Light friendship is best

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   People often say: A hedge between keeps friendship green. is light as water, chewing the words and savoring them carefully. Not only does the surface of the words have a faint fragrance, but when he meditates, he feels the artistic conception expressed between the lines of inside is so far away.. A friendship as light as water, a friendship as light as water, is also the most comfortable and wonderful.. Light friendship is best.

   Light friendship is best. You don't see, love, affection and friendship accompany us every day. Their feelings and experiences are totally different. Our attention and energy invested in them are also focused and different, and the forms of expression are quite different.. These three kinds of friendship, like different drinks, have different shades and different colors. Their taste, taste and rhyme have their own characteristics, and the sense and enjoyment given to people are all the same..

   Love, such as red wine, is rich in color, sweet in taste, attractive, tasteful and easy to get drunk. Affection, such as coffee, is bright in color and slightly astringent in taste. It is appreciated, pleasant, tasteful and cordial. Friendship, such as clear tea, is clear in color and luster, fresh in taste, pleasant, quiet, tasteful and concentrated.. Three different kinds of friendship, showing three different tone. The friendship among them is the most plain and simple.. It is not as strong as love, not as close as kinship. It is just a friendship connected by communication. It is light and best.. Too strong, easy to catch the taste of red wine, lost the fragrance of green tea, but it is a pity; Too strong, the feeling of immersion in coffee, lost the nature of clear tea, but is a kind of lack. And friendship, to maintain the natural color and flavor of tea, light, the best. Beautiful prose

   Light friendship is best. As transparent as white water, as beautiful as clear sky, as light as white clouds, and as pleasant as rivers.. Like is in the nature, with high mountains as companions, with forests as shadows, listening to birds singing and watching butterflies fly. The flowers and trees everywhere are poetic, the grass and the scenery everywhere are not in the mood.. Light friendship, like a breeze, caresses your face and blows into your heart. Light friendship, like rain and dew, moistens all things and washes the soul.. Light friendship, like the appearance of nature, is fresh and bright, comfortable and pleasant..

   Light friendship is best. There is no need to feel lost due to the apathy after using too much affection, no need to feel sad and lonely due to the estrangement after caring too much, no need to stare and notice due to the no longer perception after heart-to-heart connection, and no need 宏海国际登录 to say words due to the silence after heart-to-heart conversation.. The subtle friendship, best of all, if time could stop at the moment when we first met, is what kind of beauty it should be. Everything is fixed at the moment when we first met. Everything exists in the joyful feeling. The subtle, water-like clarity and gurgling give people eternal comfort and joy..

   Such as water years, green spring, red summer, thin autumn, cold winter, the same day as the wind, lingering in the finger end, there is a kind of friendship, once in the eyes, in the heart. When the time flies quietly, the footsteps of fleeting time, inside, have gone through the initial acquaintance of little marks and joy, silence, is the way home after prosperity. This friendship is light and best.

   The world is full of dust, meet and know each other, light friendship is best..





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