Ancient poems depicting the moon

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  [Ancient Walking In The Light Of The Moon]Li Bai

   Hours do not know the month, called Bai yupan. He also suspected that Yao's mirror was flying at the Baiyun end..

   Immortals hang down on their feet and laurel trees make clouds.. The white rabbit pounded the medicine and asked with whom to eat..

   Toads eclipse the round shadow, and Daming is already dead at night.. In the past, Yi fell to nine black trees. Heaven and man were clear and peaceful..

   Yin Jing is confused by this and goes to the view of deficiency.. Worry comes to its how, pathos destroy heart and soul.

  [Emei Mountain Tsukiuta]Li Bai

   Emei Mountain is half moon and half autumn, which reflects the current of Pingjiang River.

   At night, the Qingxi River flows to the Three Gorges, and you cannot see Yú Prefecture.

   Li Bai

   When will the sky come for a month? I'll stop drinking and ask. One cannot climb the bright moon.

   The moon is closely followed by the walk. As bright as a flying mirror, it faces the Dan Que, and the green smoke destroys all the radiance of the hair..

   But seeing that night is coming from the sea, would you rather know if you are going to the clouds?. White rabbit pounded medicine to restore spring in autumn.

   Chang oh, living alone with who is next. Today, people do not see the ancient moon, but this month once looked at the ancient people..

   If ancient and modern people were running water, they would see the bright moon together.. I only wish that when the song is against the wine,

   Moonlight can shine in the golden cup for a long time.

   Li Bai

   As the month goes by, the Wangjiang River flows by itself.. Suddenly, the west wall of the city, the sky hanging jade hook.

   Although Suhua can be captured, clear scenery cannot be visited.. In the heart of Kimberly, the sky looks like a magpie tower..

   Li Bai

   Clear spring reflects looseness, and I don't know for several thousand years.. Cold Moon Shakes Clear Waves, Streams Into Windows.

   How deeply do you feel about this empty chant?. Seeing the peaceful way without any reason makes one feel sad for one's heart..

   Li Bai

   The four suburbs are scattered with cloudy mist, and half a toad lives in the open account.. Thousands of miles are covered with frost and a river is crossed..

   When leaving the mountain, the eye is white, the heart is bright when the sea is high.. For pity such as round fan, Changyin to five more.

   Du Fu

   Autumn is approaching in the sky, and the moon on earth is clear.. The toad that entered the river did not disappear, but the rabbit that pounded the medicine lived forever..

   Only benefit Mark Chen bitter, can add white invention. As long as we know the whole land, we should not take photos of the western camp of the country..

   Du Fu

   Is the fine string of light on, and the oblique wheel of shadow is not fixed?. Slightly rising outside the ancient Great Wall, it is already hidden in the clouds..

   The Milky Way does not change color, the mountain is empty and cold. In front of the court there are white dew and dark chrysanthemum clusters..

  [Jiang Yue]Du Fu

   Jiang moonlight in the water, tall buildings think of killing people. A long visit to the horizon makes one old to touch a towel..

   Gyokuro Group Clears Shadow, Galaxy Has Not Half Round. Who picked the brocade and put out the candle and the emerald eyebrows.

   Du Fu

   When the building is full on a lonely moon, the cold river moves through the door at night.. Committee wave gold uncertain, according to seats yee more than according to.

   There is no shortage of empty mountains and quiet, high-hanging columns and sparse nights.. The old garden is full of pines and laurels, and thousands of miles are full of splendor..

  [August 15, jathyapple 2]Du Fu

   There are plenty of bright mirrors flying everywhere, but the heart is broken with broadsword.. Turn loose travel far, climb laurel face upwards high.

   Water suspected frost and snow, forest habitat see feathers. At this time, the White Rabbit is looking forward to counting the autumn months..

   A little lower Wushan Gorge, still named Baidicheng. The air is deep and dark in Quanpu, and the wheels are horizontal and half floor bright..

   Diao Dou is urging dawn, toad and self-dumping. A bow leaning on the residual spirit, not only Han home camp.

  [Izayoi the moon]Du Fu

   The old story of Jin Boshuang was told in autumn in gyokuro.. The mountain pass is wide everywhere, and The Milky Way is close to the stream of people..

   Gukou firewood to sing, lonely city flute sorrow. The boy did not sleep. He was sailing in the middle of the night..

   Du Fu

   The moon is still full in autumn, and Jiangcun is alone in an elderly woman referring to herself.. The roller shutter still follows the guests, leaning on the staff is more suitable for people..

   The light shines on the diving birds and turns over the birds.. Maozhai is based on tangelo, Qingqilu Huaxin.

  [looking at the moon and thinking of one far away]Zhang Jiuling

   The bright moon grows full over the sea, and from far away we share this moment.. Brings to separated hearts, the long thoughtfulness of night.

   It is no darker though I blow out my candle, it is no warmer though I put on my coat. So I leave my message with the moon, and turn to my bed, hoping for dreams.

  [Mid-Autumn Festival Looking at the Moon]Zhang Jiuling

   The moon is in the river in the Qing dynasty, and the time is ten thousand miles long.. What I think is like a dream: inside, facing each other in court.

   White moss dew, depression yellow leaf wind. Love is not a word, frequency makes Guihua empty.

  [A Fishing Girl Singer]Zhu Hua

   The moon is bright in autumn and mid-month, and the reunion takes place at sea.. The golden mirror is full of shadows, and the wheel holds gyokko in its arms..

   Gradually out of the three mountain Diao, will ling Han cross. When Su E tasted the medicine, the black 宏海国际 magpie was startled by its branches..

   According to the water light partial white, cloud color is the most bright. At this time Yao build by laying bricks or stones, Jia pod will be proud.

  [Song Medley Zhuzhi]Li She

   Shek Pik weighs thousands of trees and thousands of trees. White clouds cover the blue hibiscus obliquely..

   Zhaojun Creek was the most colorful city in ChanJuan alone last year..

  [Festival moon II]Li Jiao (Tang dynasty)

  The east wind will blow forever. What race of people does Cinnamomum cassia not grow round branches?.

   It is said that the four seas are the same when it comes to cold and empty air.. An Zhiqian inside, there is no rain and wind.

   Luo Binwang

   The clouds are covered with jade ropes, the moon is full and the mirror wheel is round.. The dewdrop on the train is cold, the frost on the ling tree is cold.

   The color leakage is thin, and the light is floating and surging.. The West Garden was rewarded by its own disciples, but the South Flight was not peaceful at all..

   Bai Juyi with the guest the moon on the night of August 15th

   This is the only night when the moon is good, and when the land is idle, it is the capital of the east.. The Songshan Mountains are full of snow,

   Luoshui high and low two beads. Qing Dynasty Scenery Is Hard to Meet and Should Be Cherished, White-headed Encouragement Strong Pleasure.

   I sincerely know that there will be another annual meeting to ensure that Enigmatic is strong and healthy..

  [Qiu Ji Feng De Temple and Xuan Zhen Shi Yong Yue]Tang Yanqian

   The dew of the cold wind makes the sky bright and round, and the high-rise buildings are on the top of the green mountain.. There is no doubt about the hydration of Daphnia magna.

   August if good heaven. Dark stars circle the purple pole, and loud noises turn blue smoke toward the city..

   Late at night alone and cliff monk language, group movement noise elimination world sleep.

   Li Jianshu

   Last night's round is not tonight's round, but it is doubtful that the round will reduce ChanJuan..

   How many teenagers can you get when you are twelve degrees round and short in a year?.





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