Love you and wait for thousands of years

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   The imprisonment of abode of fairies and immortals in the water has passed in a twinkling of an eye for a thousand years. The surface of the water in abode of fairies and immortals has been frozen and melted for more than a thousand times. The flowers and trees on the river bank have been circulated by Born Wasted for thousands of times. However, he can only stay in the cage of abode of fairies and immortals in the dark and endure the torture of burning himself in the daily sun. This is the price he is unwilling to forget All Men Are Mortal must pay. He has never regretted living such a life..

   Mu Qing always believed that the voice he heard when he opened his eyes was "the more one thousand years, the infatuation will not regret, the dream will return to the full moon and the world will return again." he knew that one day he would return to the world, return to her side, love her well, protect her, and never let her receive any harm again..

   A thousand years ago, a wisp of ghosts drifted from the world to an unknown place, dark and humid, and met various ghosts. He fell to the ground in fright. His hands inadvertently touched the blood-stained iron chain. He saw the broken hands and feet lying on the ground piece by piece along the blood. He was extremely scared.. In front of his eyes suddenly appeared an old woman with a wrinkled face filled him with a bowl of black soup. His brain searched for all the memories in the world quickly and finally remembered that this bowl of soup in front of him was the legendary Meng Potang. After drinking this soup, ghosts would forget all the past events of the past and rebuild a new pure soul. The past has nothing to do with the future.. That is, to cut off all the past events, and everything experienced in the past life will disappear into nothingness..

   "No, no, no, I don't want to forget everything in my previous life. I still have some things to put down and I want to get out of here." Looking at the bowl of soup, Muqing's eyes were staring straight. What was in front of me was not soup, but a bowl of forgetful water. After drinking it, I would never dream of her again. They would never have the chance to meet again, not even dream of inside. He didn't want to forget her just like that, she said she would always be with him.. In panic, Muqing knocked over the bowl of Meng Potang and ran back and forth like flies. He did not know where to escape from the bowl of Meng Potang..

   Soon there were hell mercenaries caught him and tied him tightly to the wooden house. one hell mercenary grabbed his head with both hands, while the other mercenary grabbed his mouth with his thumb and forefinger. the pinching was very painful and painful. bright red blood spilled from the corner of his mouth that could not be pried open. he still refused to open his mouth..

   Muqing still remembers that he was tied to a wooden stake and tortured for five days. At that time, he was already bloody and had no human form..

   During those five days in inside, a beautiful girl often came to see him and said that she wanted to know the human What Is Love, understand his story and help him..

   Later MuQing learned that this girl is called MingQing, 宏海国际注册 is the apple of hades, has been growing in hell since birth, smart and lovely, eccentric, accustomed to ghosts of love and hatred, she has no interest in all things here, only interested in him this tough guy.

   Every day, Mingqing would go to the stake to listen to Muqing tell her story. She was so used to the world of mortals that she cried, which aroused her yearning for love. She was more confident to run out of the hell to find her love..

   One day Mingqing came and told Muqing that as long as you are willing to recognize Pluto as adoptive father, her father can help him not to reborn for the time being, and the ghosts will not come loose. One thousand years later, he can meet the person he identified, but he needs to pay the price and ask him if he is willing to, that is, since then he has been locked in the water in abode of fairies and immortals, suffering from the burning of scorching sun day by day, in order to wait for one day to be met again by the person he loved thousands of years ago.

   Waiting may be long, bitter and costly. If you ask whether it is worth it, only his own heart knows best. What kind of scene will it be if he really meets it one thousand years later?? What will be the final outcome?

   Author: Dark Feathers Falling





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