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   "What is invisible and intangible but important" "WIFI"

   There are two kinds of looks, one is good-looking and the other is ugly. You belong to the middle and are ugly?

   After so many years of English classes, the most common sentence I heard from my classmates was: What does he want?

   For the first time, I heard an old lady praising another old lady and saying, "You are so well maintained, you are not dead yet.". "

   Non-mainstream Personalized signature: Said to a man's best friend: "In fact, I have been in Secret Admirer for a long time. Why don't you be my boyfriend?"? "The loser unexpectedly replied," you finally don't even miss old na

   "It's my treat today. What do you like to eat?" "Lobster and sea crab are all right. I like to eat shelled ones." "Oh, waiter, dish of fragrant melon seeds."

   Today, the god and I expressed our feelings. Since I liked me three years ago. Since I like each other for three years, I didn't know until three years later.!

   You can try to call a friend of the opposite sex at night and say, "Actually, I . uh . uh, forget it, you sleep, good night ." The other person will definitely have a sleepless night.

   "why are you late? ""overslept, teacher ""then why did you oversleep ""Because I dreamt of class, I want to listen more ~ "

   When I was shopping in the store, I heard the clerk say "hello, how can I help you?" I wanted to say "yes, yes, help me pay."

   Soon after graduation, the principal said that let each of us pick one thing as a souvenir. All the students in the grade said with one voice: "Principal, return the tuition to us."!

   I bought a box of white chocolate for my girlfriend. As a result, she said, "People like to eat dark chocolate.". "I handed her a pair of sunglasses and said," Wear it to eat. ".

   "How can playing mobile phone in class make your deskmate be dead set on seeing the teacher for you? ""play with your deskmate's mobile phone! ".

   "There is a kind of person who doesn't like you and doesn't let you like others." "Are you talking about the head teacher?"

   "look! I can shine. ""I'm still so happy to 宏海国际注册 be a light bulb. ". "

   Can I put my dream in the refrigerator and take it when I grow up?.

   "mymoe is commendatory term or derogatory term? ""look at the appearance. "

   Q: Is there a pure friendship between men and women? A: As long as you are ugly, you are friends all over the world..

   I ate a lot of food outside, and when I came home for dinner, I wouldn't say I ate outside even if I was dead.!

   The Furtherest Distance In the World, there is nothing better than I look at you frequently on the bus and you look at me frequently. I fell in love with you at first sight, while you were clutching your wallet tightly.

   From time to time, the deskmate is just like this: "Come on, come on, come on, hit me with skill."

   I waited 979 days for him. Today, he said, I don't want to hurt you. Let's cut off contact. Ha ha, should I be moved?

   Do you still remember her "July 17 got 727 4838 women's day, may 1 labor day, June 1 children's day. "The multiplication formula is back not to come out

   Teacher, don't say students are stupid. What do you want if we all can!

   In today's mid-term exam, I wrote a composition on love when I was excited about Chinese.! Now think about it, my mind should be convulsions at that time!

   "Who is the flag bearer of La Fran aise est une campagne? ""voltaire.""Isn't that Falcon's brother? "

   Do you still remember her "July 17 got 727 4838 women's day, may 1 labor day, June 1 children's day. "The multiplication formula back not to come out of the little The Story Of Diu Sim

   I still remember the day when I first came to junior high school, everyone pretended to be serious.

   The three words that touched me most were: I brought you delicious food, I invited you to eat delicious food, and I took you to eat delicious food.

   If there were no homework, no tests, no exams, no parents' meeting, I think I would like to go to school very much..

   Many girls you don't think you can catch up with, in fact, no one is chasing them at all.! Many boys whom you think are despicable actually have girlfriends.!

   Looking in the mirror-feeling good-taking pictures-deleting-doubting life

   We only know that Li Hongzhang is a traitor representing Qing dynasty, but we don't know that when this old man from Seventy years of age signed the Peace Protocol of 1901, he cried and vomited blood.

   Some people are white-eyed wolves, such as my dog, who eat my drink and jump at handsome men.

   "His future children must be very ugly." "Why?" "Because of his I Do (But I Don't)."

   On this day, the physics teacher came into the classroom and shouted, "Close the window quickly.". When I was stunned, the teacher said, "This exam was very poor. I'm afraid some classmates can't think of it.".





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