? What happened?? "I looked at her full head big sweat, with a full face of doubt.

   "shouldn't I ask you? you called me and hung up before I came to pick you up. you didn't answer several calls. I thought something had happened to you.". She wiped the sweat on her face with her sleeves and said to me breathlessly..

   "It is because of this, so simple? "I was surprised.

   "Recently, I saw that your space in inside and Personalized signature is too sad. I was worried about you. You called me again. I remember when you were wronged, you walked back to call me and said, this time you were detained before I could pick you up. I'm afraid you can't think of it ."

   "I'm fine, really fine, come in and sit down. "Listen to what she said, the in the mind a little inexplicable moved, only to find that already put the somebody else outside for a long time, quickly to a sentence.

   "No, I'm relieved to see that you're all right. There's work at home. I'll go first. "Say, ride a bicycle, left in a hurry.

   Looking at her far back, I felt sour but sweet in my heart.. When I opened my cell phone and saw the dozens of Missed Call, I solemnly put her number in my friend's column again, and at the same time, I also put her in my heart.. This person, can't forget.

   These are two true stories that happened to me. They changed my understanding of the word "friend" and let me know exactly what a true friendship is and what a true friend is.. I clearly understand that they are not passers-by in my life. They just accompany me in silence in a different way. They are always there. They are always watching my joys and sorrows. They are the most unforgiving people in my life. They are friends, Amici per la pelle.!

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