Sima Guang's Story: Always Be an Honest Person

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   Sima Guang's Story: Always Be an Honest Person

   Always be an honest person:

   Outside his father's study, Sima Guang and his sister's orchestra were playing.. 宏海平台 One autumn afternoon, Sima Guang picked up many walnuts and asked his sister to help him peel them off.. Walnut skin is thick and very hard, so it is useless for my sister to scratch with her fingernails and break off her fingers.. If you hit it with a stone, it is easy to smash walnut kernels together.. My sister ran away angrily when she could not eat it.. The rest of the small simaguang alone in a dilemma.

   Just a servant came up and saw Sima guang stunned. he felt a little strange and came to ask. After hearing the reason, she took Sima Guang into the room, inside, and put the walnut into boiling water, inside, to be scalded and then scraped with a knife.. In this way, the walnut shell fell off, and she handed a whole walnut kernel to Sima guang.. Sima Guang took the walnut kernel and walked to the front of the previous walnut pile, admiring it in surprise. He happened to be seen by his sister who came by.. She asked Sima guang curiously: "how did you peel off the walnut shell?"? Sima Guang shook his head and said proudly, "I dropped it myself with my hand.". "

   My sister knew that my younger brother was brilliant. Not long ago, he smashed the water tank and rescued the drowning child.. So he believed it and repeatedly praised it and said, "good brother, you are really smart, but how did you get it off? teach me. "Sima guang just beat around the bush, don't want to change.

   The father sitting in his study could see clearly what was happening outside the house.. He put down his book, walked outside and looked Sima Guang in the eye and asked, "Did you peel this walnut kernel?"? "The father asked, sima guang face is red, lower the head. Father asked Sima guang to tell his sister the truth about how walnut kernels were peeled off.. Sima Guang had to tell the truth about how the servant helped..

   When his father saw Sima Guang's No Strings Attached, he was very satisfied and told him, "It is good to be smart, but if you rely on smart to lie and deceive people, you are not a good child.". I hope my son is not only smart, but also an honest man forever.. "

   Sima Guang benefited from his father's education all his life.. He later grew up to be a great historian and politician. Even if he did not say anything against his will to the emperor and powerful people, approval means approval and opposition means opposition.. He made many sharp comments to Wang Anshi, the prime minister of the current dynasty, but Wang Anshi also praised Sima guang as an honest man..





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