Youth Campus Articles: Enduring Parting

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   We bear the parting in our life one by one, bearing its weight or light.. Below, please enjoy the campus articles about youth brought by the small editor of

   Suffering separation

   If life is just like the first sight, how can you remember it for a moment? If life has never met, how can you have the injury of parting between life and death?. If life has not been given, how can one keep an empty city alone?.

   Memories of pain, gray once, dare not easily touch. All the memories are drifting away like fallen leaves in the long river. When we want to recall them again, the unforgettable scenes seem to be very close to us, but we can't turn back when we go near.. No matter how time passes, the scars left by memory will never be erased..

   Ten years ago, we met in a sea of people. Ten years later, we forgot each other in the crowd.. Although all things are buried in the deepest memory of inside, others cannot walk in, but they cannot walk out..

   Some things that are destined to happen in the dark have long been thought to fade away with the passing of time, but there are always some people who pick them up for no reason. Perhaps those forgotten memories are just buried in the bottom of my heart.. Love's sorrow, although there is no wound, but every time I think of it, tears will flow..

   There is always a person who says goodbye to life in inside but always lives in the bottom of his heart.. Perhaps, we still have too many regrets to make up for, too many entanglements to sort out, too many favors to repay. Although we have looked far away for countless times, we have also seen the scene in front of us. When we walked in, all the beautiful scenes were 宏海国际平台 beyond our reach, leaving us only endless disappointment..

   We are constantly looking for, trying to find our own share of reality.. Looking at Le Bonheur des Autres mocking his own sorrow, my heart has always been unbalanced with the hope that those who have hurt themselves are worse than themselves and not happier than themselves, but when I really see it, I really hope you are better than me and happier than me..

   We bear the parting in our life one by one, bearing its weight or light.. A Perfect Ending is that those who leave no longer turn back and those who bid farewell no longer notice. True end is often silent. Love has run aground, but I think you are still around. The feeling has dissipated and everything seems like yesterday..

   My world hasn't had you for a long time. I occasionally think of you and recall those past events, those that are no longer clear and those that are drifting away.. You are no longer mine, and I am no longer yours. We have become the most familiar strangers.. People, grow up more lonely. Love grows weaker as you grow older.. Having witnessed countless Home and Away and tasted the joys and sorrows of life, we have dissipated our courage when we were young. Who can be as desperate as at the beginning?.

   The wind decided to leave, how to retain cloud; Empty hands are like waving your hand this time when you come. I'm afraid I won't have a chance to greet you again.. In the future, if you hold someone else's sleeve, I will learn to greet with a smile if it is predestined friends to see you again..

   A journey of mountains and rivers, a journey of songs, a story, a psychedelic butterfly shadow. Because I missed too many scenes and missed you, I spent all my courage for Cherish Our Love Forever.. Edge such as flowers, either open early, or open late. No complaints, no Rip Into Your Injury, no right or wrong, no result, love has really come.. Without you, I will be happy. Without me, you should cherish yourself even more.. If we meet again, I won't say goodbye lightly..

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   How many unexpected encounters can lead to a lifetime of happiness, while we are just an unromantic encounter that has plunged me into endless lovesickness.. No, it can't be said to be an encounter. It can only be said to be a chance to meet.. But in the vast sea of people, in uncertain time, uncertain place, in the long river of the unknown future, inside, I met you and was the most Player of Players in my life..

   I have always liked such a saying: I have always been deeply attached, but I have no regrets for my love.. Love at first sight is me to you, Love At Second Time is you to me.. Judge Hardy's Children met you in the wrong place at the wrong time. I never thought that you would always appear in my dream of inside after that.. At the moment when I saw you, I knew what a heart was. When the white-clad teenager appeared in front of me, I knew that I was not the one who was not familiar with the world.. My heart is quickened by you, and my eyes have been following your shadow.. You are young man with good manners in the crowd, attracting the eyes of countless people, and I am a girl who is too ordinary to be ordinary in the crowd. I think our distance was shown at that moment! However, I am reluctant to fold my eyes, I know our distance, but I don't care, I just want to silently look at you, this is my persistence (American)

   I know, like does not mean have, can look at your every move, I am already very happy. When I received the coat you handed me, let me put it down for you. At that moment, I did not dare to look up to see you. I was really timid, right. However, you know, I was very nervous at that time, my face should be very red, so I did not dare to look at you, although I didn't drink, but at that moment it seemed like I was drunk.. When I took your coat, I could feel your breath on it. I was really excited at that time, but I did not dare to show it too clearly..When you ladled soup for everyone, when it came to me, I carefully handed you the bowl, and my head was lower.. I think, I'm Drunk, drunk in your considerate and gentle inside, drunk in your white eyes, and for the first time I hope I don't wake up, hope to be drunk forever.

   However, I have always been very clear that the story of Cinderella Kissing Prince is just a fairy tale. In our reality, there is no such fairy tale.. Shining like you, you have attracted too many eyes on the court. And I, so ordinary, humble, I know, you didn't see me, it doesn't matter, I look at you. When you are having fun with drinking girls, I am a little worried that you may drink too much and be bad for your health.. People often say that when you care and worry about that person, he has a different position in your heart.. I think, you are proof of this sentence. Worried about you drinking too much, but I also envy those girls who can drink with you. For the first time, I blame myself in my heart. Why can't I drink? Look, am I crazy? In order to have a close contact with you, I should blame myself..





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